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How to Get and Convert Spotify URI to MP3

"What is a Spotify URI?" On Spotify, you can listen to plenty of tracks online. But do you know how to share the tracks you like with your friends? On the Spotify app, you can share songs via social media like Twitter and Facebook with the album artwork. Or you can share the song through the URL of the Spotify song. Besides those, here is another way for you to share Spotify songs. That is to use the Spotify URI feature.

In this post, we will show you what is Spotify URI. And we will guide you how to get Spotify URI and how to use Spotify URI. Moreover, we will introduce ways for you to convert Spotify URI to MP3. Now, let's move on.

convert spotify uri to mp3

Part 1. What Is Spotify URI - More You Need to Know

Do you know what is a Spotify URI? Before learning Spotify URI, we need to know what is URI. URI is the short form of Uniform Resource Indicator. It can identify a certain type of resource. It can guide you to the specific program or client on your device, not an internet domain.

Now back to Spotify URI. Spotify URI is also known as Spotify Uniform Resource Indicator. It is a link that you can get in the 'Share' menu on Spotify's tracks, albums and so on. It can take you to the Spotify application on your PC. With the Spotify URI, you can find the exact track or playlist from Spotify.

Part 2. How to Get Spotify URI on Mobile/Computer

How to find Spotify URI? Below are the steps for you to learn how to get URI from Spotify on a computer and mobile.

On Computer:

copy spotify uri on computer

Step 1. Open the Spotify program on your computer.

Step 2. Find the playlist, song, album, etc. you want to share on Spotify.

Step 3. Hit on the 'three-dots' on the track you like. Then choose the 'Share' option.

Step 4. Click on 'Copy Spotify URI' and then you can get Spotify URI.

On Mobile Phone:

Currently, you can't get Spotify URI on Spotify mobile app. But you can get a Spotify URI code. The Spotify URI code is next to the Spotify log with some long and short vertical lines. With it, you can use the Spotify mobile app to find the target content. Here are the steps for you.

get spotify uri code on mobile phone

Step 1. Enter to Spotify mobile app and find the song you want to share.

Step 2. Click on the 'three-dots' icon on the track.

Step 3. Find the Spotify URI code underneath the cover art.

Step 4. Screenshot the code and share the photo with your friend. Then they can scan the code to listen.

Part 3. How to Use Spotify URI

As we had learned how to get Spotify URI on mobile/computer above. Here we will show you how to use Spotify URI.

Once gotten the Spotify URI, you can paste it to your web browser's search box. Then you will see a window that asks you to open the Spotify program. Just hit on 'Open Spotify' and you will be taken to the target source. Or you can put the Spotify URI in the Spotify's search box. Then you will be directly to the source.

spotify uri popup window on computer

With Spotify URI, you can share tracks, playlists, etc. you like with your friends and family. You can also send the Spotify URI to your friends or family through email. Then they can get the source via the Spotify URI you sent if they had Spotify installed on their computer.

On Spotify mobile app, you can share tracks via Spotify URI code. When got the code, others can scan it via the Spotify app to get the tracks you share.

Part 4. How to Download and Convert Spotify URI to MP3 via DRmare Music Converter

"Can I download free music from URI Spotify?" Of course yes. In general, with Spotify premium, you can download music from Spotify. Yet, Spotify music is protected and in a special format. You can't play Spotify music without the Spotify app, even the downloaded Spotify songs. But, here is a tool that can help you fix this issue.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is the best converter for Spotify. It can convert Spotify URI to MP3 with ease. Unlike other tools for Spotify, it adopts direct audio decryption technology. It can lossless remove DRM from Spotify songs and convert them to common audio files. The ID3 tags info and metadata will be kept 100%. It works well for both Spotify free and premium accounts.

With the DRmare program, you can download Spotify URI to MP3. Besides, you can convert Spotify music via URL also. Then you can download and save Spotify songs to your computer. And you can move Spotify music to other devices for playing without any restriction.

DRmare Spotify Music Downloader

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download Spotify tracks without premium at up to 5X converting speed
  • Output Spotify music to MP3, M4B, M4A, AAC, FLAC and WAV
  • Converted Spotify audio files can be played on any device offline
  • Download, convert and sort the Spotify music by album/artist at one-stop

Steps on How to Convert Spotify URI to MP3

In this part, you can see how to get Spotify URI to convert to MP3 via DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Now, please download and get the DRmare program on your PC. Then open it.

Step 1Paste Spotify URI to DRmare
put spotify uri to drmare program
Once opened the DRmare Spotify Music Converter, you can see the Spotify app showed also. Just go to the Spotify app and find the tracks you want to convert to MP3. Then click on the track and hit the '...' icon. You need to choose the 'Share' > 'Copy Spotify URI' option. Then put the copied Spotify URI to the search box on DRmare. And then hit on the plus icon. DRmare program will load the Spotify URI track for you.
Step 2Choose output audio format for Spotify URI to MP3
set output format for spotify uri to mp3
To convert Spotify URI to MP3, you need to set the output format for it. Please go to the menu icon in the upper-right corner of the DRmare program. Then select the 'Preferences' option and then hit on 'Convert' at the new window. Now, you can reset the audio format as MP3 for the Spotify URI track. And you can alter Spotify music audio channel, bit rate and more as you like.
Step 3Convert Spotify URI to MP3
download spotify uri to mp3 audio
Finally, you can press the "Convert" button, DRmare program will get Spotify URI to convert to MP3 for you. A while later, you can check them via the 'history' icon. Then you can move and listen to Spotify music offline on any device and platform.

Part 5. How to Convert Spotify URI to MP3 Online Free

The method above requires you to use a freemium tool. If you want to get Spotify URI to MP3 free, then you can try the Spotify URI converter online. Here in this part, we will introduce two free online tools for you to convert URI to MP3 from Spotify.

1. MusicLand

MusicLand is a clean and easy-to-use Spotify URI converter. You can put the link address to the Spotify songs into MusicLand to download. Here let's check out how to use MusicLand to convert Spotify URI to MP3.

convert spotify uri to mp3 online by musicland

Step 1. Enter the MusicLand official website on your computer.

Step 2. Head to the 'Spotify' option from the top bar on MusicLand. Then go to the Spotify app to get the URI of the song you want to download. And then put the link to the search bar on MusicLand.

Step 3. Click on the MP3 toggle to choose the output audio format. Next, click on the 'Search' button.

Step 4. Touch the 'Convert' button once you see the search results shown from Spotify.

2. SpotiApp

SpotiApp is another online tool for you to download Spotify URI to MP3 free. Now, let's find out how to use it step by step.

spotify uri to mp3 free online by spotiapp

Step 1. Go to the SpotiApp official website on your web browser.

Step 2. Head to the Spotify app or web player to get the Spotify URI you want to download.

Step 3. Back to SpotiApp and click on the 'Search' option on the top bar.

Step 4. Put the copied Spotify URI to the search box. Then touch the 'download' option to download and convert Spotify URI.

After that, you can enjoy the downloaded Spotify songs offline on any device you want.

Part 6. Conclusion

With Spotify URI, you can share your favorite songs with your family and friends. Besides, you can convert Spotify URI to MP3 for use anywhere via DRmare Spotify Music Converter. This tool can also download Spotify songs with their URL links. Then you can play Spotify music on multiple devices with ease. Or if you want to get Spotify URI to MP3 online for free, you can try the two tools in the last part.

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