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Solved: How to Play iTunes Audiobooks on Amazon Echo

When we are talking about playing audiobooks on Echo, the first audiboook service popping up to our minds could be Amazon Audible. We can play Audible audio books through Amazon Echo and control audiobooks using personal voice directly, which is as easy as logging in the Echo device with Audible-linked Amazon account. However, if you have tons of audiobooks in iTunes library, how about listening to audiobooks from iTunes on Echo?

As a wonderful sound speaker, Echo can work well with Amazon’s own audiobooks and music files. When it comes to getting iTunes audiobooks on Amazon Echo, it seems a little different from playing Audible files on Amazon Echo, since there is no iTunes app on the Echo speaker. You can use Bluetooth pairing to play iTunes audio files from your phone to Echo or sync iTunes audiobooks into Amazon music library so Echo can play them. Now, here is how.

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play itunes audio books on echo

Part 1. Connect Your Phone to Amazon Echo Through Bluetooth

In order to make Echo more enjoyable, Amazon contributes to adding more powerful features to meet Echo users’ needs. So voice control support for iTunes is coming, which also works on two other popular streaming music services, Spotify and Pandora. Now, saying “Alexa, pair my device” to start to connect Amazon Echo to your phone or tablet stored iTunes audio book. Once paired successfully, you can say the wake words, like play, pause, stop, next, or previous to easily control this intelligent talking speaker while playing iTunes audiobooks.

pair a phone with bluetooth device

Step 1. Make Echo in Bluetooth mode. The direct way to turn on Echo is saying 'Alexa, pair' and Echo will get into Bluetooth mode. If there is the device paired with Echo, you can say 'Alexa, cancel' to disconnect it.

Step 2. Turn on Bluetooth on your device. Taken iPhone as example, you can enter to the 'Settings' app to touch the 'Bluetooth' menu near the top of the list. Please click the toggle button on the next screen, Bluetooth feature will be launched automatically.

Step 3. Pair Echo with the device via Bluetooth. There is a list of available devices on the device and you can find Echo and simply tap it to connect. Or you can directly say, 'Alexa, connected to Bluetooth'.

Step 4. Play iTunes audiobooks from your device to Echo. You just need to discover favorite iTunes audio books and start to play them, audiobooks playing on your device will automatically stream to the Echo.

Part 2. How to Sync iTunes Audiobooks to Amazon Library for Playing on Echo

Can We Transfer Audiobooks from iTunes to Echo Directly?

With the purpose to avoid unauthorized sharing, Apple encoded audiobooks in M4B audio format with built-in FairPlay DRM technology. Under the restriction of DRM protection, iTunes users are limited to enjoy audiobooks on selected devices and media players. That’s to say, you are not able to sync iTunes audiobooks to Amazon music library for playback them on Echo directly. However, you are able to retort to the third-party iTunes DRM removal tool, which is capable of breaking DRM lock of iTunes audiobooks.

Best iTunes to Echo Converter to Remove DRM from M4B Audiobooks

Here, we can meet DRmare Audible Converter, a one-stop iTunes audio DRM removal solution. By adopting innovative DRM decryption technology, this professional software can not only bypass DRM restriction from iTunes audiobooks, but also convert iTunes DRM M4B to MP3, WAV, FLAC, M4A, AAC, etc. Thanks to its unique splitting function and ID3 tag editor, you are allowed to customize out audio files by changing the bit rate, frame rate, codec, channels and splitting audibooks by chapter or time.

audio converter

DRmare iTunes Audiobook to Echo Converter

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  • Easy to use, convert audio files to new formats of audio within 1 click
  • Disable DRM copy protection from iTunes M4b audios quickly
  • Batch audio processing technology, convert audio with up to 30X faster speed
  • DRmare keep optimizing the software and provide lifetime free update

To get iTunes audiobooks playable on Echo quickly, there is a detailed tutorial to help you upload iTunes M4B audio files to Amazon music cloud. Please make sure iTunes audiobooks are downloaded on your computer completely already.

Step 1Add the iTunes DRM M4B audiobooks
add itunes audiobook m4b
If you have a few DRM M4B audiobooks to convert, the better way is to drag and drop these DRM audiobooks from iTunes to DRmare conversion window directly. If not, you can click the first "Add Files" button to import them, since iTunes library will show up automatically.
Step 2Set output format for the Echo
set output format as mp3
There are a lot of supported output formats for your choices like MP3, FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc. You can pick out the most suitable one as the output format for the Echo. Also, you are able to customize other output settings and parameters in this step.
Step 3Convert iTunes audiobooks for Echo device
convert itunes audiobooks and remove drm
Click the "Convert" button to start to launch the converting process. DRmare Audio Converter can work at 30X faster speed. Once the conversion process finishes, you can locate iTunes unprotected audiobooks on the destination folder.
Step 4Upload iTunes audiobooks to Amazon Music Cloud
upload itunes audiobooks to amazon cloud
Please make sure Amazon Music for PC or Mac has been downloaded on your computer and please double clicks to open this software. Now you can choose one of the following two methods to sync iTunes audiobooks to Amazon Music app.
Method 1. You can directly drag and drop iTunes DRM-free audiobook files to the Upload selection Under Actions in the right sidebar.
Method 2. Select the Upload icon in the right sidebar under Actions, and choose iTunes audiobook files or folders to upload.

Part 3. Summary and Suggestion

As for which solution to choose for playing audiobooks on Echo, it depends on your different situation. If you don't want to download extra tool on your computer, you can pair your device with Echo through Bluetooth. But, if you are looking for the better way to enjoy your audio entertainment, DRmare DRM Audio Converter is a smart choice. It has the ability of removing DRM from both iTunes audiobooks and Apple Music meaning that you can play Apple Music on Amazon Echo and keep these DRM music files forever even you have canceled the subscription.

From two ways mentioned above, no matter which one you choose to play iTunes audiobooks on Echo via Bluetooth pairing or getting audiobooks to Amazon cloud service, you can have a great experience of enjoying audiobooks on Echo.

Do you have other great ways to listen to iTunes audiobooks on Echo? If yes, write them on the comment section to share them with us.

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