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  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

How to Download Apple Music to MP3 Player (2024)

Can I download Apple Music to Play on my MP3 Player? Many music lovers seek flexibility and convenience in accessing their favorite tunes. For subscribers of Apple Music, the desire to enjoy their extensive library on the go often leads to questions about compatibility with MP3 players.

However, Apple's DRM protection on its music files presents a hurdle, complicating the direct transfer of Apple Music tracks to traditional MP3 players. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into effective methods to overcome this challenge and explore the best-compatible MP3 players for seamlessly integrating Apple Music into your portable listening experience.

apple music on mp3 player

Part 1. Can You Put Apple Music on MP3 Player

Streaming Apple Music content directly onto an MP3 player is not possible due to DRM restrictions, which prevent playback on non-Apple devices. However, you can download Apple Music tracks for offline listening within the Apple ecosystem. These downloaded tracks are saved in an AAC format and can only be played using Apple's Music app.

If you have purchased music from Apple, it can be played on any device regardless of whether it's an MP3 Player, as purchased music is DRM-free. However, the default file format for purchased music is also AAC, not MP3.

To play Apple Music and purchase music on an MP3 Player, you would need to convert the AAC files to MP3 format. The another way is to get a compatible MP3 Player to specially connect with Apple Music. How to correctly and safely follow these ways? Let’s take a closer look.

unlock apple msuic on mp3 player

Part 2. How to Download Apple Music to MP3 Player

As we've discussed above, you can not move the songs to other apps or devices that are not supported by Apple. Therefore, the MP3 player is not available to play songs from Apple Music. Here you should get a third-party tool to help you, which can convert the Apple Music songs' format to MP3. So the songs will become compatible with your MP3 players. Then you can play the songs with ease anytime.

DRmare Apple Music Converter is exactly what you need for format conversion of Apple Music. Just with a few clicks on your computer, you can finish the format conversion. Most importantly, the songs are kept with no quality loss and with their ID3 tags preserved. The DRmare software will give you back the lossless music files in a short time as it runs at 30X faster speed.

Best Apple Music Converter of 2020

drmare audio converter
  • Download Apple Music songs to your MP3 player losslessly.
  • Convert Apple Music songs to MP3 files at 30X faster speed.
  • Keep ID3 tags of songs from Apple Music, customzie output parameters.
  • Lifetime free update, keep Apple Msuic songs forever.

Please download and install the DRmare Apple Music Converter on your computer. What you should prepare additionally is the USB cable. This is used for linking your MP3 Player and computer. Now do as the following guide shows.

Step 1Upload Apple Music Songs to DRmare Program
import apple music to drmare
Open the DRmare Apple Music Converter on your computer. You will find that the iTunes app will be launched at the same time. Click the 'Add Files' button on the left. Pick the songs for the conversion and add them to the window. Or you can drag them directly to it.
Step 2Set Output Format of Apple Music Songs
set output format as mp3
Press on the 'Audio' icon to choose MP3 as the output format. So you can get a MP3 player that supports Apple Music. As you can see from the image, the DRmare Apple Music Converter also inspires you to select the channel, bit rate and sample rate. What's more, you can archive the output tracks by Artist or Album and reset the output folder.
Step 3Convert Songs from Apple Music to MP3 Files
convert apple music to mp3
Tap on the 'Convert' button on the right. The DRmare software will begin to download the songs on Apple Music. The ID3 tags of the songs like title, group, year, genre, etc. will be saved automatically. The converted Apple Music files can be located in the output folder.
Step 4Load Apple Music Songs to MP3 Player
Now you have downloaded Apple Music songs to computer. Please link your computer with your MP3 player via the USB cable. Copy the converted Apple Music files and paste them to the folder of your MP3 player. Then you can listen to Apple Music songs on your MP3 player easily.

Part 3. Best Compatible MP3 Players with Apple Music

If you consider buying a new MP3 Player, you can choose one that is compatible with Apple Music. Here, we list four top MP3 Players that can listen to Apple Music songs. You can try one of them.

👩‍🎤iPod Touch

The iPod Touch stands as a quintessential choice for Apple Music enthusiasts, offering seamless integration with the platform and an intuitive user experience. With the ability to download tracks for offline listening and access the entire Apple Music library directly, the iPod Touch remains a versatile companion for music aficionados.

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apple music on ipod touch

👨‍🎤SanDisk Clip Sport Plus

Boasting a budget-friendly price tag and compact design, the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus proves ideal for users seeking simplicity and functionality. Supporting various audio formats, including MP3, and featuring expandable storage via microSD cards, this MP3 player caters to diverse listening preferences with ease.

apple music on sandisk clip sport plus

🧑🏽‍🎤Sony NW-A105 Walkman

Embodying a blend of retro aesthetics and modern functionality, the Sony NW-A105 Walkman caters to discerning audiophiles seeking superior sound quality. With support for high-resolution audio formats and Bluetooth connectivity for wireless streaming, this MP3 player elevates the portable listening experience to new heights.

apple music on sony a105 walkman

🧑🏻‍🎤Fiio M11 Pro

Catering to audiophiles with an affinity for uncompromising sound quality, the Fiio M11 Pro stands as a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of MP3 players. Featuring a touchscreen display, advanced DAC technology, and support for a wide range of audio formats, including MP3, this high-end device offers unparalleled fidelity and performance.

apple music on fiio m11 pro


By opting for the user-friendly MP3 Players to get Apple Music, individuals can unlock the full potential of their Apple Music library while on the move. Also, employing powerful converters like DRmare Apple Music Converter is a more convinient and cost-effective choice. Users can also embark on a musical journey enriched by seamless integration and uncompromising quality.

We hope that these solutions can truly help you play Apple Music on MP3 Player without limitations. Let's embrace the boundless joys of music wherever you go.

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