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  • Support to convert Apple Music, Audible audiobooks, and more audio files
  • Batch convert audio files in a fast speed with original quality kept
  • Output audio tracks to plain audio formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

How to Play Audible on Samsung Watch [Updated]

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is popular with fitness people for its features including heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and listening to music. If you own a Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic, you're in luck. They have a Google Play Store from which you can install Spotify and YouTube Music. And what about Audible?

Unfortunately, the Audible app is only available for Apple Watch right now. There is currently no Audible Galaxy Watch app. But don't worry because we're here to give you the best way to listen to Audible on Samsung Watch. Then you can enjoy your favorite Audible audiobooks wirelessly without a phone or internet connection.

play audible on galaxy watch

Part 1. Best Tool to Use Audible on Galaxy Watch

As mentioned above, there is no Audible app for Samsung Watch. But you can find another approach to make Audible Samsung Watch work properly. You can transfer unprotected Audible audiobooks to your Samsung Watch and listen to them using the Music app on your watch. In this process, DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter is a must-have tool. You need to use it to convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3, M4A, etc. compatible with Galaxy Watch.

Galaxy Watch Music App Support Format MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, WMA
Audible Audiobook Format Encoded AA, AAX
DRmare Output Format MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B, WAV, FLAC

Without audio quality loss, you can get full ID3 tags including title, album art, artist, and more. With an ultra-fast 30X conversion speed, you can effortlessly get Galaxy Watch-supported Audible files in batches. Not only that, but the split function also allows you to split Audible audiobooks into small parts.

DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Convert Audible AA/AAX files to Galaxy Watch-compatible formats
  • Split audiobooks into small segments by chapters and so on
  • Support converting audio from Audible, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.
  • Work at 30X faster speed with lossless sound quality kept

Part 2. How to Convert Audible for Samsung Watch

In this part, we will show you how to convert Audible audiobooks to Samsung Watch-supported audio files. After conversion, you can easily listen to Audible on Galaxy Watch or other Samsung smartwatch without issues. To get started, click on the 'Download' button above to install the DRmare Audible Converter.

Note: Please download Audible books on your local computer before converting.

Step 1Import Audible audiobooks to DRmare
add audible audiobooks to drmare
Open DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter on your computer. Next, click the first 'Add Music' button located at the bottom-left corner to select Audible audiobooks from your iTunes library. Or, you can click on the 'Add Files' button next to it to add Audible files from your computer.
Step 2Reset audiobooks output parameters for Galaxy Watch Audible
edit audible books output settings for samsung galaxy watch
Once loaded Audible audiobooks to DRmare, you can customize the output settings. Go to the 'audio' icon at the bottom right to edit the related settings there. You can alter the audio format for Audible to MP3, and more for playing Audible on Samsung Watch. And you can change the codec, bit rate, channel, and so on as you like for Audible audiobooks. Then click on 'OK'.
Step 3Convert Audible for Galaxy Watch
convert audible audiobooks for samsung watch
From the bottom-right, please tap 'Convert' to start the conversion process. DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter will convert Audible audiobooks to Samsung Watch-supported audio files. When the converting phase is done, you will get all converted Audible files in the target folder. Just tap the 'Converted' button to find them on your computer.

Part 3. How to Sync Audible to Galaxy Watch

Now, you have Samsung Watch-supported Audible audiobooks. You can easily transfer them to your watch for wireless playback using the built-in music speaker. If your watch doesn't have a built-in speaker, you can also connect to a Bluetooth headset to play it.

Below is how to put Audible on Galaxy Watch from a computer/iPhone/Android phone.

3.1 By a USB Cable from a Computer

Step 1. Use a USB cable to connect your computer to your Samsung Watch. Also, make sure they are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

Step 2. On your watch, open the 'Music' app and then select 'Watch' as the music source. Then scroll down and tap on 'Music Manager' > 'Start'.

connect samsung watch to computer

Step 3. You will receive a link on your watch, simply enter it into your computer browser.

Step 4. Now you can click on 'Add new tracks' at the top right and select well-converted Audible audiobooks. Then tap on 'Open'.

add converted audible books to galaxy watch from pc

Step 5. Wait for it to transfer. Once ended, you can disconnect your computer from your Samsung watch. Then you can open 'Music' on your watch to start listening to Audible audiobooks.

3.2 By Galaxy Wearable for Android

Step 1. Link your Android phone to the computer through a USB cable or Bluetooth.

Step 2. Transfer the local Audible audiobooks to your Android phone. Or you can stream them to cloud storage and then use the phone to download them.

