How to Convert Audible AA/AAX Files to WAV? Fixed!

"I am a blind person. I listen to a lot of audiobooks on daily basis. The problem is that I found it hard to transfer the Audible audiobooks to my MP3 player everytime. Is there a way to convert the Audible AA/AAX to WAV lossless format? I am very sensative about the audio quality."

That is right. Audible audibooks are DRM protected. To transfer Audible files to MP3 player, you need to activate them through the official Audible Manager for Windows. The process is very complicated yet it doesn't work sometimes. It is a good idea to convert the audioboks to other formats to listen to freely.

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convert audible aa/aax to wav

Part 1. Why Choose WAV?

So what is the best format to choose? In general, there are two: lossy format and lossless format such as WAV and MP3. Here I will take WAV and MP3 to show you difference.

What Is WAV/MP3

WAV is a file extensioni for an audio file file format created by Microsoft. It is also known as PCM or waveform audio. Becuase of its lossless quality, it has become a standard PC audio format.

MP3 is the sound part of an MPEG file. It is compressed at a very small size but the audio quality is still very high. It is very easy to distribut across Internet for downloading and listening.

WAV vs MP3: Pros

WAV is the original sound wave files. You can easily edit WAV files on Windows/Mac/Linux without encoding and transcoding. MP3 is compressed to be only one tenth of the original file. The best part of MP3 is that you can distribut it anywhere.

WAV vs MP3: Cons

WAV files are uncompressed by default while MP3 are compressed. WAV has significantly larger size than MP3. It will take up you large space.

MP3 quality is reduced more or less during encoding. Usually you won't hear the difference, but if you are very sensative about the audio, you will definitely find out the difference.

Each format has its pros and cons. But if you want to have the lossless audiobooks, obviously WAV is the best chocice.

Part 2. Best Audible Audiobook Converter

When it comes to converting audiobooks, you can use a audiobook converting freeware or commercial software. But a free software won't help because the output quality is not satisfactory for most users. You can download some online to try them out. And you will see what I mean.

For your convenience, here I'd recommend one best Audible Audiobook Converter DRmare DRM Audio Converter for Mac/Windows. It offers two ways to convert Audible audiobooks. You can convert audible files from iTunes. Or you can drag and drop the AA/AAX files from your local computer to convert directly. The best way of it is that it doesn't require you to have the Audible account and password. No matter where you get the AA/AAX audiobooks, you can convert them without any problems.

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DRmare DRM AA/AAX to WAV Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Remove DRM protection from Audible audiobooks at up to 100X speed
  • Convert Audible AA/AAX formats to MP3, WAV, M4B, M4A, AAC, FLAC
  • Keep ID3 tags, metadata, chapter info, book cover according to your needs
  • Preview the audio files, making it eaiest ever to edit the audiobooks before converting

Part 3. Convert AAX to WAV with Ease

Now I will show you the easist way to convert Audible AA/AAX files without iTunes. It takes only 3 steps.

Step 1Import DRM Audible books
import aa/aax audiobooks

Although DRmare supports to convert files from iTunes, it is best to import the AA/AAX files directly to DRmare software by dragging & dropping. In this way, you are not required to input the authorize the AA/AAX files with the original account and password.

Note: If you haven't downloaded the AA/AAX files to your local folder, you just need to use the Audible Download Manager for Windows.

Step 2Choose WAV formats
set output format as wav
Just navigate to the bottom right, click the format option which is near the "Convert" button. You can find and select the WAV format. DRmare software will automatically set to keep the original codec, channel, sample rate, bit rate of your audiobook files. No quality is lost.
Step 3Convert DRM AA/AAX to WAV
remove drm from aax/aa audiobooks
If everything is set as you want, just click the "Convert" button. It won't take you long to convert all your Audible books to WAV. With the most advanced audio decryption technology, you will have the output audio files with best quality. Even if you are an audiophile who cares about the quality very much, you won't hear a little difference.

Part 4. How to Play WAV Audio Files

Now it is time to enjoy the converted audiobooks with WAV formats. As WAV is lossless, so you get best listening experience like CDs. WAV is supported by many differnet platforms and devices: Windows, Mac, Linux computers, mobile devices, MP3 players.

Take MP3 players for example, all the most popular devices Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune and SanDisk Sansa all supports WAV. Besudes Archos, Coby, Philips, Samsung, Sony, iRiver, Toshiba, PonoPlayer also have many models of MP3 players that cable of playing WAV.

If you have mobile devices or computer, you have more options. Just install the player such as Windows Media Player, VLC player, iTunes, QuickTime and so on.

Any other questions? Please do not hesitate to let's know on the comment section below.