Download Spotify Album to MP3 on Desktop and Mobile

Spotify had refreshed its new desktop app in early April, 2021. This new update allows premium users to download Spotify album on desktop directly. Before this, users can only download album from Spotify on mobile devices.

Now, Spotify premium users can get Spotify album download on both PC and mobile at ease. You can see how to download albums on Spotify on desktop and mobile devices as below.

But, due to the DRM protection, Spotify doesn't allow users to keep Spotify tracks as local files. Please don't worry. We will also show you how to download Spotify album to MP3 for offline listening at free.

download spotify album

Part 1. How to Download Spotify Album on Desktop with Premium

With the new Spotify desktop app and Spotify premium, then the Spotify download album you can get. Once done, you can enjoy Spotify album in the offline mode later.

Here we will show you how to download an album on Spotify on desktop. Below are the detailed tutorials.

Step 1. Launch Spotify app on your Windows or Mac computer. Note: Please make sure that you had updated your Spotify desktop app.

Step 2. Find and locate the Spotify album you want to download.

Step 3. At the album page, please hit on the 'Download' switch to turn it green.

download spotify album desktop

Now, Spotify album downloads are on your computer for offline listening.

Note: The album songs can be listened offline for 30 days before you need to reconnect to the internet again.

Limitations of Downloading Spotify Albums on Desktop:

1. Only Spotify premium users can download album from Spotify on desktop.

2. Only up to 10,000 songs on up to 5 devices.

3. Need to go online every 30 days to keep your downloads.

4. May lose your downloads if you reinstall Spotify or download at more than 5 devices.

5. Need to keep the Spotify app updated.

Part 2. Download Spotify Album on Mobile with Premium

In this part, let's go ahead and see how to download album on Spotify on mobile devices. The steps are quite the same as the desktop app.

Step 1. Open the Spotify app on your Android or iPhone device.

Step 2. Find the album you want to download. You can search for it or open it from the 'Your Library' tab.

Step 3. Touch on the 'Download' switch till it turns green. Then your Spotify album will be downloaded onto your mobile device.

download albums on spotify mobile

Spotify premium users can download album from Spotify on computer and mobile devices. But the downloaded albums can't be moved to other devices for offline listening.

Thus, is there any better workaround to break this limitation? Sure. In the following part, we are going to introduce a powerful tool to you. Let's move on and have a look at it.

Part 3. Download Spotify Album to MP3 on PC at Free

In this part, let's meet the powerful tool to download album Spotify free. This tool is DRmare Spotify Album Downloader. It allows both free and premium Spotify users to download album from Spotify.

With it, you can easily download Spotify album to MP3 and other plain audio formats. And it can keep original audio quality and full ID3 tags while running at a faster speed. Besides, you are able to reset the bit rate, channel, etc. of Spotify album as you like.

After then, you can download an album on Spotify via DRmare Spotify Music Converter. After that, you can enjoy Spotify albums offline anywhere and anytime.

DRmare Spotify Album Downloader

drmare spotify album downloader
  • Download Spotify album without premium
  • Batch convert Spotify album at a 5X faster speed
  • Convert and download Spotify album to MP3, etc.
  • Play Spotify album on all devices directly and freely

How to Download Album from Spotify to MP3 by DRmare Spotify Album Downloader

DRmare Spotify Album Converter is easy to use. You can directly download and install it on your Windows or Mac computer. After then, you can refer to the steps below to download Spotify album to MP3 for playing.

Step 1Import Spotify album to DRmare
add spotify album to drmare software
Please launch DRmare Spotify Album Downloader. Then you will notice that the Spotify app is also opened. Then find the Spotify album you'd like to download. Next, copy & paste the URL of the album to the search bar on DRmare program. Then hit on '+' button. Alternatively, you can drag & drop the album to DRmare main interface.
Step 2Reset Spotify album output format as MP3
set spotify album as mp3
To launch the setting mode, the step is quite different according to different OS. For Mac, please touch on the 'DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Mac' from the top-left corner. Then choose 'Preferences' > 'Convert' button. For Windows, please hit on the top-right menu to select 'Preferences' > 'Convert' tab. After then, you can set the audio format as MP3 for Spotify download album. And you can customize other audio parameters, like sample rate, bit rate, etc.
Step 3Download Spotify album to MP3
download spotify album to mp3
To start the converting process, please press on the 'Convert' button at the main screen. The real-time converting progress will show on the cover. Once done, you can locate Spotify album MP3 files by hitting the 'Converted' icon. Then you can listen to Spotify album downloads offline on any device you like.

Part 4. Sum Up

From the tutorial above, there are steps for you to download Spotify album. You can download album from Spotify on desktop and mobile devices via Spotify premium. Or you can use DRmare Spotify Album Downloader to download album Spotify free on PC.

But there will be some limitations and it costs you more with Spotify premium. If you want to save budgets, you could go to DRmare Spotify Music Converter. It is the best tool for you to download albums on Spotify. And you can listen to them offline anywhere and anytime.