How to Listen to Audible Audiobooks on Samsung Watch

Speaking of smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch must be considered by many people. With excellent components and classic design, you can see it on the many "best picks of smartwatch" lists in 2019.

As a common wearable device, nowadays smartwatch is much more than a mini intelligent product. People use it as a payment tool like a credit card, a health monitor to observe their physical conditions, and so forth. But the most widely-used features of the smartwatch is still music playback. It is a good assistant when you are doing exercise like jogging, swimming or whenever you want some background music but hands are occupied.

Sometimes it is another good choice to listen to audiobooks instead of music. You may come up with the same idea. In this article, I will give you some instructions on how to listen to Audible on Samsung watch.

play audible audiobooks on samsung watch

Part 1. Why Can't You Listen to Audible on Samsung Galaxy Watch?

The fact may disappoint you that there is no specific Audible app for Galaxy watch. Therefore, if you have purchased audiobooks from Audible and would like to play them on Samsung Galaxy Watch, you should adopt a different approach.

This workaround is to use a third-party Audible downloader to download and convert Audible audiobooks to the formats that are compatible with Samsung Watch. Here, DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter gives you the most powerful supports, which is born to download and convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC, etc. without any quality loss.

With built-in multiple functions, this smart tool keeps the full ID3 tags, supports you to edit as you like. Besides, the splitting function enables you to split Audible audiobooks by chapters, by time, or by segments averagely. The amazing 30X running speed greatly accelerate the converting process with ease.

DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Bypass limits from Audible AA/AAX files
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to MP3, AAC, etc.
  • Split audiobook into small segements by chapters
  • Work at 30X faster speed with parallel processes

Part 2. How to Sync Audible to Samsung Galaxy Watch

Step 1Import Audible audiobooks to DRmare
add audible audiobooks to DRmare
Please download Audible books on your local computer before adding it to DRmare. Next, you can directly drag and drop those audiobooks from Explorer or Mac Finder to the main conversion window of DRmare. Or you can click the first Add Files button to select audiobooks from Audible library.
Step 2Reset output quality and other parameters
edit output settings for samsung watch
Once you have loaded Audible audiobooks to DRmare successfully, you can start to customize the output settings. Just go to 'Preferences' > 'Convert' to edit the related settings in there. Then find the 'Edit' icon next to each track. Click it to open the splitting window where you can tick 'Split by chapters' option and the 'Apply to all' selection.
Step 3Split added Audible books by chapters
convert audiobook for samsung watch
On the bottom-right corner of the main page, please tap the 'Conver' bar to start the conversion process. DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter will split all imported audible files into chapters simultaneously. When the converting phase is done, you can see all converted Audible audio files are saved in the target folder by chapters.
Step 4Export Audiobook Files to Samsung Watch
Now you can transfer all unprotected audiobooks to Samsung Watch. It allows users to transfer the converted Audible books on Samsung Galaxy watch from the phone. Hence, you need to export the converted audios to your phone. Please check the brief tutorials below

Stream Audiobook via USB or Bluetooth

1. Link your phone to the computer through USB or Bluetooth. Transfer the local audible contents to your phone. Or you can also stream them to cloud storage and then use the phone to download them.

2. On your Samsung Galaxy watch, turn on the 'Galaxy Wearable' > choose 'Add content to your watch'.

3. Click 'Add tracks' and select what you would like to add to the watch.

4. Hit 'Done' to commit the results.

5. Pair Galaxy Buds with your watch to sync the converted Audible audiobooks.

Open Gear Music Manager on iOS devices

If you are using iPhone, please make sure that the iOS version is later than iOS 12. Now you can use the Gear Music Manager to stream audible audios to the Galaxy Watch.

1. Confirm that your computer and watch are in the same Wi-Fi network connection.

2. Click to the 'Music' app on your watch. and choose the phone icon to switch the music source to the phone.

3. Scroll to the 'Now playing' screen. Find 'Music Manager' from the bottom of the Library, and then hit 'Start' on your watch.

4. Turn to your computer and open a web browser. Direct to the IP address which is displayed on your watch. Confirm the connection and done! Now you are available to manage the music library in your Samsung Galaxy on the web page. You'll also see guidance about how to transfer music from the iOS device to the Samsung watch.

Nov 1, 2019 1:31 PM

Posted by Thomas Carman to Convert DRM Audiobooks