How to Copy Apple Music Songs to a USB Drive

"My car is not connected to the Internet, I want to know if it is possible to copy my Apple Music playlist to USB so that to play on my car stereo? Thanks very much." - Matthew Green

Since its first release on June 30, 2015, Apple Music has quickly become one of the biggest streaming music resources in the market like Spotify. Up to today, there are more than 45 million songs in the Apple music cloud library and over 36 millions of subscribers. With different versions of applications, users can listen to it on most devices with iOS, Android or Windows. But what about transferring Apple Music to USB stick? Here is everything you need to know.

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apple music to usb

Part 1. Best Apple Music Converter

Some users may ask isn't it a simple copy & paste to transfer the M4P music files? It is right to some extent. The caveat is that the files won't be played due to the DRM encryption. Unlike iTunes M4A songs which you can play freely without any limitations as long as you have a compatible player, Apple Music files require you to authorize all of them first before you can listen to them offline.

It is not possible to authorize Apple Music files if we are using a non-Apple player/device. So you have to depend on third party tools to strip the DRM protection. Overall, following are the requirements to get the job done.

1. Mac or Windows computer

2. Latest version iTunes

3. Apple Music subscription (If you haven't used it before, you can try it out with 3 months free subscription.)

4. Apple Music Converter

5. USB thumb drive or flash drive

Regarding to the converter, normally you can Google online to find one you like. One thing you need to pay attention to is that common music converter won't help unless you find one which has the DRM removal feature. If you still haven't got any, DRmare Apple Music Converter is the one of the best options available for its unmatched features.

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DRmare Audio Converter

drmare itunes m4p converter
  • Unlock DRM copyright from all kinds of audio files like Apple Music, audiobooks
  • Convert Apple Music M4P to AAC, MP3, M4A, FLAC, WAV and so on
  • Lossless output quality, 30X faster speed and plenty of customization options
  • Lifetime free technical support and update, never need to worry about technical issue

Part 2. Steps to Convert M4P Files to USB Flash Drive

DRmare Audio Converter trial version is totally free, you can try it out without spending any money. In addition, it is easy enough to use it by yourself. But to get the most out of the program, yo can also go through the steps one by one with me. Before converting Apple Music to USB, please make sure the M4P songs are downloaded completely and authorized to play well on iTunes first.

Step 1Import Apple Music M4P songs
import apple music streams
You can click the '+' menu from the bottom left, then it will open a media browser with all of your Apple Music songs and playlist. Please choose all the songs you want to convert and click 'Add' button. If your files don't show up there, this maybe caused by iTunes settings. Just go to the 'Preferences' Window of your iTunes and then enable the option 'share iTunes library XML with other applications'.
Step 2Configure the new audio settings (optional)
customize output music files
Apple Music originally comes with M4P format encoded in AAC codec and 256kbps bit rate. This works perfectly on Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac computers other than third-party devices or players. To get a more popular format for your USB flash drive., you can also choose MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4B. For most users, we'd recommend MP3 and AAC. But if you want to enhance the audio, you can also choose FLAC or WAV.
Step 3Convert Apple Music songs to USB
convert apple music to usb
At last, you can slightly tap the 'Convert' button, then DRmare Apple Music Converter will start to remove the DRM protection and encode M4P format to a new format you selected. When it is done, you can click the output folder icon to locate all the converted audio files.
Video Guide: How to Move Apple Music M4P Songs to USB Drive
This is the complete video tutorial to show you how to easily transfer Apple Music songs and playlists to USB flash drive by using DRmare Audio Converter.

Part 3. How to Put Apple Music on USB to Play from Your Car

By moving the DRM free Apple Music files to a USB drive, you can play them anywhere in theory such as your home TV or car head unit. Take the car infotainment system for example, you can follow the steps:

1. Look for the USB port on your car head unit and plug in the USB drive with the music copied, you will see a drive icon show up on the car stereo.

2. Start the music player on the stereo and choose to play from the USB audio source.

3. Some car stereos have the feature to scan your USB and the files automatically. In case your car audio system doesn't have this feature, you can choose the songs to play manually.

That is easy and helpful, right? The best part of removing DRM is that even if you cancel the Apple Music subscription, all the music files will still be playable. If you are interested in bypassing DRM, why not download the DRmare Audio Converter to evaluate it today? Write your comments down below if you have any questions or need further help.

March 26, 2018 18:03 pm

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