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How to Connect Apple Music to Discord - Four Ways

Can you share Apple Music on Discord? Unfortunately, there is currently no Discord Apple Music integration like Spotify. Also, you cannot share Apple Music directly on Discord due to digital rights management.

But don't worry, here we'll show you how to unprotect Apple Music, then you can connect Apple Music to Discord in three ways. Additionally, you'll get a Windows-only workaround to link Apple Music to Discord via iTunesRichPresence.

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connect apple music to discord

Part 1. Apple Music Discord Integration - Preparation

As mentioned above, Apple Music is protected and encoded, so you need to unprotect it first. The best tool you can use is DRmare Audio Converter, which allows you to remove protection from Apple Music and convert it to MP3 and other common formats.

After that, you can move Apple Music files to Spotify, and then play Apple Music on Discord through Spotify. Alternatively, you can use a Mic or Hydra Bot to connect Apple Music to Discord. You can also transfer these Apple Music files to other platforms or devices without limitation.

This powerful software also works for iTunes, Audible, and other audio files. Plus, it can preserve 100% lossless sound quality and all the ID3 tags. So, you can enjoy original Apple Music anywhere.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Unprotect Apple Music files to MP3, AAC, M4A, etc.
  • Batch download and convert Apple Music at 30X faster speed
  • Work for Apple Music, iTunes, Audible, and other files
  • Connect Apple Music to Discord, Twitter, Telegram, etc.
Step 1Add Apple Music files to DRmare
import apple music playlists to drmare apple music converter
Please click on the 'Download' button above to install DRmare Audio Converter first. Once done, open it and touch the 'Add Files' button at the bottom-left to choose and add the Apple Music files. You can also drag and drop audio files to this software's main interface. (Please download the Apple Music tracks to your PC or Mac in advance.)
Step 2Customize output settings for Apple Music Discord
reset apple music output parameters for discord
At this step, you need to set the output parameters of Apple Music Discord. Go to the bottom right and click on the 'Format' button to open the setting window. After then, you can adjust the audio format, codec, bit rate, sample rate and channel according to your needs. Then click on 'OK'. (The MP3 output format is the most common format.)
Step 3Convert Apple Music for Discord
get apple music for discord
Now you could touch on the 'Convert' button at the bottom right. Then it will start the conversion at a 30X faster speed for you. When the conversion finishes, the Apple audio tracks will be saved to your computer. You could hit on the 'History' icon with a red spot to check the converted Apple Music files on your computer. Now you are ready to play Apple Music on Discord. Just keep reading.

Part 2. How to Connect Apple Music to Discord by Spotify

Now you have got common Apple Music files with DRmare Audio Converter. You can easily transfer Apple Music to Spotify and then show Apple Music on Discord through Spotify. You can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Go to the Spotify app on your computer. Then go to 'Menu' > 'Edit' > 'Preferences'.

preferences settings on spotify desktop app

Step 2. Turn on the 'Local Files' button. Then use the 'ADD A SOURCE' option to choose and add the converted Apple Music files.

add local apple music songs to spotify

Step 3. Touch the 'OK' button to sync Apple Music tracks to Spotify.

Step 4. Open the Discord program on your computer.

Step 5. Touch the 'User Settings' button and the 'Connections' button.

user settings on discord

Step 6. Select the 'Spotify' logo and confirm your connection.

play apple music on discord via spotify

Step 7. Now, you can play Apple Music on Discord and share the songs with your friends.

Part 3. How to Show Apple Music on Discord by a Mic

Because you have got the common Apple Music files, you can easily play them with any music player. So, you can add Apple Music to any music player on your PC and use Discord Apple Music via a Mic. Refer to the tutorial below.

Step 1. Go to the 'Control Panel' on your computer. Then head to the 'Hardware and Sound' section.

open control panel on windows computer

Step 2. And then choose the 'Manage Audio Devices' option.

go to manage audio devices

Step 3. Click on the 'Recording' tab on the Sound window. Then enable the 'Stereo Mix' and set it as the 'default mic'.

connect apple music to discord via a mic on windows

Step 4. After the settings, open the music player that with local Apple Music files. And then play the Apple Music songs.

