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How to Convert Audible to Text [Easy Guide]

"How to see text in Audible while listening to the audiobooks?" Audible had ever developed and tried to launch its Audible Captions feature. With this feature, the audiobook you are listening will be captured and turned into text. Then it will show the text on the screen and highlight some target words. Yet, this feature didn't come out finally due to some reasons.

So, there are users who want to read Audible books while listening are finding a way to convert Audible to text. In today's post, we will introduce some tips for you on how to convert Audible book to text. Please follow us and learn how to do that in detail.

convert audible to text

Part 1. How to Convert Audible to Text

"How to make text Audible?" It is easy. In this part, we will show two tools to help you convert Audible book to Text. Now, let's check them out and how they work.

Convert Audible Clips to Text by Google Docs

Google Docs is a free cloud-based word processing software of Google. You can also use it to convert Audible book to text. You just need to play the audiobook loud from your device. Here we will show you how to use Google Docs to convert Audible to text step by step.

convert audible to text by google docs

Step 1. Go to the Google Docs homepage. Then go on to create new blank document.

Step 2. Head to the 'Tools' tab at the top menu bar of the page and click on it.

Step 3. Next, choose the 'Voice Typing' option from the list. And then a microphone icon will show on the left side of your screen.

Step 4. At the top of the microphone icon, you can see all the transcription languages. Just go on to choose the language for the audiobook you want to listen to and convert to text.

Step 5. Play the Audible book you want to convert into text. Then click on the microphone icon and it turn to red and begin to transcribing.

Note: Please do not leave away from the Google Doc page while transcribing. If so, the process will stop.

Convert Audible to Text via Microsoft Word

Microsoft also offers an audio transcription feature. Yet, to convert audio to text, you need to become a Microsoft 365 premium subscriber. Now, let's see how to use it to convert Audible clips to text.

convert audible book to text by microsoft word

Step 1. Log in to your Microsoft 365 and open Word'

Step 2. On the 'Home' section, click on the arrow next to the 'Dictate'. Then choose the 'Transcribe' option.

Step 3. Touch the 'Upload audio' button at the new pop-up window. It allows to upload the audio file in WAV, MP3, M4A and MP4 format.

Step 4. Go on to find the Audible books you want to add to convert to text. Then hit on the 'Open' button. Please note that you need to download the Audible books to your computer first.

Step 5. Once added the Audible audio files, Microsoft will start to transcribe and convert Audible book to text.

Step 6. When finished, you will see text in the pane. You add edit the text as you want.

Step 7. At last, hit on the 'Add all to document' button to keep the Audible to text to the Word document.

Part 2. How to Convert Audible Audiobooks for Use Anywhere

Above we had learned how to convert Audible to text for use. Now, in this part, we will guide you on how to convert Audible audiobooks for use anytime and anywhere. Besides, those converted Audible books can be converted to text for use via some third-party tools like Microsoft Word and so on.

To do that, you will need to use the DRmare Audible Converter. It is a powerful audio converting program to help convert audiobooks from Audible to plain audio files. We know that the Audible books you downloaded are in special AA/AAX formats, which are not playable and used by most media players and devices. So, you need to change the audio format of the Audible books you bought and downloaded in advance and then use them anywhere.

With the DRmare Audible Converter, you can convert the Audible AAX books to plain MP3, FLAC, WAV and more as you want. And it can preserve the original quality of the Audible audio books after the converting. Besides, you can edit the sample rate, volume, pitch, bit rate and so on for Audible files before transcoding. After the converting process, you will get the common Audible books and then you can use them anywhere and anytime even without an Audible subscription.

audible converter

DRmare Audible Converter

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  • Support importing audio formats like AA, AAX, M4A, M4B, M4P and so on
  • Run at a super-fast conversion speed for the audio files
  • Original output audio quality, retain all the ID3 tags, and more
  • Support converting Audible books in batch and splitting audio files by chapters

How to Convert Audible Books to Local Audio Files

Here you will learn how to convert Audible audiobooks to common files via DRmare Audible Converter. To begin, you need to download, install and launch the DRmare Audible Converter. Also, you need to download some Audible books you want to convert in advance. Once finished, then let's move on the detailed process.

Step 1Load downloaded Audible audiobooks to DRmare
batch add audible audiobooks to drmare
When opened the DRmare Audible Converter, you will see its main screen. It is clean and just with several buttons. To add the downloaded Audible audiobooks to DRmare for converting, please hi ton the 'add files' button located at the top left at DRmare. And then you can head to choose and add the Audible files to DRmare.
Step 2Alter audio format for Audible books
reset audio format for audible audiobooks
In DRmare, there are many output audio formats that you can choose. You can select one from them for your Audible books. For example, you can convert Audible to MP3, WAV, and more as you want. Moreover, you can reset the codec and other audio parameters for the Audible files you want. In addition, you can click on the 'edit' icon next to the title of the Audible book. Then you can go on to adjust the volume, pitch and more for your Audible books. Once reset, click on the 'OK' button.
Step 3Convert Audible audiobooks
convert audible books for converting to text
At the final step, click on the 'convert' button. DRmare program will then start to convert Audible to the target format you set. When the procedure is done, you can head to the 'converted' icon to find the local Audible books on the history window on DRmare. And then you can hit on the 'open' icon to locate the files on your computer's folder.
With the plain Audible audiobooks, you can move them to any device and platform for use without any limit. Also, you can put them on other tools to convert Audible to text for reading while listening. Or you can use the tools shown at Part 1 to do that. Then you can listen to Audible books with text with ease.

Part 3. Final Words

In this post, you get the ways to convert Audible book to text by the Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Besides, you get the tool DRmare Audible Converter to help convert Audible audiobooks to plain audio files for use anywhere. Also, this tool can save the Audible books to original quality and with full ID3 tags after converting. After then, you can get the local Audible books and then you can use other third-party tools to convert Audible clips to text for use.

Besides, the DRmare Audible Converter also supports to convert iTunes songs, Apple Music and other common audio files. Just try it out and enjoy your audio files anywhere and anytime.

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