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Spotify vs Napster - Detailed Comparison

Are you a music lover? Well, then obviously you would just love to get a comparison of Napster vs Spotify, because right now both of them are leading platforms for music lovers. Now as you are already aware that both these platforms are specifically music archives, and people who are comparing both of them are trying to find out how Spotify vs Napster sound quality differentiate.

Well, here the comparison is not just about sound quality, but you will also get to know all about Napster vs. Spotify. Now before you even dig a bit deeper about Spotify vs Napster, you need to know to get a little introduction about each one of them as well.

napster vs spotify

Part 1. Spotify and Napster - More You Need to Know


This whole idea started way back when you would never even think about Spotify vs. Napster, because back then there was no such platform to listen or to share music online. But when Napster arrived, it changed the way people listen to the music.

In the start, people used to upload different music files over here, and then anyone on this website can download those music files for free. This was all going great, and more and more people were joining every day. Until one day, this whole idea was acknowledged as illegal and against copyrights by the Recording Industry Association of America.

So, this was the time when Napster was banned and they were forced to shut down their services in 2001. This was the time when they realized that to regain their status they have to make some changes in their services. In 2016, they came back with a huge blast, and this time they made sure that everything is from the rulebook. Now, they started providing their services with a paid subscription. And now they provide music files just for online streaming.


Next one is this amazing platform since the comparison is between Spotify premium vs Napster. Soon after Napster was shut down, another service emerged with a new and unique idea. This was the time when there was no concept of Napster vs Spotify, because Napster was already closed. And at that time, there was no other such service with a similar idea. Initially, it was just a small thing. But soon, more and more music lovers started joining in from all around the world, and users started rosing to millions.

Spotify came with a paid subscription of a very small amount, where you can have access to a library of hundreds of songs. Later became millions when every other song added up to the library. They needed to make it a global platform which required the attention of more people, so they also introduced a version with ads, where users can still enjoy their favourite songs with the selected library.

Part 2. Napster vs Spotify - Detailed Comparison

1. Napster vs Spotify Price Plans

Now coming to the most important part for Spotify vs Napster, because this is the part where most of you will be able to understand that which of these apps will be suitable and economical for you.

So as for Spotify premium vs Napster, first one is Spotify as they are also providing a free version for their subscribers. This free version actually comes with different ads, and for some people this is irritating, and here they can get an ad-free subscription as well which comes with a small price of $10. Then there is also a family subscription as well for $15, and at this subscription, you will get at least 5 logins. There is also a student package available with a huge discount for $5, which is best for a single person to enjoy unlimited music on the go.

Next one for Napster vs. Spotify is the king of the music world. No doubt Napster was the one who introduced this online music service for the very first time, and still, they are trying to get the best for their subscribers, and due to that, they have introduced a free trial at least a whole month to let their users enjoy the music from their library of high-quality songs. Then after that, they will charge you for $10 to enjoy music without getting interrupted by ads, next one is $14.99 family package that comes with login for 5 users in a single subscription.

Note: Here is a smart tool that can help you download Spotify music without premium for listeningg offline. That is you could use the DRmare Spotify Music Converter to make it. It can convert Spotify audio files with original quality and save to your computer. Then you can enjoy the Spotify music on multiple devices offline directly.

2. Spotify vs Napster Sound Quality

When it comes for Spotify vs Napster sound quality comparison, then obviously it matters a lot because you people are paying up just to get high-quality songs. Otherwise, songs are also available to get downloaded for free.

So as for Napster, if you are streaming over Smartphone, then you will get 320kb/s, and for Laptop, you will get maximum for 192kb/s. As for Spotify, you will get a maximum of 320 kb/s sound quality for both smartphone and laptop.

Besides, when you are streaming online the maximum sound quality will only depend on the speed of your internet connection. Interrupted or low internet speed will get you a low sound quality for both applications.

3. Spotify Premium vs Napster User Experience

Obviously when you are discussing Napster vs. Spotify, then how can you forget the ease of use. So, when you compare the user interface of both of these applications, then most people prefer Spotify due to their dark background, attractive outlook and easy sorting. Whereas Napster has a white background which looks old school, and with this background, it is hard to sort songs as well, because the webpage is overloaded then it seems a bit messy.

Part 3. Conclusion

The main point is that when you discuss Napster vs Spotify, then even though Napster was the kind of music world back in the 90s, but after its shutdown, and reopening its just the brand that has kept its fame still now.

Whereas Spotify is the new deal, they have innovative and better ideas to provide a better platform with an amazing interface and a huge music library. Still, it does not mean that Napster is not worthy enough, because some people prefer Napster over Spotify due to its trust build-up for over 2 decades, and it has always tried to bring best services for their subscribers like a free trial.

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