Once played, anyone in the Discord channel will listen to Apple Music songs on Discord through your mic.

Part 4. How to Link Apple Music to Discord by Hydra Bot

As you got the local Apple Music files, you can also connect Apple Music to Discord via Hydra Bot. Here let's learn how to add Apple Music to Discord in this way in detail.

Step 1. Go to Hydra Bot's official website via a web browser on your computer.

Step 2. On the webpage, click on the 'Invite' button. Then you can pick up the server like Discord that you want to use to play Apple Music songs. And then you need to follow the screen to authorize Hydra Bot to your Discord server.

invite hydra bot to discord

Step 3. Now, back to the Discord server and click '.setup' to create a channel for song requests.

set up hydra bot on discord to play apple music

Step 4. At last, you can type '.play file' and the music track's name to start playing Apple Music on Discord voice channel.

Part 5. How to Connect Apple Music to Discord via iTunesRichPresence

By removing the protection from Apple Music, you can easily show Apple Music on Discord with the three methods above. However, if you think it's too complicated, you can try this way: use iTunesRichPresence. However, note that this method only works for Windows.

connect apple music to discord by itunesrichpresence

Step 1. Download iTunesRichPresence for Windows on your computer.

Step 2. Extract all the files in the zip.

Step 3. Run the application 'iTunesRichPresence-rewrite'.

Step 4. Press on 'settings'.

adjust settings on itunesrichpresence

Step 5. Check 'run on startup'. Then you won't need to keep launching the app every time you boot your computer to integrate with Discord.

After then, you can link Apple Music to Discord via the iTunesRichPresence.

Part 6. Extra Tips: Apple Music Bots for Discord

Discord offers a lot of features and options for users. And it also allows users to add bots like music bots to their server. In this part, we will list the top 3 music bots for Discord Apple Music to you. And we will show you how to add bots to the Discord server.

Top 3 Music Bots for Discord

#1 Groovy

Groovy is an easy-to-use music bot for Discord. It can stream music from Spotify, Apple Music, and more with high quality. Besides, it supports showing lyrics and shuffles, and so on. Yet, most features on Groovy are paid.

#2 Rythm

Rythm is another nice music bot for Discord. It can play music with high quality from Twitch, SoundCloud and YouTube. And it offers a dashboard for admins to control the playing music with ease.

#3 FredBoat

FredBoat is a free and famous Discord music bot. It also can play music from Spotify, YouTube, and so on with high quality. Also, you can find and search for music you like on FredBoat.

How to Add a Music Bot to Discord Server

Above we learned the top 3 music bots for Discord. Now, let's see how to add a music bot to the Discord server.

Step 1. Launch the Discord program or website on your computer.

Step 2. Hit on the '+' icon to add a server on the left side.

add music bot to discord

Step 3. Touch 'Create a Server' at the pop-up window.

Step 4. Enter the name of your server and add an image. Then hit 'Create'.

Step 5. Your server is created now and you can see it on the left side.

Step 6. Go to the bot page you want. Then hit 'Add to Discord' or 'Invite'.

Step 7. Now, you can see a window with the info that the bot can be accessed on Discord.

Step 8. Under the 'Add Bot To' option, choose the server you have made.

Step 9. Touch 'Continue' > 'Authorize' on the next page.

At last, you got the music bot you like on Discord. Then you can play music on Discord.

In Conclusion

Can you connect Apple Music to Discord? Although there is no Discord Apple Music integration, we give you four ways to add Apple Music to Discord. You can use DRmare Audio Converter to get common Appe Music files and add them to Discord via Spotify, Mic or Hydra Bot. The good thing is that after conversion, you can enjoy Apple Music on any platform or device. Alternatively, you can use iTunesRichPresence to display Apple Music on Dsicord on a Windows PC.

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