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[Audible Garmin Watch] How to Listen to Audible on Garmin Watch/Garmin GPS Devices

Garmin is a leading company in all kinds of GPS navigation systems for automotive and so on. When you are running and whatsoever, these devices will provide guidance to you. Also, there are lots of other extra features. For instance, you can play music on Garmin Watch and Garmin GPS. Can you get Audible on Garmin Watch? You may want to know the answer.

Yet, Garmin doesn't integrate with some apps like Audible. So, any way to get Audible Garmin Watch and Garmin GPS devices to work? The answer is Yes. Please follow the steps here to get Audible for Garmin Watch/Garmin GPS.

play audible on garmin watch and garmin gps

Part 1. How to Listen to Audible on Garmin Watch via DRmare Audible Converter

To make the Garmin Watch Audible work, here is the best way for you. That's you can play Audible audiobooks on Garmin Watch via the USB cable, SD card and more. Yet, Audible audiobooks are protected and with a special audio format. So, how to change those Audible books to plain audio files and make Audible Garmin work?

DRmare Audiobook Converter is such a tool for you. It is an all-in-one tool to convert audiobooks from Audible and iTunes. And it can help rip the restriction from Audible audiobooks. By removing the protection, you will get the local Audible audiobooks. And you can get Audible for Garmin Watch or other devices as you want.

Also, this DRmare tool can convert Audible AA/AAX to MP3 and other audio formats for Garmin. And it can save the original audio quality of Audible audiobooks. It also can keep full ID3 tags of Audible books so that you can manage the files with ease. And you can split Audible files into small parts you like for use.

Once done with the conversion, then you can connect Garmin Audible and play Audible on Garmin Watch offline. Also, you can move these common Audible books to any device you want to play.

DRmare Audiobook Converter for Windows/Mac

drmare audiobook converter
  • Rip right limitations from Audible books and convert to common MP3, AAC, etc.
  • Split and edit audiobooks to make them meet your requirements better
  • Keep the original quality while converting at up to 30X faster speed
  • Batch convert audiobooks from Audible for Garmin Watch/Garmin GPS Watch

Section 1. How to Convert Audible for Garmin Watch via DRmare Audiobook Converter

Wonder how to get Audible on Garmin Watch? You can learn how to download Audible books to Garmin Watch-compatible files below. Then you can transfer audiobooks from Audible to Garmin Watch and Garmin GPS Watch for playing offline.

Step 1Add Audible audiobook files to DRmare
load audible audiobook files to drmare audible converter
You can download your books from Audible or iTunes and authorize them on iTunes first. Then open DRmare Audiobook Converter once installed. Click the "Add Files" icon to browse the Audible audiobook files. Then import them to the DRmare software. You can add as many files as you want with the batch converting feature.
Step 2Choose MP3 or AAC format of Audible for Garmin Watch
set output format as mp3 or aac of audible for garmin
The best formats that work with Garmin GPS Watch is MP3 or AAC. Please choose the format to convert Audible to MP3 or else. Besides, you can do a few tweaks on other settings by following the screen wizard. You can alter the codec, audio channel, and more as you want. To start the settings, please hit on the 'audio' icon on the DRmare program.
Step 3Convert audiobooks from Audible for Garmin Watch
convert audible audiobooks for garmin watch
At last, you can click the "Convert" button to start to convert all your Audible audiobooks. It won't be long with its fast converting speed. When the process is done, you can check the converted Audible books on the DRmare program in the 'history' section.

Section 2. How to Listen to Audible on Garmin Watch

By DRmare Audiobook Converter, we got the local Audible books for Garmin Watch. Here we can move on and see how to play Audible audiobooks on Garmin Watch. Below are two methods for you.

Method 1. Move Audible to Garmin Watch via SD Card

Step 1. Plug the SD card into the SD card reader.

Step 2. Put the SD card into your computer's USB port.

Step 3. Locate the local Audible audiobooks on your computer.

Step 4. Copy and move the Audible files to the SD card.

Step 5. Once synced, then unlink the SD card reader from your computer. Then get the SD card off the card reader.

Step 6. Plug the SD card into your Garmin Watch. Then you can enjoy Audible on Garmin Watch with ease.

Method 2. Put Audible Books on Garmin Watch by USB Cable

For Garmin Watch that has a built-in hard drive, you can get Audible on Garmin devices via the USB cable. Garmin Nuvi 350 GPS is one of them.

Step 1. Connect your Garmin GPS Watch to your computer.

Step 2. Double-hit 'My Computer' from the desktop. Then you can see the icon of Garmin GPS.

