How to Play Spotify Songs on Gear S2/S3 without Phone

"When doing exercise outside, I'd like to listen to Spotify music. I used to do that with my Android mobile phone. But it is not perfect. Can I do that on my Samsung Gear S3 directly which is more convenient to take anywhere? Thanks for any help. "

Samsung Gear is a series of wearable devices including Samsung Gear Fit/Sport/S/Live. They are powerful personal assistant tools which can organize and simplify your life with personalized alert, weather report and social media feeds, stay connected with your friends without pulling out your phone, push yourself to get healthier and relax with streaming music services. Most of the features are easy to use directly. But for some services such as Spotify, it is not easy to set up. For your convenience, I will take the Gear S for example to offer the top two ways to download Spotify Music to Samsung Gear S3/S2.

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Part 1. Download Spotify Songs to Gear S3/S2 Straightly with Premium Subscription

After years of development, Spotify has the widest supports for devices such as mobile, tablet, computers, TVs, cars, game consoles, speakers. Of course most wealable devices including Samsung Gear S2/S3 are supported. You can follow the tips to learn more about the features and set up it.

What Are the Features of Spotify on Samsung Gear

The features are varied depending on the type of subscription you have. With the free subscription, you can use the Spotify app on your Gear S2/S3 as a remote controller. You can view your recently played songs, browse the new releases and tracks which fit your mood, search any music you want from the full category. But if you want to download music to the app to listen offline on your Gear, you have to subscribe to the Spotify Premium. Besides that, premium account allows for voice control and other cool functions.

Install Spotify to Samsung Smart Watch

Though Spotify is supported, it is not installed by default, please follow the steps setup the app on the S2/S3. Note: Before you do that, please make sure Spotify is downloaded to your phone and pair your smart watch with your phone via Bluetooth.

Step 1. Tap "Apps" from the Samsung Gear home screen.

Step 2. Click "Samsung Gear" menu.

Step 3. Choose "Samsung Galaxy Apps" and follow the screen instruction to install the Spotify app.

Step 4. When it is done, you can choose the songs you want to download offline and enjoy them under the offline mode without phone.

Part 2. Terrific Way to Listen to Spotify Playlists on Samsung Gear without Premium

Spotify app does work well offline on Samsung Gear, but it is really a pain to set up. You need to pair your phone, subscribe to premium membership which is not free.The downloaded songs are only available offline for 14 days. To continue to keep them offline, you need to put your Gear online to activate it again before expiring. So is there another way to batch download Spotify songs to S3 to listen forever?

The answer is yes. As Spotify songs are encrypted with the DRM protection which prevents you to access to them like other MP3 files, the only thing you need to do is to take off the DRM protection and extract Spotify as common audio files. To achieve this goal, I will recommend DRmare Music Converter for Spotify for its superior features and high productivity.

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Top-Notch Spotify Music Converter from DRmare

drmare spotify music converter
  • Up to 5X Converting speed for any albums, tracks, playlists, artists
  • Batch download and backup and hundreds of Spotify songs to your devices forever
  • Convert OGG to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, FLAC to support multiple players
  • Save your money, you don't need Spotify Premium any more after downloading

These features are really cool, isn't it? If you are excited about it, why not download and try it out by yourself? You can follow the quick tutorial below to download and enjoy Spotify songs on Samsung wearable devices..

Step 1Add Spotify link
import spotify link
DRmare software supports to obtain the music online directly from the URL, you can copy the link of the songs and then press "+" button on the DRmare software. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the songs, albums, playlists from Spotify app to DRmare program main screen more easily.
Step 2Choose output format(optional)
choose output format
Samsung Gear Fit/S/Sport come with an audio player which supports most audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV or AMR and so on. If you'd like to keep the lossless output quality, you can select the WAV format. The only drawback is that WAV has a big size. If you don't want the files to take up all the space on your Samsung Gear, you can also pick up the most popular MP3 format. It has high audio quality as well as small size.
Step 3Download Spotify tracks
download spotify songs
After that, you can do more settings such as selecting the output folder from your computer. When everything is ready, you can tap "Convert" button, DRmare software will start to break the DRM protection and turn them into common audio files. With the 5X faster converting speed, it will save you a lot of time compared to other rival products. What's more, you don't have to stand in front of the computer, DRmare software can do the job automatically.
Step 4Add converted music to Gear smart watch
put spotify file to gear
You can either use a PC Music Manager tool or a mobile phone Gear app to help. Both work in a similar way and here I will take the Gear app to show how does it work.

#1. Connect your mobile phone to the computer via USB interface, then copy and paste to add the music files to your phone.
#2. Install and run Samsung Gear app on your mobile phone, then click the menu "Settings" > "Send Content to Gear". Also, please make sure your phone is paired with the Samsung smart watch via Bluetooth.
#3. It will pop up a window with the music files you added recently, please just select the Spotify songs and press "Done" button.
#4. It takes some times for the files to sync. When it is done, the audio files will be in your Gear S2/S3. And you can select the Spotify music to play anytime without premium membership.
Video TutorialHow to Remove DRM to Upload Spotify to Samsung Gear
To find how does it work in an much easier way, you can also follow this quick video tutorial.

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