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How to Get Apple Music on Roku TV in 4 Best Ways

"Does Roku have Apple Music?" Yes. In May 2022, Apple Music and Roku had been integrated. Apple Music subscribers can download Apple Music app for Roku and listen to music on Roku devices. It is available for Roku streaming players, TVs and streambars.

In this post, we will guide you on how to play Apple Music on Roku in a direct way. Also, we will share some other tips with you to stream Apple Music to Roku. Now, please check out this article and learn more.

play apple music on roku

Part 1. Can You Get Apple Music on Roku?

Now, Apple Music can work with Roku devices. Roku is also well-known as Roku streaming player. It is one of the popular tiny set-up boxes that offers digital entertainment for people. This Roku media player can stream media from streaming channels online.

Before, Roku media streamer supports a series of streaming music services but doesn't support Apple Music app. But now, Apple Music app is available on Roku. Apple Music subscribers can directly play Apple Music on Roku TV and so on. They can enjoy over 90 million songs and 30,000 expert-curated playlist without ads. Also, they can see time-synced lyrics of Apple Music songs, stream Apple Music Radio, watch 4K music videos and so on.

Also, if you are a new user to Apple Music, you can sign up for a free 1-month trial via Apple Music app on the Roku Store. It is noted that an Apple Music individual plan will start at $9.99 per month.

Part 2. How to Get Apple Music on Roku Officially

From above, we knew that Apple Music Roku can work together. With an Apple Music subscription, you can stream Apple Music songs on Roku devices like Roku TV and so on. So, here let's check out how to connect Apple Music to Roku officially.

How to Download Apple Music App for Roku

Via Streaming Channels on Roku TV:

Step 1. Press the 'Home' key on your Roku TV remote.

Step 2. Go to the 'Streaming Channels' menu on your TV.

streaming channels on roku tv

Step 3. Enter 'Apple Music' into the search bar.

Step 4. Highlight the Apple Music channel and press the 'OK' button on the remote.

apple music channel on roku

Step 5. Choose and hit on the 'Add Channel' option.

add apple music channel on roku tv

Step 6. Click on 'Check now' to check for software updates to proceed.

check for roku software update

Step 7. When you see Apple Music displayed on your TV's home screen, then open it.

Step 8. Next, log in to Apple Music app with your Apple ID. Or you can scan the QR code to log in.

log in to apple music on roku

After that, you can start to play Apple Music on Roku TV.

Through Web on Roku TV:

Step 1. Go to the Roku channel store via the web browser on your device.

Step 2. Type 'Apple Music' in the search box and enter.

Step 3. Once loaded, click on the '+ Add channel' button. Then you will need to log in to your account if you get a prompt.

add apple music to roku via roku channel store

Step 4. When you install the Apple Music channel, you can check for the update for Roku OS on your TV.

update roku software

Step 5. Start Apple Music app on Roku TV and sign in to your Apple Music account.

sign in to apple music app on roku

Step 6. At last, you can begin to listen to Apple Music songs on Roku.

How to Play Apple Music on Roku by Voice Command

By following the steps above, you learned how to add Apple Music to Roku TV. Now, you can use the voice command remotes to stream Apple Music songs on your Roku TV. You can ask to start the music app and control the music playback.

Besides, you can connect Alexa to your Roku TV to control music playback via voice command.

Part 3. How to Play Apple Music on Roku - Best Way

Besides using the Apple Music app to enjoy music on Roku TV. You can also do that via the USB drive. Using USB stick is a recommended way to add local files to Roku for playback.

But Apple Music can't be streamed on Roku from USB drive directly, because they are encrypted. Also, Apple Music songs are encoded in M4P format. They can be playable on authorized devices only. In general, Roku is compatible with AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV. It is obvious that M4P is not included in the Roku audio playback format line.

DRmare Apple Music Converter is such a great software for you to get Apple Music Roku to work. It can remove Apple Music protection with ease. And it converts Apple Music to MP3 or other Roku-compatible audio files with zero quality loss.

Besides, you can adjust the bit rate, sample rate and so on for Apple Music songs. And you can convert Apple Music audio in batch to save your time. Thanks to this smart tool, you can enjoy the original quality of Apple Music on Roku TV by the USB flash drive without any issue.

DRmare Apple Music to Roku Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Break the lock of protection from Apple Music streams
  • Convert Apple Music to Roku-supported formats
  • Customize output parameters, like ID3 tags
  • Unbelievable fast converting speed and keeping lossless quality

How to Convert Apple Music for Roku TV

Now, you can start to learn how to download Apple Music songs for Roku devices. To do that, please make sure you have already installed DRmare Apple Music Converter. And the Apple Music songs are downloaded completely on your computer.

After that, you can refer to the following complete guide to break Apple Music protection. And then you can convert and get Apple Music on Roku for playing via the USB stick.

