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Top 10 Best True Crime Podcasts on Spotify 2024

The interest in true crime podcasts is evolving among individuals with time. Particularly, these latest years offer a wide range of real-life mysteries and criminal investigations that captivate the audience. Meanwhile, Spotify remains a go-to platform for those looking for true crime stories.

This platform is famous for its captivating seasons and episodes of crime stories. Keeping this interest in mind, we have outlined the ten best true crime podcasts on Spotify in this guide. These include mysteries or courtroom dramas that will present the darker aspects of human behavior.

best true crime podcasts on spotify

Part 1. Top 10 Best True Crime Podcasts on Spotify

Searching for what is the best true crime podcast on Spotify? There are many crime podcasts available on Spotify, but this section has discussed the best among them.

1. My Favorite Murder

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark unveiled an extraordinary mix of comedy and true crime with their podcast My Favorite Murder during the early days of January 2016. Within each episode, absorbing true crime stories unfold, linked with renowned cases and hometown narratives from friends and listeners. The distinctiveness of "My Favorite Murder" lies in its unparalleled fusion of true crime and comedy, crafting an exceptionally captivating exploration of the shadowed realms of human experience.

Rating 4.7/5
Episodes 813
Host Karen Kilgariff, Georgia Hardstark
Channel Exactly Right
Created 2016

2. Casefile True Crime

Casefile, the best Spotify true crime podcast, delivers weekly episodes globally covering solved and unsolved cases. Beginning as a solo venture in 2016, it has expanded into a dedicated team of researchers. Known for its thorough research, the podcast offers an in-depth look into each case, maintaining a straightforward approach.

Rating 4.7/5
Episodes 364
Host Anonymous
Channel Casefile Presents
Created 2016

3. The Dating Game Killer

One of the most exciting and popular crime podcasts on Spotify is The Dating Game Killer, which captures attention for various reasons. It binds together elements of romance and murder, which creates curiosity about the darker aspects of relationships. This podcast explains the chilling true account of a man who committed multiple murders in different states by evading capture skilfully. What's particularly amazing is his ability to escape detection nationwide for years.

Rating 4.1/5
Episodes 10
Anonymous Tracy Pattin, Stephen Lang
Channel Wondery
Created 2020

4. The Retrievals

The Retrievals is a compelling true crime podcast that shows a troubled story of patients undergoing I.V.F. cycles, only to face excruciating pain during the egg retrieval procedure. Little do the staff members know that a nurse is stealing fentanyl and replacing it with saline, which causes the suffering. The Retrievals is a five-part series produced by Serial Productions and The New York Times and led by Susan Burton, known for her work on "This American Life" and the author of "Empty."

Rating 4.6/5
Episodes 8
Host Susan Burton
Channel Serial Productions
Created 2023

5. Serial

Serial presents a true story filled with twists and turns and the introduction of new characters. The first season kicks off with the murder of Hae Min Lee. It prompts Koenig to question the conviction of another character, Adnan Syed. Sarah Koenig uncovered flaws in the case, and the revelations were shared with the audience when the show debuted. Serial achieved remarkable success, setting records and remaining one of the top crime podcasts today.

Rating 4.5/5
Episodes 87
Host Sarah Koenig
Channel Serial Productions
Created 2014

6. Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories

Debuted in 2016 and created by Parcast Studios, Unsolved Murders stands out among the best and most everlasting Spotify true crime podcasts. Every episode explores a distinct unsolved murder, which navigates through various locations, exploring a wide spectrum of mysterious killings. What sets this podcast apart is its use of actors to reproduce important scenes instead of relying on witnesses, which brings a dramatic and distinctive element not commonly found in other podcasts.

Rating 4.4/5
Episodes 389
Host Carter Roy, Wenndy Mackenzie
Channel Parcast Studios
Created 2016

7. Atlanta Monster

The premier crime podcast on Spotify, "Atlanta Monster," emerges from the creators of Up and Vanished. Delving into the harrowing Atlanta child murders from 1979 to 1981, this distinctive show, led by documentary filmmaker Payne Lindsey, distinguishes itself through its meticulous examination of the case, incorporating insights from experts and local residents. Lindsey maintains an unbiased perspective by skillfully reconstructing the late '70s and early '80s with the aid of music from that era.

Rating 4.2/5
Episodes 28
Host Payne Lindsey
Channel Tenderfoot TV and iHeart Media
Created 2018

8. Someone Knows Something

The show, hosted by CBC's David Ridgen and investigator Amanda Robb, explores the mysterious 1998 murder of Amanda's uncle, a New York doctor targeted for his involvement in performing abortions. This revelation unveils numerous abortion-related controversies. Across its six seasons, the series offers compelling narratives, each focusing on a different case. Moreover, the podcast's storytelling style captivates listeners and maintains their interest in the unfolding mysteries.

Rating 4.7/5
Episodes 94
Host David Ridgen
Channel CBC Podcasts
Created 2016

9. Dirty John

Embarking on a captivating journey, Dirty John welcomes listeners to uncover the complex layers of human behavior. This podcast effortlessly provokes curiosity by illuminating the manipulative side and showcasing how vulnerabilities can lead to risky situations. As the narrative unfolds, it smoothly captures the audience's interest, sparking a natural desire to comprehend the motives behind such actions. Furthermore, with its skillful storytelling, Dirty John effortlessly draws listeners into intense drama, evoking emotions like empathy, fear, and excitement.