Step 3. On your Android phone, open the 'Galaxy Wearable' app. Then choose 'Settings' > 'Manage content' > 'Add content to your watch'.

add content to your watch from galaxy wearable

Step 4. Click 'Add tracks' and select the Audible MP3/M4A/AAC/OGG/WMA files you like to add to Samsung Galaxy Watch.

add tracks to galaxy watch

Step 5. Hit 'Done' to commit the results and start syncing Audible files.

add audible books to samsung watch via galaxy wearable android

Step 6. Pair Galaxy Buds with your Galaxy Watch to sync the converted Audible audiobooks. And then you can listen to Audible on Galaxy Watch.

3.3 By Gear Music Manager for iOS

Step 1. Connect your computer and Galaxy Watch to the same Wi-Fi network connection.

Step 2. Click on the 'Music' app on your watch. Then choose the 'phone' icon to switch the music source to the phone.

Step 3. Scroll to the 'Now playing' screen. Find 'Music Manager' at the bottom of the Library. Then hit 'Start' on your watch.

Step 4. Turn to your computer and open a web browser.

go to the ip address displayed on watch

Step 5. Direct to the IP address which is displayed on your watch.

manage music files on gear  music manager

Step 6. Confirm the connection and you can manage the music library in your Samsung Galaxy Watch on the web page.

Step 7. Click on the 'Add New Tracks' option at the browser. Then a file-select dialogue box will show.

Step 8. Select the Audible books you want to add to Galaxy Watch and then hit 'Open'.

add audible books to galaxy watch from ios

Step 9. Once transferred, then click on 'OK' on the browser and 'DISCONNECT' on your watch. Then you can listen to Audible audiobooks on your Galaxy Watch using the 'Music' app.

Part 4. How to Control Audible on Galaxy Watch

Once you had added Audible books to Samsung Galaxy Watch, you can manage them freely. You can control the music playback, delete tracks, and more. Here we will share two bonus tips of using Audible on Galaxy Watch. Please check them out below.

4.1 Control Audio Playback

With the local Audible audiobooks on Galaxy Watch, you can play them with ease. Here are some tabs that you can use for the music playback. Check them out here.

Next Track: You can click on it to change to the next track.

Volume Control: Touch this button to alter the volume level while listening to audiobooks.

Play or Pause: This button is to start or pause playing audiobooks on Galaxy Watch now.

Previous track or restart: You can use this button to back to the previous audio track or restart the current audio track.

4.2 Delete Audible Audiobooks

If you finished listening to an audiobook on your watch, then you can delete it and free some space for new audio files. Otherwise, it will take much storage of your Galaxy Watch. Now, let's learn how to delete audio files on the Galaxy Watch below.

Step 1. Launch the 'Music' player application from your Galaxy Watch.

Step 2. Scroll down to find and select the 'Tracks' button.

Step 3. Locate the audio tracks that you want to delete. Then touch it and hold it to select it.

Step 4. You can also tap 'All' at the top or select more tracks. Then tap on the 'Delete' button to confirm the delete action.

Part 5. FAQs about Audible Galaxy Watch

Q1: How Do I Install Audible on My Galaxy Watch 4?

A: Unfortunately, there is no Audible app for any Samsung watch. So, you can't install the Audible app on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Q2: Can You Use Audible on Galaxy Watch?

A: Yes, but you need to do some effort. There is no Audible app for Galaxy Watch now. Besides, the Audible files are in a special audio format. They can't be played outside the Audible app. So, you need to convert Audible AA/AAX audiobooks to MP3/AAC/etc. files before you can use them on a Samsung Galaxy Watch. With DRmare Audible Converter, you can easily do that with the original audio kept.

Q3: Can I Listen to Audible Books on Galaxy Watch Offline?

A: Yes. You can use the DRmare Audible Converter to save Audible books to computer. Then you can move Audible books to Galaxy Watch for playing offline on the go.

Q4: Can I Make Calls on Samsung Galaxy Watch?

A: Yes, you can. You can make phone calls and answer calls on your Galaxy Watch with ease.

Part 6. In Conclusion

Is there a Galaxy Watch 4 Audible app? No. But we have offered the best solution for you to listen to Audible on Galaxy Watch. You can use DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter to download and convert Audible encoded AA/AAX files to popular audio formats. After that, you can transfer well-converted Audible audiobooks to your watch and play them with the built-in music app. You can listen to Audible audiobooks offline even without a network connection. Just get it a try here and enjoy the audiobooks you want anywhere.

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