How to Play Apple Music in the Car [Solved]

In order to get rid of fatigue and dangerous distraction in the long distance driving, such as taking a long road trip, most of us tend to listen to digital audio files in the car to keep the brain active and make us relaxed and refreshed.

As one of the most popular music and video streaming services, Apple Music is the preferred music library providing over 45-million high-quality streaming songs to enjoy unlimited audio tracks in the car while long-distance driving. Actually, there are several ways to play Apple Music songs in the car. If you are not familiar with Apple Music and car stereo, you can read on this article to find out best solutions on enjoying Apple Music in the car with ease.

play apple music on car stereo

Part 1. Professional Methods to Play Apple Music in the Car with iPhone

Just like the quote from Apple Inc., "All the ways you love music. All in one place," if you are an Apple Music subscriber, you are able to access to Apple Music library on multiple platforms, like iPhone, Mac, PC and more with Apple Music app. Unfortunately, it's not compatible with car stereo directly. In order to enjoy Apple Music streaming songs in the car, you can refer to the following approaches to make Apple Music available for car stereo via the portable and compatible iPhone.

Bluetooth: There is no doubt that using Bluetooth to connect your iPhone and compatible car stereo is the easiest way to stream Apple Music tracks to car stereo. Plus, almost all cars are equipped with the function of Bluetooth. Since different car stereo have different ways to pair with a Bluetooth device, you can check the car stereo’s user manual to find out the detailed tutorial. Generally speaking, you have to enter into Settings, and click the Bluetooth icon twice to turn it off and back on. On your iOS device, you just need to find out the car stereo and pair with it via Bluetooth. Once paired completely, Apple Music is automatically streamed to touch-screen car audio system.

CarPlay: In order to connect iPhone with car stereo via a safer way, Apple specially designed and developed CarPlay, which can stream music, audiobooks and others from iPhone to car stereo when driving. If your car supports CarPlay using the Lightning to USB cable, please plug your iPhone into the USB port of your car. But you should pay attention for the note that CarPlay is only supported by iPhone 5 and later.

Auxiliary Input/USB Port: Although many newer model cars support CarPlay, if your car is not included in this list, you can play Apple Music in the car via Aux input or USB port. Most car stereo systems have an USB port or Auxiliary input, so you can simply connect iPhone with car stereo via the lightning cable or Aux audio cable. In this case, you can enjoy high-quality Apple Music in the car when driving.

Part 2. Alternative Ways to Play Apple Music in a Car without an iPhone

The useful solutions mentioned-above are based on the portable iPhone. Not all Apple Music subscribers have purchased an iPhone on hand. What if you don't have an iPhone or devices supported Apple Music application? Will you give up this wonder music service and turn up to other audio files for playing them in a long distance driving? Not really! There is an effective method of playing Apple Music songs in a car without the help of Apple Music app.

Let's discuss the reasons why we can’t enjoy Apple Music streams in a car without an iPhone firstly. In order to avoid unauthorized sharing, Apple has encrypted Apple Music digital audio files with FairPlay DRM technology. As a consequence, Apple Music can be playable on selected devices only, even if you have subscribed Apple Music already. Therefore, if you would like to stream Apple Music from incompatible devices, like Windows phone to car stereo for enjoying in the car, you should discover a third-party Apple Music DRM removal tool to bypass DRM protection.

Here, we high recommend DRmare Apple Music Converter, an all-in-one Apple Music DRM remover, which can remove DRM restriction losslessly and convert Apple Music DRM M4P to universal audio files, like MP3, AAC, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc at 30X faster speed. And then you are able to play Apple Music songs like other common audio tracks in the car.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Break the lock of DRM protection from Apple Music streams
  • Convert Apple Music DRM M4P to MP3 and other common formats
  • Customize output parameters, like ID3 tags and chapter info
  • Unbelieveable fast converting speed and keeping lossless quality

How to Remove DRM from Apple Music for Playback in a Car

DRmare Apple Music Converter is available for Mac and Windows operating system. Taken Apple Music Converter for Mac as example, I will show the step-by-step tutorial to guide you to convert DRM protected M4P Apple Music to common DRM-free audio files for playback in your car.

Step 1Import DRM Apple Music to DRmare Apple Music Converter
import apple music drm streams
Please click the first "Add Files" button at the bottom left of the main interface, all Apple Music playlists and songs downloaded to iTunes library will show up automatically in this window. You just need to choose favorite Apple Music from them. Or you can also directly drag Apple Music files and drop them to the main interface.
Step 2Define the output format for playing on the car
set output format as mp3
This smart Apple Music DRM removal software can support multiple audio formats, so you can choose one of them as the output format. Since MP3 has the highest compatibility with all car stereos, we recommend you to define MP3 as the output format so that you can play unprotected Apple Music on MP3 players freely.
Step 3Remove DRM and convert Apple Music M4P
convert apple music m4p files
In order to launch the conversion process, please simply touch the conversion press and DRmare Apple Music Converter will automatically get rid of DRM limitation and convert them to MP3 files. When the conversion finishes, you can locate DRM-free Apple Music on the destination folder so that you can convert them to any device and media player as you like.

Tips to Enjoy non-DRM Apple Music on the Car Stereo

When you get the unprotected Apple Music on your computer, it's time for you to convert them to the target devices, such as Windows phones, BlackBerry phones, USB flash drive, etc. so that you can enjoy Apple Music in the car when you are driving. As for the portable mobile devices, you can use the solutions mentioned-above to connect car stereo with target devices, including Bluetooth, USB port and Aux input. As for USB flash drive, you just need to plug it into USB port and Apple Music will show up on the car audio system.

Of course, you can also burn DRM-free Apple Music to CD with the help of iTunes for playing them on car's CD player. Thanks to DRmare Apple Music Converter, you need to import converted Apple Music to iTunes library and insert a blank disc in your computer. And then the only thing you should do is to touch the "Burn Playlist to CD" and imported Apple Music will burn to CD quickly. No matter you have an iPhone or not, you can choose the most suitable way to play Apple Music in the car.

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