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How to Play Spotify On Garmin Watch While Running with/without Spotify Premium

spotify on garmin

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves music, you probably want your favorite tunes to accompany you on your workouts. Luckily, if you own a Garmin watch, you can enjoy Spotify music directly from your wrist. But how exactly do you get Spotify music on your Garmin watch? It’s simpler than you might think! This article will guide you on how to play Spotify music on your Garmin watch step by step. We will introduce two methods about how to unlock Spotify music on your Garmin watch, one needs Spotify Premium, and the other doesn’t. Let’s dive in!

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This is the complete user guide of downloading and converting Spotify music and playing it on Samsung Gear S3/S2 without premium.

Part 1. How to Play Spotify Music on Garmin Watch with Spotify Premium

Note that if you want to use this method, you need to have a Spotify Premium account and have Connect IQ and Garmin Connect app downloaded on your phone to move on.

1. Ensure Your Garmin Watch is Compatible with Spotify

To sync your Spotify music with the official Spotify app on your Gamin watch, first you need to ensure your watch supports Spotify. Here's a quick overview of the compatible Garmin watch series:

Supported Garmin Watch Forerunner Series, Fenix Series, Venu Series, Vivoactive Series, Epix Series, MARQ Series, Enduro Series

If your Garmin watch is on this list, you're good to go! Follow these steps to get your favorite Spotify playlists on your wrist.

2. Install Spotify Connect IQ on Your Garmin Watch

You can first check if your watch comes preloaded with Spotify by pressing and holding the menu button to access the watch menu, scrolling through the list, and selecting "Music", followed by "Music Providers". If Spotify isn’t listed among the apps installed on your watch, you can download it by either accessing the Connect IQ Store directly from your watch or by syncing your Garmin watch with your Android or iPhone and downloading it through the Connect IQ Store on your smartphone.

Download Official Spotify App Directly on Garmin Watch

Step 1. On your watch, press start button to open the activity and app list.

Step 2. Select “Connect IQ Store” from the menu.

Step 3. Choose “Recommended”.

Step 4. Scroll through the list and select “Spotify”.

Step 5. Press start button again to confirm and install the Spotify app.

In case you don't see Spotify under the recommended apps, you can still install it through the Connect IQ store on the web

Download Official Spotify App from Connect IQ Store

Step 1. Open the Connect IQ app you’ve downloaded on your phone.

Step 2. Search for Spotify and touch “Install”.

install Spotify from Connect IQ store

Step 3. Tap “Allow” when the app ask for permission to connect the internet.

Then the Spotify will be in the download queue and automatically sync to your watch.

3. Set Up Spotify on Your Garmin Watch

After you’ve downloaded Spotify on your Garmin watch, we need to sync your Spotify Premium account to your watch next.

Step 1. The process to open Spotify on your watch is the same with the process of checking if it’s listed on your watch mentioned above. Hold the menu button and go to “Music” → ”Music Providers” → “Spotify”.

Step 2. Then you will be prompted to open Garmin Connect app on your phone and sign in to your Spotify account.

Step 3. Agree to the terms and conditions of Garmin.

Now you have successfully download official Spotify app on your Garmin watch, next thing is to sync your Spotify tracks to it. To do this, please ensure your smartphone and Garmin watch is placed under the same WiFi network, then follow these steps to sync your Spotify music:

Step 1. On the watch access the Music Controls (press and hold down button).

Step 2. Select ”Add music & podcasts”.

Step 3. Select a category then choose the specific tracks you want to sync to your watch.

Note that syncing music can drain your battery quickly. For the best results, we recommend plugging your watch into a charger near your Wi-Fi router during the syncing process.

Once your music is synced, and you select a track from your Spotify library to play, your watch will prompt you to pair Bluetooth headphones. After pairing, you can enjoy listening to Spotify music directly from your watch while exercising.

Part 2. How to Play Spotify Music on Garmin Watch without Spotify Premium

It's fantastic to play Spotify music on your Garmin watch during workouts, but paying a monthly fee for Spotify Premium can be a hassle. Additionally, to keep your downloaded music available, you need to sync your Spotify account to your Garmin watch at least every 15 days over Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the music will disappear. Fortunately, there’s a way to enjoy Spotify music on your Garmin watch without needing a Premium subscription. You can use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download and convert Spotify tracks into compatible formats with Garmin watch, and then transfer them to your Garmin watch to play. This method works for both free and premium Spotify accounts, saving you from the recurring monthly fee. And once the music is downloaded to your watch, you won’t need to sync it again.


DRmare Spotify Music Downloader

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1. Download Spotify Music with DRmare Spotify Music Converter

First, you need to download and convert the Spotify music you want into common formats supported by Garmin watches, such as MP3. DRmare Spotify Music Converter is an excellent tool for this purpose. It allows you to download and convert Spotify music while maintaining lossless quality and keeping all ID3 tags. Additionally, DRmare Spotify Music Converter helps organize your downloaded tracks, making it easier to select the tracks to transfer to your Garmin watch from your music library. Here’s how to use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download Spotify music as MP3:

Step 1 Import your favorite tracks from Spotify

Launch DRmare software, you will see the main screen of DRmare. If you have already curated your songs & playlists, you just need to drag and drop them to DRmare software.

add Spotify tracks on Mac

Step 2 Select a compatible format

Garmin devices support a few formats such as MP3, AAC. Please just select a format you want according to your devices. Also, you can do some editing such as change the channel, bit rate, sample rate.

Spotify preferences on Mac

Step 3 Save Spotify songs offline

Next, you can click "Convert" from the bottom right to backup all your favorite songs to your local computer.

convert Spotify music on Mac

After conversion, you can find downloaded Spotify MP3 files in the designated folder.

2. Transfer Spotify Music to Garmin Watch with Garmin Express

Now we will need Garmin Express to transfer the Spotify MP3 files we’ve just downloaded to Garmin watch. Below is the step-by-step-guide.

Step 1. Download Garmin Express on your computer.

Step 2. Connect the watch to your computer with a compatible USB cable.

Step 3. Launch Garmin Express and select your watch.

select device on Garmin Express

Step 4. Select “Music” and choose the desired tracks. If you use DRmare Spotify Music Converter, you can conveniently sort music to transfer from the organized folders of tracks.

select desired tracks on Garmin Express

Step 5. Click “Send to Device”.

Step 6. Access the downloaded music on your watch through “My Music”.

After completing these steps, you can enjoy your Spotify music while exercising with your Garmin watch, without needing your phone and without having to pay for Spotify Premium every month.

Part 3. FAQs about Playing Spotify Music on Garmin Watch

Q1: Why the tracks disappear from my Garmin watch?

A1. The downloaded tracks might disappear from your Garmin watch for several reasons. One common issue is an expired Spotify subscription. Another possibility is that you have exceeded the limit for offline devices allowed by Spotify. Additionally, if your watch hasn’t connected to the Spotify app over Wi-Fi within the last 15 days, the tracks may no longer be available.

Q2: How many songs can I download on my Garmin watch?

A2. Normally you can download a few playlists or hundreds of songs on your Garmin watch.

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