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Apple Music Won't Download Songs? Solved!

Being into music and owning an Apple device denotes to subscribing to Apple Music. This music streaming service opens the door to its whole library of non-stop music and movies. For this reason, it's maddening when Apple music won't download songs whenever you need it to.

Worry less!

We are going to dig deep into several ways to solve Apple Music can't download issues. Likewise, encountered problems need distinctive solutions. So, regardless of Apple's device problem, there is a ready solution as per this content. Keep unfolding!

apple music won't download songs

1) Check your network

When songs won't download on apple music, the first place to check is whether your network is rightfully working. It could be that you are using Cellular Data. If so, click on the 'Settings' option, then click on the 'Music' icon then on 'Cellular Data'. From here, check on two things. 1) Check on wireless data. 2) Turn on downloads and check if data usage is increased. If not, ensure it is turned on.

2) Restart Apple Music app

Your Apple Music app could also be either infected or having lost some memory. Restarting the app will make it regain its memory, giving it a revamp.

1. Go to the 'Home' button and double click on it

2. Slide the 'Apple Music' application to close it

3. Open the 'Apple Music' once more. Your downloads should be now available after the restart. If it doesn't work, try solution number 3.

3) Restart your devices

Songs won't download on Apple Music when there are bad sectors in your device's system. Restarting your device will give it a fresh start, clearing the path to perfection. Follow these steps.

Different iPhone versions have their unique ways of restarting them. However, most iOS devices are switched off from pressing and holding the 'Power' button for some seconds.

Press and hold the 'Power' button

There should be two options, 'Restart' and 'Power-off'. Tap on the 'Restart' option from your iOS device's screen

Your phone will restart and probably clear the Apple Music songs won't download issue.

4) Re-login Apple ID

It may also be an issue with your log-in process. Re-login to your Apple ID may help solve the issue. Log out and then login by following these steps.

1. Go the 'Settings' app and tap on it.

2. From the 'Your Name' section, check out on the 'Sign Out' option then click on it.

3. Next, log in once more by clicking on the 'Settings' option.

4. Next, key in your user name and then click on the 'Login' option.

5. Your songs ought to download once you re-login. Check if it's solved by running Apple Music.

5) Turn off and on 'Show Apple Music'

There are times when Apple Music may be hidden. You have to enable it by turning it on. It is absolutely another means to re-launch the app. Check whether the 'Show Apple Music' option is on or off.

1. Click on the 'Settings' icon then choose the 'Music' option

2. Slide the 'Music' option to turn it off and then turn it on

3. Lastly, run the 'Apple Music' and check out if your songs are downloadable

6) Update or reinstall Apple Music app

The Apple Music app that you use could be either obsolete or needs an upgrade. It may turn out that your device just needed a higher version and boom! It works.

1. Go to the 'App Store' on your device

2. Click on the 'Updates' option

3. Next, scroll down to the 'Apple Music' option

4. Then click on the 'UPDATE' choice. This should turn it to the newest version.

7) Update iOS system

Many issues interfere with the operating system of your device. Updating it to the recommended version may help solve the issue of Apple Music won't download certain songs. Your device may just be advanced than the system at work. Run these simple steps.

1. Click on the 'Settings' icon then go to the 'General' option.

2. Next, tap on the 'About' option to check for the system specifications

3. Then tap on the 'Software Update' option. Next, click on the 'Install Now' to update the system.

8) Turn off and on, the iCloud music

The iCloud library may need a revamp at some time. It could be that it's one of the apps preventing Apple Music from working as desired.

1. Open the 'Settings' app and click on the 'Music' option

2. Then swipe the 'iCloud Music' library to switch it off

3. Wait for a few seconds and then turn the 'iCloud Music' library 'ON' once more. Some versions indicate 'Enable'. Choose the option that suits your device

4. Lastly, run the Music App.

9) Contact Apple for Help

If the above solutions don't solve the 'Apple Music won't download songs' issue then the Apple people can help. It could be that there are underlying issues that it's only them that can solve.

More Tips: Enjoy Apple Music Downloads Anywhere

Apple has protection over its music and cannot easily be played on certain devices unless they are converted to playable formats. DRmare Audio Converter is an awesome encryption remover and converter that gives you the freedom to enjoy Apple Music downloads anywhere.

DRmare Audio Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, AAC, W4A, etc.
  • Enjoy Apple Music downloads anywhere.
  • Work at 5X faster speed with ID3 tags kept.
  • Download Apple Music songs losslessly for offline playback.

Follow these steps to convert your downloaded music to MP3 for better playback.

Step 1Launch DRmare Audio Converter
launch drmare audio converter
Install and launch the software on your device. You will then be able to access the main interface.
Step 2 Import files to DRmare Audio Converter
import files to drmare audio converter
Add your files from the Apple Music library via the 'Add Files' option. You can also drag and drop files to the home screen.
Step 3Customize the output settings
customize the output settings
These include formatting your files by necessary adjustments. You can adjust the audio codec, the format, the bit rate, and other necessary outputs.
Step 4Convert Apple Music songs
convert apple music songs
The last step is to convert your files. Ensure your choices are up to par then click on the 'Convert' option.


The above tips are perfect for solving the problem of Apple Music won't download songs. You don't need to be tech-savvy to accomplish the solutions. Check all of them out to see which one suits your current problem. Furthermore, you can carry on to enjoy Apple Music downloads anywhere. Engage our DRmare Audio Converter to convert downloaded Apple Music to MP3, FLAC for better playback.

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