Step 1Add downloaded Apple Music files to DRmare
import apple music songs to drmare
Open the DRmare Apple Music Converter from your computer. To load the downloaded Apple Music songs to DRmare tool, click the first 'Add ' button to choose Apple Music tracks from iTunes library.
Step 2Adjust the output format for Apple Music to Roku
set output format for apple music roku
Roku supports a lot of audio formats. You can click the little 'Format' icon to set format. It will open the format window, in which you can see the supported output format list. And you can choose the most suitable one as the output format for Roku TV. In this step, you can also customize bit rate and more according to your needs.
Step 3Convert Apple Music for Roku
convert apple music for roku
Once all settings are OK, please touch the 'Convert' button to start the conversion process. This smart tool will start to convert imported Apple Music to Roku compatible songs. Now, you just need to wait for the end of converting process. Once done, you could hit the 'Converted' button to find the audio on your computer.

Up to now, Apple Music files are converted to Roku supported format. You can locate converted Apple Music songs in target folder on your computer. The last thing we need to do is how to connect Apple Music to Roku for playback.

Way 1. How to Put Apple Music on Roku via USB Port

If you have an USB flash drive, you can use this way to get Apple Music to Roku. Please connect the USB stick to your computer first and then check the detailed steps below.

play apple music on roku via usb drive

Step 1. Copy and paste Apple Music to USB drive from your computer.

Step 2. Connect Roku with USB drive via the USB port.

Step 3. Open Roku Media Player and you will see the USB drive icon.

Step 4. Select the USB drive from the main interface. And then play Apple Music on Roku from the USB drive.

Way 2. How to Stream Apple Music to Roku TV with Plex Media Server

Plex is compatible with Roku and it comes preinstalled on Roku. So, you can make Roku Apple Music to work from computer via Plex Media Server. Below are the steps for you.

Step 1. Install Plex on your computer.

Step 2. Upload the local Apple Music to Plex Media Server.

add local apple music songs to plex

Step 3. Open Plex Media Server on your Roku with Plex-linked account.

Step 4. Now, you can play Apple Music on Roku from your computer.

use apple music for roku with plex media server

Part 4. How to Stream Apple Music to Roku via AirPlay on Mac/iOS Devices

If you use a Mac computer or iOS device, then you can use AirPlay to cast Apple Music to Roku online. Here you can follow the steps below and start to play Apple Music on Roku by AirPlay.

How to Enable AirPlay on Roku TV

Step 1. Go to the 'Settings' section from Home Screen on your Roku TV.

settings on roku tv

Step 2. Click on the 'Apple AirPlay and HomeKit' option.

apple airplay and homekit on roku

Step 3. Highlight 'AirPlay'. If it is off, you can touch it again to turn it on.

turn on airplay on roku tv

How to Cast Apple Music to Roku TV

On iPhone/iPad/iPod:

Step 1. Ensure that your iOS device and Roku TV are connected with the same WiFi connection and work with AirPlay.

Step 2. Open the Apple Music app on your iOS device and play a song you like to stream to Roku.

run apple music app on iphone

Step 3. Touch the 'AirPlay' icon in the 'Now Playing' screen and then choose your Roku device from the list.

airplay apple music to roku on iphone

Now, you can enjoy songs from Apple Music on Roku TV.

On Mac:

Step 1. Check whether your Mac and Roku TV are used the same WiFi network.

Step 2. Start the Apple Music app on your Mac computer. Then pick up a track and play it.

open apple music app on mac

Step 3. Click on the 'AirPlay' icon next to the volume slider in the Apple Music app.

stream apple music to roku by airplay on mac

Step 4. Choose your Roku TV and start to AirPlay Apple Music to Roku.

Part 5. How to Play Apple Music on Roku by Screen Mirroring

Another way for you to stream Apple Music to Roku is to use the screen mirroring feature on your Windows computer, Android and iOS devices. Here you can check how to do that.

On Android Devices:

Step 1. Open the Apple Music app from your Android device. Then begin to stream songs you like.

Step 2. Locate the 'Cast' option in the Settings app on your Android device and click on it.

screen mirror apple music to roku from android

Step 3. Choose to screen mirror the screen of your Android device to your Roku TV. And then you can listen to Apple Music on Roku.

On iOS Devices:

Step 1. Go to the Control Center on your device.

turn on screen mirror on ios device

Step 2. Find and touch the 'Screen Mirroring' option. Then you will see the available devices' list pop up.

screen mirror apple music songs to roku on ios

Step 3. Pick up your Roku TV from the list and type the passcode shown on your Roku screen.

Step 4. After connected, you can get Apple Music on Roku for playing.

On Windows PC:

Step 1. Go to the Apple Music web player and log in to your Apple Music account. Then find an album or other songs and start playing.

open apple music web player on windows pc

Step 2. Press the 'Windows + P' keyboard on your computer.

Step 3. Choose 'Connect to a wireless display' and select your Roku device to connect with.

cast apple music to roku from windows computer

Step 4. At last, you can start to enjoy Apple Music songs on Roku TV from your computer.

Part 6. The Verdict

In this post, you got 4 ways to play Apple Music on Roku TV. With an Apple Music subscription, you can directly stream Apple Music to Roku device via the Roku Apple Music app. Or you can convert Apple Music by DRmare Audio Converter and enjoy Apple songs on Roku via USB drive. What's more, you can AirPlay or screen mirror Apple Music songs to Roku from your devices.

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