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Audible Not Working on iPhone/Android/Windows 10? Fixed!

Audible is an online podcast platform that lets users make the most out of stream audiobooks and numerous other spoken-word content. Yet, many people complained about the problems with Audible app like Audible stopped working sometimes. So, how to resolve this issue?

In this post, you will know why is Audible not working. Also, we collect some possible solutions to help fix Audible app not working Android/iPhone/Windows 10 issue. Keep reading and find out the ways we have for you in detail.

audible not working

Part 1. Why Is Audible Not Working?

There are different reasons behind the Audible is not working issue. One of the most important ones is that the application's server is down or maybe there is some technical or maintenance issue.

Yet, there are some other factors that may cause the Audible not working problem. You can check them below.

  • The internet connection you use is poor and not stable.
  • The Audible app is outdated.
  • Maybe you use a VPN.
  • There are some caches on your app.

Whatsoever the reasons are, we need to resolve them. But how? No worries, have a look at the below solutions and try out to fix Audible app not working Windows 10 or other devices.

Part 2. Fix Audible Not Working Issue - Top Solutions

Following are some of the top fixes that you can execute to solve Audible is not working error. Just check and follow the guide below.

Fix 1. Force to Close the Audible App

Step 1. At the start, press the Home screen button twice on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Swipe up from the bottom to the top of the screen.

Step 3. Search for the Audible application and swipe it up to force to stop the application. From here, you can also close all the applications.

force to close audible to fix audible not working issue

Fix 2. Delete and Reinstall the Audible App

Another solution to Audible app not working Android/iPhone is to delete the Audible application because it might be corrupted. It will probably fix this issue as after you delete it. After removing, you can go to your App Store or Play Store to download Audible again and sign in.

Fix 3. Delete Audiobooks and Re-download

Step 1. Go to 'My Library' and choose the option of the 'Delete' section.

Step 2. Then press the button marked in the picture to remove and delete audiobooks. You can download Audible audiobooks again if you want.

Step 3. Now try to play the audiobooks to see if the Audible not playing error is still there or resolved.

delete audiobooks and download them again

Fix 4. Reset the Audible App on Windows

Step 1. Launch 'Settings' under the Start menu and go to the option of 'Applications'.

open windows settings

Step 2. Then tap on 'Apps & features'.

apps and features in windows settings

Step 3. Now press on the Audible application and click on the option that says Advanced before you are about to 'Reset'.

reset audible app when audible not working on windows

Step 4. In the end, restart your Windows PC and try re-running the Audible application.

Fix 5. Update Audible App on iPhone and Android Phone

Through the below suggestions, you can resolve the Audible not working on iPhone/Android. So just check them out.

On iPhone:

Check if your Audible application updates to the latest version before you open the App Store. Please click the 'profile' icon that you will find at the top of the screen, and scroll to find the pending updates and release notes. Then press ' UPDATE' next to the Audible application to update that application.

update audible app to solve audible not working on iphone

On Android:

Step 1. Go to the Google Play Store app on your device.

Step 2. Search for the Audible app.

Step 3. See if there is an 'Update' option,. If yes, then click on it to update the Audible app.

update audible on android to fix audible not working android

Fix 6. Use Other Devices that Support Audible

If Audible is not working on your device, there might be some system error that is causing this issue. Here you can try to use it on some other devices that allow you to play the audiobook without any problem.

Fix 7. Check the Internet Connection

At times Audible not working error pops up when you don't have a stable internet connection. Then you can try to reconnect the device and restart your internet connection to fix this error.

Fix 8. Try to Use a VPN

You can also use a VPN to make the Audible service available for you. There is this possibility that it is not working only in your region. By gaining access to a VPN, you can fix the Audible app not working issue.

Fix 9. Clear Cookies of Your Browser

To fix Audible not working on Windows, you can try to clear the cookies of your browser.

Step 1. Tap the option of History at the top of Safari, and then go to 'Clear History'.

Step 2. Here in the box that comes up, select all history from the drop-down menu and tap the option of Clear History.

Step 3. In the end, go back to the website of Audible, and try to play your audiobook again by pressing the option of Play.

clear cookies for audible

Fix 10. Close the Antivirus Programs

Make sure that no antivirus programs are running on your PC. At times, these are why you have to face an Audible PC app not working errors. If there is one, you need to disable them to fix the Audible not working error.