Rating 4.6/5
Episodes 14
Host Christopher Goffard
Channel Los Angeles Times, Wondery
Created 2017

10. Suspect

One of the good true crime podcasts on Spotify, Suspect, focuses on the psychological aspects of suspects and their situations, which offers a unique perspective compared to average crime stories. The podcast's engaging storytelling presents both sides of the story and makes us empathize with the police and suspects. It goes beyond just detailing cases by providing insights into the complexities of the legal system.

Rating 4.2/5
Episodes 31
Host Matthew Shaer
Channel Wondery
Created 2021

Part 2. How to Download Best Crime Podcasts on Spotify for Free

Now, let’s move toward downloading the best Spotify true crime podcasts for your offline listening. Whether you have a Premium subscription or not, downloading any podcast episode on Spotify is simple. This section will elaborate on this task in a step-wise fashion that you can follow to download your favorite podcasts for free.

Download Best Murder Podcast on Spotify on Computer

Step 1. Start the process by opening the "Spotify" desktop app on your Windows or Mac computer and logging in to your account. Next, head to the "Search" bar to include podcast episodes in your library. Look for the required podcast using the search bar and hit the "+" sign to add them to your library.

find best murder podcasts on spotify

Step 2. Once the podcast album appears in the left-side panel, access them. Moreover, you can also use the "Podcasts & Shows" filter to reach out to all the podcasts saved in your library. Now, on the right side, scroll to the episode you intend to download for the required podcast.

access best crime podcasts on spotify

Step 3. Subsequently, select the episode you need and click the "Downward Arrow" icon to download it. The podcast episode will now be downloaded to your library, and you can listen to it when offline.

download best true crime spotify podcast to computer

Download Good True Crime Podcasts on Spotify on Mobile Devices

The instruction on mobile devices is similar to the desktop. If you are using an iPhone, Android phone, or tablet, please try the steps below.

Step 1. Similarly, initiate the "Spotify" mobile app on your iOS or Android device, signing in with the required account. Use the "Search" feature to input the desired episode's name and proceed with the search.

Step 2. You now have two choices to integrate the podcast into your library. Either follow the entire podcast by selecting the "Follow" button or opt for specific episodes by clicking the "Add" button.

Step 3. Within Spotify, access the "Your Library" tab from the bottom right side and choose the "Podcasts & Shows" filter to display all the podcasts. Likewise, access the podcast you are looking for, head to the episode, and tap the "Download" icon to get the episode for offline listening.

download best spotify true crime podcasts mobile

Part 3. How to Download Spotify True Crime Podcasts to MP3

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a comprehensive music converter designed for Windows and Mac users. It supports converting Spotify Ogg files to various formats, including MP3, FLAC, AAC, and M4A. This professional converter ensures high-quality format conversion whether you want to convert audiobooks, podcasts, or albums.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter enables users to enjoy their Spotify content on a wide range of players and devices. For users with a free Spotify account, limited to online music streaming featuring ads, this software offers a smooth solution for hassle-free downloads of Spotify podcasts, playlists, and audiobooks with a simple click.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

drmare spotify converter
  • Convert your Spotify podcast into your desired format without losing quality.
  • Retain all ID3 tags and other metadata information in the downloaded Spotify tracks.
  • Set the bitrate of Spotify files from 128kbps to 320kbps.

Steps Involved to Download Popular Crime Podcasts on Spotify to MP3

The easy guide to utilizing the DRmare Spotify Music Converter tool to convert and download the best crime podcast episodes on Spotify is stated below:

Step 1Access the DRmare tool and Add the Podcast You want to Convert
load spotify true crime podcasts to drmare
Begin by launching the DRmare Spotify Music Converter to access its main screen. However, Spotify will also open as you launch this tool. Then, you must add your desired Spotify podcast to the converter by dragging and dropping them onto the interface. Also, you can copy-paste the link to a specific podcast, as DRmare Spotify Music Converter is also a Spotify link downloader.
Step 2Set the Spotify Output Format Preferences According to Your Needs
set audio format for spotify crime podcasts
Afterward, you have to customize the output audio format for your Spotify content by clicking the "Preferences" icon in the menu bar. Then, access the "Convert" tab to set the "Output Format" and "Conversion Speed," and make any other adjustments.
Step 3Convert Top Crime Podcasts on Spotify to Listen Anytime
download top crime podcasts on spotify to mp3
Subsequently, begin downloading and converting your Spotify podcast to MP3 by clicking the "Convert" button. Then, you can locate these downloaded podcasts in the destination folder and move them anywhere on your PC.

Part 4. In Conclusion

Here are the top 10 best true crime podcasts on Spotify. But all things considered, the best crime podcast on Spotify can vary depending upon the viewer's choice. Despite this, DRmare Spotify Music Converter has streamlined the listening journey for its users by enabling the conversion and download of their chosen podcast episodes into various formats. Furthermore, it grants the freedom to enjoy offline listening without disruptions such as advertisements or other constraints.

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