iTunes Movie Won't Play - Let's Help You Fix It

"My Macbook Air is 7 years old, I have successfully downloaded an iTunes rental movie from iTunes and authorize it. But when I try to play it, it all I see is a black screen with no sound. My computer plays other videos well, so it is not the Macbook fault, I feel it is an iTunes error." - Question from Apple community.

"I have just imported an M4V movies from a DVD into iTunes. When I click the play button, it quickly initialize the playback process but after a seconds it prompts me that 'iTunes has stopped working'. Have tried multiple times, the error never go away. " - Question from Macrumors forum.

That is a painful experience to encounter this problem.To ease the pain, I will help you troubleshoot the iTunes movie playback errors and offer the solutions to solve them thoroughly.

itunes movie won't play

Part 1. Why Won't Movies Play on iTunes

There are a lot of circumstances we might encounter the iTunes video playback errors. Sometimes we we can easily tell what causes the issue from the errors, sometimes we have no ideas about that. Generally, since iTunes movies are DRM protected, some criteria required to meet. Here are the top 4 reasons why iTunes videos won't play well.

1. You don't have a good internet connection. On the initialization process, iTunes movie needs to connect to the DRM serer to verify the authorization. For the iTunes Extras, if you have a low internet speed, it won't show up.

2. Your iTunes rentals are expired such as you don't start watching it within 30 days or you have already start to play it but don't finish it within 48 hours.

3. The display doesn't support HDCP while you download the 720P or 1080P HD movies or TV shows from iTunes store.

4. The movies are not authorized on the iTunes or you didn't sign in iTunes with your right Apple ID and password.


Part 2. How to Troubleshoot iTunes Movie Won't Play

Corresponding to the main reasons mentioned above, we'd better make sure to have good internet connection, HDCP compatible displays, authorize the iTunes rentals and watch them before they are expired.

That sounds easy. But the usual case is that even if we have checked all these options to confirm they are good, the playback problem might still appear time from time without any obvious prompts. That is because iTunes is so bloated and buggy. You can follow the steps to troubleshoot the error:

Step 1: Reinstall the latest version iTunes

itunes check for update

The old version iTunes don't run so stable or simply won't support some of the latest iTunes movies or TV shows. To update to the latest version, please click 'Help' menu > 'Check for Updates' to get the latest version.

Step 2: Try again to sign in iTunes

itunes sign in

Sometimes iTunes will just sign out automatically after a specific time, making it impossible for the DRM server to verify the authorization, so just click 'Account' > 'Sign In' and then input the info to log in your account.

Step 3: Open the MiniPlayer window

itunes show miniplayer

iTunes runs slow especially for low-performance computers, sometimes the video playback maybe just stuck on a specific progress. By clicking 'View' > 'Show MiniPlayer', the iTunes movies should play more smoothly.

Step 4: Check if QuickTime player runs well

quicktime player

iTunes depends on the QuickTime Player to play digital media files, if there is error with the QuickTime Player, iTunes won't work either.

Step 5: Restart iTunes/computer

If you have tried the 4 steps above but still can't fix it, the last shot is to restart your iTunes and computer. Some settings can only take effects after reboot.


Part 3. Remove DRM from iTunes Movie to Solve Playback Problem Forever

Above are all the solutions to troubleshoot the iTunes video playback error. In brief, this is mostly caused by the DRM limitations. As long as the DRM protection still exists, it is not a surprise to see these errors on iTunes. If you want to solve the problem once and for all, we'd strongly recommended you to remove iTunes movie DRM protection.

DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows is designed to convert all kinds of iTunes videos in the forms of iTunes movies, TV shows, Extras. After multiple update and optimization, it supports to convert videos at a pretty fast speed while keeping the 1:1 original quality. Typically, you just need to throw your movies to it, DRmare will help you get the rest job done. The only drawback is that it only works for videos from iTunes only. If your movies are from other resources such as Amazon, Google, Hulu, NetFlix, YouTube, DRmare may not help you. Now let me show you how does it work step by step.

Step 1Import iTunes video files
load itunes m4v videos
Please download the iTunes purchases or rentals to your computer first. When it is done, you can launch DRmare and then drag & drop to import the digital media files from iTunes software to the DRmare.
Step 2Choose an HD movie format
change output format
DRmare will remove DRM encryption as well as preserving the original high quality. You can select one of the formats you want such as MP4, M4V, AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG, TS, TRP and so on. But don't just think DRmare can only do this. Actually it is much powerful than you can think of. There are a lot of customization features hidden in the sleek interface. You can easily change the subtitle, audio track, codec, bit rate and so on.
Step 3Start removing DRM protection
remoe drm from itunes video
The last step is to click 'Convert' button and wait for the DRmare software to output the DRM-free movies. When it is done, you should never encounter the iTunes video playback problem any more.

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