Step 1. Hit on the 'Start' menu on your Windows computer. Then find the 'Windows Securiry' option.

open windows security on windows

Step 2. Touch 'Windows Security' and head to 'Virus & threat protection'.

Step 3. Tap 'Manage settings' under te 'Virus & threat protection settings' section.

manage virus and threat protection

Step 4. Now, toggle off the 'Real-time protection' switch.

turn off real time protection to solve audible app not working on windows 10

Fix 11. Clear Audible App Cache on Android

clear audible app cache on android

Step 1. Open the 'Settings' app on your Android devices.

Step 2. Choose 'App Manager' and click 'Other Apps'.

Step 3. Locate the Audible app and choose it. Then hit on 'Force Stop'.

Step 4. Choose the 'Storage' option.

Step 5. Click on 'Clear Data' to clear the Audible cache on Android to fix the Audible not working Android problem.

Fix 12. Update Your Device's OS

If your device's OS is outdated, then you may meet the problems with Audible app. So, check the steps below to update your device and fix the issue.

On Android:

Step 1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.

Step 2. Scroll down to find and click on the 'Software Update' option.

update android os

Step 3. Touch 'Check for Updates'.

Step 4. Then tap 'Download and install' and follow the steps on the screen.

On iOS:

Step 1. Start the Settings app on your iOS device.

launch settings app on iphone

Step 2. Click on the 'General' option and choose 'Software Update'.

update iphone os

Step 3. Your device will start to check for any updates and install the latest version.

Other Fixes

For Audible App Not Working on iPhone

Click on Settings, go down and press on Audible. Here go for the option that says "Media & Apple Music", and toggle it off. Then go back to the Home screen and open the app.

For Audible Not Working on Android

To resolve Audible not loading on Android, go for the below steps to find out how it works.

Step 1. Just launch the Audible application.

Step 2. Now from the My Library screen, click on the left navigation menu and press on the option that says "Help & Support".

Step 3. Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner and click "Reset Application".

Step 4. In the end, you can press "OK".

fix audible app not working android by resetting audible app

Hopefully, this tip will help you in resolving the Audible app not working iPhone.

Extra Tips: How to Convert and Play Audible Audiobooks Offline Anywhere

Above we learned the tips on how to fix Audible not working on iPhone/Android/Windows 10. Here to help you use Audible audiobooks anywhere without any issue, we'd like to introduce a tool for you. It is the DRmare Audible Converter.

This tool is one of the top audio converters in the market. You can convert the downloaded Audible audiobooks, Apple Music, and iTunes music into different formats. And it can save the original sound quality of the audio tracks after converting. Users can download and save their favorite songs for use on their chosen devices. By the way, the whole process doesn't take much time to process.

DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter

drmare audiobook converter
  • Convert Audible audiobooks to common audio formats
  • Download Audible audiobooks files with lossless quality
  • Customize the parameter of Audible and work at 30X speed
  • Save and play audiobooks offline when Audible not working

How to Download from Audible to PC via DRmare Audible Audiobooks Converter

Step 1. At the start, download audiobooks from Audible on your preferred device and verify your Audible account in iTunes.

Step 2. Then install and launch the DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter. And then open the program. Now, click on the 'add files' button to import the downloaded Audible files from your PC to DRmare software.

add audible audiobooks to drmare

Step 3. Press the option of 'audio' on DRmare. Then you can start the setting window. Next, you can select the output format for Audible to MP3. Also, you can reset the codec, sample rate and more for Audible audiobooks.

set parameters for audible audiobooks

Step 4. In the end, tap the option of 'Convert' to start the process of conversion. After that, the converted Audible audiobooks can be found via the 'converted' icon on the DRmare program. And then you can locate the Audible files on your computer. At last, you can move Audible books to any device you want to play and enjoy offline.

download audible audiobooks on computer

In Conclusion

In this post, we showed you the ways how to fix Audible not working Android and other devices for you in detail. You can follow the tutorials above and start to fix the issue you met. Besides, to help you enjoy Audible audiobooks offline anywhere, we also introduce the DRmare Audiobook Converter to you. By using this program, you can get Audible audiobooks as local files and use them anywhere and anytime offline. Also, you can use this tool to convert Apple Music, and other audio files from your local device.

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