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How to Download, Link, Connect, Play Spotify on PS4

Is Spotify free on PS4? There is a common perception that Sony PS3 and PS4 are compatible with Spotify. What's more, it supports streaming Spotify music for both premium and free users.

But sometimes, users might complain about Spotify not working on PS4. For example, when I try to open the Spotify Music app on my PlayStation 4, it often freezes or shows a black screen.

Due to the memory limitation or network connection speed, you may meet Spotify PS4 error. It could be caused by running many apps while playing games on PS4. In this case, here I will show you how to download, link, connect and play Spotify on PS4 detailly.

spotify ps4

Part 1. How to Download Spotify on PS4/PS5 and Link Accounts

The PlayStation Music app is a brand-new audio service from Sony. It cooperates with the exclusive partner Spotify and offers a unique console-based experience. You can either sign up for a new Spotify account or connect an existing one to download music on PS4.

Nowadays, you couldn't subscribe or renew to Spotify premium plan through PlayStation Store. To do that, you should go to the Spotify website to finish it. After that, you can directly link your Spotify premium account to PlayStation. Here, let's see how to download Spotify on PS4 and link Spotify to PS4 for playback.

Download Spotify App and Link Spotify to PS4

Step 1. Navigate to 'PlayStation Store' on your game console. And then find the 'Spotify' to install Spotify on PS4.

download spotify on ps4

Step 2. Fill in with your Spotify account details and hit on 'Link Accounts' to connect Spotify to PS4.

link spotify to ps4

Download Spotify App and Link Spotify to PS5

Step 1. From your media home on your PS5, Please choose the 'All Apps' option.

Step 2. Here is the Spotify app, please click 'Spotify' > 'Download' to download Spotify on your PS5.

Step 3. Please log into your Spotify premium account details and click the 'Link Accounts' to link it.

More Tips: How to Unlink Spotify from PS4

If you'd like to disconnect Spotify from PS4, please refer to the following steps. Just launch the Spotify app and log out of your account. After that, you won't connect to PlayStation Network anymore.

Part 2. How to Listen to Spotify on PS4/PS5 while Playing Games

Can you listen to music while playing PS4? With the integration of the Spotify streaming service, the answer is yes. It's able to listen to Spotify on PS4 and PS5 while playing games. But sorry to say that if you are using a PS3, this way is not available for you. You need to skip to the next part. Now, let's see how to achieve it.

Listen to Spotify on PS4

Step 1. To pop up a quick menu, please press and hold the PS button on your console controller.

Step 2. Choose the 'Music' > 'Spotify' option, and then you can start to listen to Spotify while playing PS4. You are able to skip Spotify songs, play or pause music and directly adjust the music volume.

Listen to Spotify on PlayStation 5

Step 1. When you are playing games via PS5, please simply tap the PS tab to enter the control center.

Step 2. Please choose the 'Music' and then you can start to play a favorite song or podcast.

Part 3. How to Play Spotify Music on PS4 Offline for Free

There is not an "offline mode" on PlayStation. So you can't download music to PS4 for offline playback even if you have a premium membership. But streaming is not so stable sometimes when lots of apps are running in the background. Thus, as we have mentioned above, Spotify doesn't work on PS4.

Besides, listening to Spotify while playing games is not available on other previous game console models. To play Spotify on PS4 better, here, we will introduce the best way to use Spotify on PS4 while playing a game.

You'd better use a well-crafted tool to download Spotify music offline for PS4. Here, I'd highly recommend the DRmare Spotify to PS4 Converter. It can smartly download Spotify songs to PS4 compatible audio files, like MP3, locally and promptly with a free account.

After that, it's able to transfer Spotify music to a USB flash drive. Under this circumstance, you can play local files on PS4 from Spotify for free.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download all Spotify songs, albums, playlists with a free subscription account
  • Convert Spotify songs to common audio files supported by PS4
  • Download and play Spotify on PS4 offline for free
  • Backup the audio tracks to listen anytime with a subscription

How to Download Spotify Music for PS4 for Free

DRmare Spotify Music Converter only works on computers. You can either use it on a Windows PC or Mac computer to download Spotify music for PS4. It takes only 4 steps.

Step 1Run DRmare Music Converter
start drmare spotify converter
Launch DRmare software from the application folder, you will see the main screen of it. Together, the Spotify app will be opened as well.
Step 2Import the songs/playlist you want to play on PS4
import spotify songs for ps4
Head to the Spotify app to find your favorite songs or playlist. You can drag & drop them to import to the DRmare software screen. Or you can copy and paste the link to the search box of DRmare.
Step 3Define an output audio format for PS4
choose spotify output format for ps4
The only audio files supported by PS4 are MP3 or AAC. You can go to the "Preferences" window of the software to pick up the format as AAC or MP3. By the way, you can also customize other related parameters like bit rate, sample rate on the same window.
Step 4Download songs for PS4 with 1 click
download spotify to playstation
Click "Convert" once, it will record and convert all the songs to the audio format AAC or MP3 you selected. You don't need to worry about the converting time because the speed can reach up to 5X. Besides, all the data such as title, author, album cover, etc. will completely be kept.

How to Play Spotify on PS4 Offline While Playing a Game

Now you should have already got the downloaded AAC or MP3 tracks. You can start to get Spotify on PlayStation 4. The process is not complicated. But there is something worth taking a look at if you are new to the PlayStation. Please follow the steps:

spotify on ps4

Step 1. Copy Spotify songs to a USB flash drive. Instead of putting all the files on the root folder, please create a folder with the name "Music" first. You can transfer Spotify files to that music folder.

Step 2. Plugin the flash drive to the USB port of your Sony PlayStation. You can do that anytime when the system is on or off.

Step 3. Find and open the PlayStation Media Player. If you haven't used it before, it will prompt you to download the app from the PlayStation after you click the icon.

Step 4. Use the media player to browse the Spotify music files from the USB. Start streaming them as background music. You can listen to music while playing games without depending on an extra device.

Besides this way, there are other ways to stream audio files to PS4. You can play Spotify on PS4 via the Plex or DLNA media server. What do you think about using Spotify on PS4 while playing games? Share your thoughts by commenting below.

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