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  • Download Spotify song, etc. without a Spotify Premium account
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and M4B
  • Play Spotify music anywhere and anytime offline
  • Run at a faster speed without touching the audio quality

SpotifyDown Review and Its Best Alternative

If you search Google for "Spotify music downloader", you may find It is a website that allows you to download music from Spotify. So, what are its characteristics? Is it the best to use? This detailed SpotifyDown Music Downloader review tells you everything you need to know.

spotifydown review

Part 1. What Is SpotifyDown? is a free website that allows you to download Spotify songs, albums and playlists as MP3s. Other online Spotify music downloaders like Soundloaders can only download single tracks from Spotify. So, in this aspect, SpotifyDown is superior to other online Spotify music downloaders.

However, like other online tools, it also relies on your internet connection. Also, if you've ever used SpotifyDown website, you've probably noticed that it has a low success rate. It will often show: Something went wrong, please try again later.

spotifydown something went wrong

Apart from the features above, we list the main pros and cons of SpotifyDown Spotify Downloader here.

Pros and Cons of SpotifyDown Music Downloader


  • Free and easy to use
  • No need to install extra apps
  • Can be used on mobile web browsers
  • Support Spotify tracks, albums, and playlists


  • Advertise on its website
  • The output quality is not lossless
  • Performance depends on the network connection
  • Low success rate

Part 2. Is SpotifyDown Safe to Use?

The SpotifyDown website has a very low trust score of 42/100, which is in the low-to-medium range. This trust score can be defined in terms of suspicious and dangerous. The rating is based on Tranco rankings, WHOIS data, social media feedback, and more. is very popular because many users like to use it to download music from Spotify. However, it is too young, less than 1 year. So, if you really want to use it, you'd better take the time to check out the site yourself.

Part 3. How to Use SpotifyDown Music Downloader?

If you don't mind the shortcomings and insecurity of SpotifyDown, you can follow the steps below to download Spotify music online with SpotifyDown.

Step 1. On your computer or mobile device, open a web browser and visit

Step 2. Then open the Spotify app or its web player to search for the song you want to download. Then open click on the 'three dots' icon next to the music and choose 'Share' > 'Copy URL'.

copy spotify music link

Step 3. Paste the URL into SpotifyDown and click on the 'Search' button.

paste spotify link to spotifydown

Step 4. Wait for it to find your music and then click on 'Download'.

download spotify music via spotifydown

Part 4. A Better Spotify Downloader Than SpotifyDown

Many users have reported that SpotifyDown Music Downloader has some serious issues that affect the experience.

● It is not safe to use.

● The success rate is low.

● Too many ads.

So, here we recommend you use a better downloader than SpotifyDown - DRmare Spotify Music Converter. It's 100% safe, has a 100% success rate, and doesn't have any ads. Plus, it has some advantages that SpotifyDown doesn't have. For example, the download speed is 5 times faster than It maintains lossless sound quality and all ID3 tags. It supports batch conversion of all Spotify tracks, playlists, albums, audiobooks and podcasts.

The only thing you need to do is to install its professional software. Below is the download link of the DRmare Spotify Downloader free version.

DRmare Spotify Music Downloader

drmare spotify music converter
  • Download Spotify music at 5X with lossess audio quality
  • Convert Spotify music to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV, and FLAC
  • Maintain full ID3 tags including the title, album art, etc.
  • 100% safe to use, free updates and technique support

How to Use DRmare Spotify Downloader

Step 1Add Spotify music
add spotify music to drmare spotify downloader
Open DRmare Spotify Music Converter and you will see the Spotify app open. Simply drag and drop songs from Spotify to this downloader's main interface. Or you can copy and paste the link of Spotify music into the top search box and click '+' to load music.
Step 2Set output parameters
change spotify output parameters
It supports six output formats for you to choose, respectively MP3, M4A, M4B, AAC, WAC, and FLAC. You can also change other output parameters including the channel, sample rate, and bit rate. To achieve this, select the 'three lines' icon at the top right and then choose 'Preferences' and 'Convert'.
Step 3Download Spotify music
download spotify music with drmare spotify downloader
Click on the 'Convert' button at the bottom right to start the super-fast 5X download process. When it ends, you can find the downloaded Spotify files in 'History' or 'Converted'.

Part 5. Comparison of SpotifyDown Music Downloader and DRmare Spotify Downloader

Below is the comparison table between SpotifyDown and DRmare Spotify Downloader. Hope it helps you figure out which one to use.

SpotifyDown Music Downloader DRmare Spotify Downloader
Download Speed 1X 5X
Download Tracks/Playlists/Albums
Batch Download
Keep ID3 Tags
Maintain Lossless Sound Quality
Safe to Use
Customize Output Parameters
Output Audio Format MP3 MP3, FLAC, M4A, M4B, AAC, and WAV
Success Rate Low 100% working
Support Systems Mobile and desktop web browsers Windows and Mac
Add Spotify Music Input Spotify music link Input Spotify music link; drag & drop songs

It is obvious that DRmare Spotify Downloader is superior to SpotifyDown in terms of download speed, batch conversion, output audio quality and format, etc. So, if you are looking for a professional Spotify music downloader, please choose DRmare Spotify Downloader.

However, if you just want to download a few Spotify songs and don't mind insecure and lossy output quality, you can use SpotifyDown Music Downloader.

You may notice that SpotifyDown works on mobile devices, while DRmare Spotify Downloader does not. Actually, if you want to listen to offline Spotify music on your mobile device, you can use DRmare to download music on your computer first, and then transfer the Spotify downloads to your Android devices or iPhone.

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