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How to Play Apple Music on CarPlay? Fixed!

Apple Music offers users 60 million songs. You can play the songs in your car, home, phone or other players. There is no denying that the Apple Music app enables users to get lost in wonderful music while they are driving, having rest or fun. For getting music or send messages in your car, CarPlay is a good tool. Drivers may use CarPlay to stream music from apps from time to time. So how to play Apple Music on CarPlay? Apart from the normal way, there is more detail about it we are going to show you. Follow us in the post.

play apple music on carplay

Part 1. Use Apple Music in CarPlay - Official Method

Apple Music songs can be played in your iPhones when you drive your car. You can use CarPlay to get a better music experience. CarPlay helps you to use your phone in cars. Do what we show you as below to make Apple Music songs play in your car.

1. Link your iPhone with the USB port of CarPlay. If wireless CarPlay is OK in your car, hit the Voice Control icon on the steering wheel to launch CarPlay.

2. Click Settings > General > CarPlay on your iPhone and select your car. More setting options will be shown to you.

3. Sign in the iTunes app and play Apple Music songs via CarPlay on the car's display.

Part 2. Get Apple Music on CarPlay - Alternative Method

Here is another way for you to let Apple Music songs play in your car through CarPlay. As the songs of Apple Music are encoded specifically, they can only be accessed within the Apple Music app. What's more, if you cancel the subscription, you can not enjoy the songs anymore in the app.

Therefore, to keep the songs of Apple Music forever, you are required to transfer the format of Apple Music tracks. DRmare Audio Converter is of great help to convert songs from Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, W4A and W4B files. Then you are allowed to store the songs in any apps on your phone and listen to Apple CarPlay Music without WiFi.

Moreover, the DRmare Apple Music Converter gives you back common audio files without quality loss while running at 5X faster speed. The songs' ID3 tags like title, group, genre, composer, etc. will be saved for you. Without a network connection, you can listen to Apple Music playlists and play them via CarPlay.

DRmare Apple Music Converter for CarPlay

drmare apple music converter for carplay
  • Offer Apple CarPlay Music without WiFi in your car while you're driving.
  • Convert Apple Music audios to MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, W4A and W4B for CarPlay.
  • Preserve lossless music files and ID3 tags running at 30X faster speed.
  • Provide output parameters settings, lifetime free update and technical support.

We provide you the steps below to change the format of Apple Music songs.

Step 1Load Apple Music Songs to DRmare
import apple music songs from itunes
Install and open the DRmare Audio Converter on your computer. Tap on the icon "Add Files" on the left of the window. Then you can select the songs or playlists in iTunes library and add them to the conversion window. Or you can drag the songs directly to the interface.
Step 2Set Output Parameters for Playing in the Car
set output format
Click the "Audio" button on the right of the bottom. You will see six formats and other parameters including channel, codec, bit rate and sample rate. You are advised to set MP3 as the output format as it is the most common audio format.
Step 3Convert Songs of Apple Music
convert songs from apple music
Press on the 'Convert' button to finish the conversion related to Apple Music and CarPlay. You will finally gain songs of Apple Music compatible with CarPlay in the output folder. Now you can choose the players that are supported by CarPlay to stream the songs.

More Tips: Other Ways to Access Apple Music in Cars with iPhone

It can be learned that Apple Music songs are not compatible with car stereo from the above. When using iPhone to play Apple Music playlists, apart from CarPlay, you can also refer to these ways.


Bluetooth may be supported by almost all cars. Follow the guide. You can easily make Apple Music work with Bluetooth in your car.

1. Enter into 'Settings' application on your iPhone. Hit the 'Bluetooth' menu. click the toggle button on the next screen to activate the Bluetooth feature.

2. From the list of Bluetooth devices on your iPhone, select the device you want to connect with. A Bluetooth Pairing Request will be shown on your iPhone. Click Pair.

3. A 'Connected' signal will turn up on the phone. That means the pairing process is done successfully. Now you can play Apple Music songs freely and the paired Bluetooth device will play them simultaneously.

Auxiliary Input or USB Port

Another way for you to listen to Apple Music playlists in the car is to use the Aux input/USB port. Just simply link your iPhone with the car stereo through the Aux audio cable. Play the Apple Music tracks on your iPhone. Then you can enjoy Apple Music songs on your driving trip.

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