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Apple Music Equalizer: How to Set and Use

Most music lovers focus on the audio quality while listening to their favorite playlists. The essence of music adds on when you add flavors to it perfectly. In this article, you will discover about the Apple Music equalizer that enhances the audio quality of Apple Music. The in-built equalizer in the Apple Music platform gives you awesome results. You must learn to optimize this setting on your Apple Music interface to sound better.

Here, you will be studying the efficient way to set up Apple Music equalizer on iPhone, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. Check out the post below and learn how to do that.

apple music equalizer

Part 1. How to Set up Apple Music Equalizer

In this section, an elaborate discussion on how to set up Apple Music equalizer on various platforms are available. Choose the desired ones and follow up the guidelines to tune the equalizer controls for required effects on the music tracks.

Set up Apple Music Equalizer on iPhone/iPad

In your iPhone, perform the below-discussed instructions to set the Apple Music equalizer optimally.

Step 1. Tap the Settings icon on your iPhone and choose Music from the listed items.

Step 2. Select EQ from the available options and choose your favorite sound effects on the next screen. Personalize the sound quality and use the default Apple Music equalizer to fine-tune the soundtracks.

The above steps will give you a clear picture of how to enable the Apple Music equalizer for precise listening of Apple Music soundtracks.

set up apple music equalizer iphone

Set up Equalizer for Apple Music on Mac

If you want to optimize the Apple Music tracks using the default equalizer option on the Mac system, then follow the below instructions carefully.

Step 1. In your Mac systems, click Windows > Equalizer.

Step 2. You will witness a pop-up screen, choose the desired preset and hit the 'On' button to enable the Apple Music equalizer feature.

On the same screen, you can adjust a wide range of options by moving the sliders on it precisely. Change the volume and adjust the frequencies according to your needs for efficient results.

set up apple music equalizer mac

Part 2. Best Apple Music Equalizer for iOS/Android

It is high time to study the best Apple Music equalizer for Android and iPhone. Choose the perfect ones that meet your expectations precisely.

1. Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

equalizer fx bass booster app

It is an exclusive equalizer control for the Apple Music platform. This app offers 5 band equalizer controls and a bass booster to enhance the audio quality of the Apple Music tracks. This application is compatible with iOS gadgets and you can play this equalizer in the background working on the sound factors of the Apple music files.

2. Boom: Music Player and Equalizer

boom music player and equalizer

The Boom equalizer is an extraordinary application that works on every detail on the audio tracks. This equalizer provides 3D sound effects with reliable presets, library access, and audio intensity controls. Here you can find a wide range of features in-built to personalize the Apple Music audio tracks efficiently. Use headphones to feel the essence of this equalizer in depth. Enjoy the awesome listening experience of the Apple Music files after embedding this stunning equalizer in your device.

3. Equalizer+ Pro: HD Music Player

equalizer pro hd music player

It is one of the best equalizer app for Apple Music for iPhone and iOS gadgets. This app has a free and paid version and according to your needs, you can enroll for a reliable one. In this equalizer, you can find 7 band equalizers and 10 preset features to enhance the overall audio quality of Apple Music. You can use this app to store your favorite songs from the Apple Music platform and stream it on any media player when required.

4. Music Volume EQ

music volume eq

The Music Volume EQ application works on the volume factors as well. You can amplify the audio tracks and enhance the listening experience. This app includes 3D visualizer effects with 5 band EQ control. There are options to enable custom presets, stereo LED VU meter and bass booster effects. Select your theme to customize the equalizer skin as per your desires. You can use this EQ for Android phones and improve the audio quality while listening to your favorite playlists.

5. Flat Equalizer: Bass Booster and Volume Booster

flat equalizer bass booster

Another amplifying bass booster equalizer that works on the volume and audio quality efficiently. On this EQ theme, you can customize the equalizer by scrolling on the slider control. Enable the toggle switch for bass boost, loudness and virtualizer according to your requirement. In this Android app, you can find 5 band EQ controller and establish awesome surround sound effects with personalized dark and light skin themes. Use the headphone to enjoy the enriched audio quality of your favorite songs.

These are reliable Apple Music equalizer app for iOS and Android gadgets. You can select the respective ones as per your needs and enhance the audio quality in your device for a mind-blowing experience.

Part 3. Set Equalizer for Apple Music without Any Issue

To set up the Apple Music equalizer, it is a wise practice to download and convert Apple Music soundtracks in the local drive. To do that, you can use the DRmare Audio Converter program.

It helps you to download and convert the Apple Music audio tracks efficiently without any issues. You can also switch to its Windows version if necessary. Using this application, you can remove the protection from Apple Music and convert Apple Music to the desired file format. And it can work at 10X faster speed to convert Apple Music songs as local files.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Quickly convert and download Apple Music to local device
  • Keep Apple Music files without any data loss
  • Support offline listening of Apple Music files on any device
  • Convert Apple Music to FLAC, MP3, AAC and more

Now, let's take a quick look at how to download Apple Music files into the local drive using DRmare Audio Converter and the best way to set up Apple Music equalizer for your needs.

Step 1Install the DRmare Audio Converter
install and launch drmare audio converter
Go to the official webpage of the DRmare Audio Converter and download it according to your computer system. After that, install and open it from your computer.
Step 2Add Apple Music audio tracks into DRmare
upload songs from apple music to drmare
Click the + icon to choose the playlists from the Apple Music app and add them into DRmare Audio Converter. Next, tap the Format icon nearby the Convert button to set the output file format, sample rate, and bit rate. And then save the changes by tapping the OK button.
Step 3Convert Apple Music as local files
download apple music for use on apple music equalizer
Finally, press the Convert button to start to remove DRM from Apple Music and convert Apple Music files. You must wait for a few minutes until the download process completes. After then, you can view the downloaded Apple Music soundtracks on the History menu or check out the local system drive containing the converted Apple Music tracks.

After downloading and converting the Apple Music into your system drive, then you can go to the equalizer app for your PC to set EQ and enhance the audio quality of Apple Music.

Part 4. Conclusion

Form this post, you had got how to setup Apple Music on Mac/iPhone/iPad. Also, you had known the best 5 Apple Music equalizer for iOS/Android. Besides, you got the tool DRmare Audio Converter to help convert Apple Music as local audio files. Then you can use the equalizer app for Apple Music to alter the audio quality. Then you can enjoy Apple Music in a better listening experience.

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