Step 3. Double-click the icon of the Garmin Watch. Then you will get a new window.

Step 4. Find and drag the local Audible books from your computer to the new window. Then all the files will be in Garmin Watch.

At last, you can get the Audible Garmin Watch to work anywhere and anytime offline.

Part 2. How to Play Audible Audiobooks on Garmin Watch with Audible Manager

We know that Audible audiobooks are under protection. As usual, users need to authorize their devices before playing Audible audiobooks. Users can install the Audible app to authorize the devices on Android, iOS and Windows 10 devices.

But it is a pity that there is no Audible app for Garmin Watch and Garmin GPS devices. It is lucky that there is still an Audible Manager Garmin tool to help you. With it, you can transfer Audible books to MP3 players and other devices that can't install the Audible app. In this case, you can listen to Audible on Garmin Watch/Garmin GPS.

Below is the detailed guide on how to put Audible audiobooks on Garmin Watch via Audible Manager.

Step 1. Purchase and download Audible audiobooks to your computer with the official Audible app.

Step 2. Download and install the Audible Manager for Windows program.

Step 3. Connect your Garmin GPS device to the computer via the USB cable.

Step 4. Open the Audible Manager. Click "Devices" > "Add New Device".

add garmin gps watch on audible manager

Step 5. Select "Garmin GPS" on the pop-up window and click "OK". It will start to install the component file to your device. This will take a few minutes. Please wait for it to complete and click "Activate".

activate garmin watch on audible manager

Step 6. Now, you should see your model of GPS show up on the Audible Manager. You can choose your audiobooks and click "Add to Devices" to copy Audible for Garmin GPS.

put books from audible on garmin gps via audible manager

Note: For Garmin Nuvi and Drive users, you can play Audible books on Garmin Watch you own. That is because they have a built-in MP3 player and audiobook player. You just need to choose the 'Travel Kit' on the main screen. Then select 'Audible Book Player' to play Audible audiobooks on Garmin Watch.

Part 3. How to Move Audible to Garmin Watch by Garmin Express App

Garmin Express is a program that can manage Garmin devices. With the Garmin Express app, you can move audiobooks to Garmin GPS devices.

Now, some online websites such as LibriVox offer copyright-free audiobooks. If you have such kinds of audiobooks, you can use Garmin Express to transfer them to your Garmin devices. Also, it works well on portable GPS, smartwatches and so on. Here we will take Garmin Forerunner NUVI/645/645 Music for example. And we will show you how to play Audible on Garmin Watch.

Note: This way only works for DRM-free Audible audiobooks.

audible on garmin watch and garmin gps with garmin express app

Step 1. Download and install Garmin Express to your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Connect your device to the computer by using a USB cable.

Step 3. Launch the Express application, it will detect your Garmin Smart Watch Forerunner.

Step 4. You can select "Music" on a Windows computer. Or choose "iTunes" on Mac. Then browse to find your local DRM-free Audible audiobook files in the format MP3 or AAC.

Step 5. Select the checked boxes in front of the audio files. Then click "Send to Device" to upload audiobooks from Audible to Garmin Forerunner.

Part 4. FAQs about Garmin Watch Audible

Q1: What Audio Formats Does Garmin Watch Support?

A: Garmin Watch has a built-in music player. And it supports some plain audio formats like MP3, WAV, AAC and more.

Q2: What Devices Can Work with Audible?

A: You can get the Audible app on Windows/Mac computers, Kindle Oasls 8th - 10th generation, Alexa, Sandisk Clip Jam and so on. Yet, Garmin Watch is not on the list.

Q3: Can I Put Audiobooks on Garmin Watch?

A: You can move songs, audiobooks, podcasts and other music content to your Garmin Watch from your computer via the Garmin Express app. Yet, you can't add protected audio files to the watch.

Q4: How Can I Listen to Audible on Garmin Watch?

A: As there is no Garmin Audible app, to play Audible on Garmin Watch, you need to use a third-party tool. Here you can use the DRmare Audible Converter to save Audible to common audio files. Then you can move Audible audiobooks to Garmin Watch for listening offline.

Part 5. The Verdict

In this post, you will find that the way in Part 1 is quite convenient. With DRmare Audiobook Converter, you can listen to Audible on Garmin Watch with ease. And you can convert Audible audiobooks to plain audio files for use anywhere and anytime. Also, you can use this tool to convert iTunes audiobooks, Apple Music and iTunes music for playing offline.

If you have common audiobooks, you can follow Part 3 to transfer audiobooks to your Garmin Watch via the Garmin Express tool. Now, try the ways above and start to enjoy the Audible audiobooks you like on your Garmin Watch.

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