How to Play iTunes Movies, TV Shows on Sony Smart TV Freely

Bravia TV is the new generation Sony Smart TV. With the meaning of 'Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture', Bravia TV is well known for its high picture quality and good handling of motion especially the X series 4K smart TVs like X930C.

Compared to the similar TVs using the IPS panel hardware from other competitors, the Bravia TV is brighter and richer for its advanced display technology. Besides, it has lots of built-in video apps such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Netflix, HuluPlus, VUDU, YouTube, HBO Go, and Plex. Bravia TV are great and they are suitable for most people.

But same to other brands of Smart TVs, there is still not an related app for the playback of iTunes video which are DRM protected, so you can't play iTunes videos on Bravia TV directly.

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Part 1. Fantastic Way to Play iTunes Movies on Sony Bravia TV

The reason why there is not such a video app from Apple and why they add the FairPlay DRM protection is because Apple want to keep the media files on their own environment and prevent any piracy. In this way, they are not accessible except on Apple devices. Currently the methods to enjoy iTunes videos on Bravia TV are to cast the iTunes videos from your computer with iTunes or stream iTunes videos via an Apple TV. You just need to connect your computer or Apple TV to the Bravia TV by using HDMI Cables.

But the fact is that not everyone have the Apple TV. Besides, this method is limited to play on one TV only. So quite often, this is not a best solution. If you have more than one Bravia TV or you just want to play on other devices, you will be out of luck. Since the Bravia TV has the built in USB interface, we'd recommend you to remove DRM limitation from your iTunes purchased or rental videos and convert to the Bravia TV compatible format like MP4. Then you can copy the converted video files to the Bravia TV to play via USB freely without any restrictions. It is awesome yet simple. What you will need is an iTunes DRM removal DRmare iTunes to Sony Bravia Converter.

DRmare iTunes to Sony Bravia TV Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Eliminate DRM from iTunes M4V purchased and rental movies and TV shows
  • Support multiple output formats and device profiles including Sony TV
  • User friendly interface, convert all iTunes videos efficiently with good quality
  • Lifetime free software updating and 24/7 fast technical support

Part 2. Easy Instruction on How to Remove DRM from iTunes M4V Videos

The process to remove DRM is fairly intuitive. Let's put it simply, you just need 3 steps to accomplish the goal.

Step 1Load iTunes movie purchases or rentals
load itunes movies tv shows
Firstly, you can download and authorize the iTunes purchased and rental videos on your computer first, then you can click 'Add Files' to load them to the software.
Step 2Set the output format for Bravia TV
set output format as sony tv
Sony Bravia supports multiple formats MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV, AST, DIVX and so on. I'd suggest you select MP4 for its widest compatibility or you can the preset profile as 'Sony TV'. Besides the format settings, you can customize your subtitles and audio tracks too to optimize them for your Bravia TV.
Step 3Convert iTunes videos for Sony Bravia TV
convert m4v to sony bravia tv
Then you can navigate to the bottom-right side of the software screen and click the conversion button to start to apply the settings and convert your videos. The DRM will be took away automatically when the conversion is done.

Part 3. How to Watch DRM-Free iTunes Movies on Sony Bravia TV

That is it. You have already removed DRM from your iTunes videos successfully and they will be accessible by any devices now. Here is the instruction on how to play them via USB.

1. Copy the converted iTunes videos on an USB flash drive or an USB external hard drive. It is suggested to use an hard drive if you have lots of movies.

2. Plug in the USB drive to the Bravia TV. You should locate the USB interface from the back of the TV in general.

3. Start to play videos on Bravia TV. Usually there is an option for you to choose videos from local devices. The menu may vary on different model of Sony Bravia TVs, please just take a look at it on the home page of your Sony smart TV.

Finally, you can start to enjoy the videos and you will find that the videos will show definitely clear specially on the 4K Bravia TV which can upscale the picture quality.

Apart from playing the video files from USB, you can stream them via DLAN server or Plex media server after removing DRM. It takes some time to set up them to work. But once it is up and running, it is awesome. Take the Plex media server for instance, if you are interested in it, you can visit: How to Stream iTunes Videos via Plex Media Server.

Howto Video: Stream iTunes DRM M4V Movies to Sony Bravia TV

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