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How to Make Amazon Music Louder on Android/iPhone/Mac/PC

Maybe, you are listening to your favorite hit or that much-awaited podcast, but you can't get enough of the sound. Well, you can search for ways how to increase volume for them. In today's post, we will focus on Amazon Music volume. Here you may wonder how can I make Amazon Music louder. No worries. You can find the solutions below.

There is one advantage for Amazon Music users. That's listening to music and podcasts within one app. And because of this, some adjustments may not go well with your music while it is fine with the podcast. So, how to make Amazon Music louder? All the solutions to adequate sound are in this article. Let's dive down to learn the best ways to adjust volume on Amazon Music.

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how to make amazon music louder

Part 1. How to Make Amazon Music Louder via Volume Control on the Devices

In this part, we will show you how to fix Amazon Music low volume issue through the volume control on your device. The volume control mechanism is the easiest mode to sort the Amazon Music volume too low iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac issue. Now, check the following steps and start.

On Windows/Mac Computers

Mac and Windows operate differently when it comes to fixing Amazon Music app volume too low issue. Please check below.

For Windows:

Step 1. Please use the "Windows Search Box" to search for "Sound Settings".

Step 2. Then choose the "Master Volume" option. Next, drag the slider to turn the volume up to your desired level.

amazon music volume changes on windows

Or, you can adjust Amazon Music volume for the running Amazon Music app via the steps below.

Step 1. Head to 'Sound Settings' > 'Advanced sound options' > 'App volume and device preferences' on your PC.

Step 2. Then you can see the 'Amazon Music' option under 'App Volume'. Please drag the slider to start to adjust volume on Amazon Music.

adjust volume on amazon music windows

For Mac:

You can go to the "Control Panel" section to search for "Sound Control". Next, drag the slider to make Amazon Music louder.

amazon music app volume control mac

On Android/iOS Devices

Android and iPhone have the same process to adjust Amazon Music low volume. You can follow the guide below to make it.

Go to check the side of your Android or iPhone for the adjacent arrows. Then press the upper tab which is the "Volume Up" button to do the Amazon Music volume changes.

fix amazon music volume too low iphone android

Part 2. How to Adjust Volume on Amazon Music with Amazon Music Equalizer

Using Amazon Music equalizer to make Amazon Music louder is also a great way. Yet, Amazon Music has cancelled its built-in equalizer. So, you need to find a third-party equalizer for Amazon Music like Equalizer + to change the Amazon Music volume. But this tool is quite expensive and most people can't afford for it.

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In this case, you can search for an alternative tool to help adjust volume on Amazon Music. Here you can use an Amazon Music Converter to do that. In the Part 4, we will share such a tool with you. You can go to check it now.

Part 3. How to Increase Volume on Amazon Music App by Changing Audio Quality

"Can I make Amazon Music louder Android/iOS/Mac/Windows?" Yes. You can also adjust Amazon Music low volume by changing the audio quality in the Amazon Music app via these steps.

On Desktop:

Step 1. Launch the Amazon Music app on your desktop.

Step 2. Go to the upper right corner of the screen and click on the "Profile" icon. Then select the "Settings" option.

amazon music settings pc

Step 3. Now, select the "Audio Quality" option under the "Playback" section.

Step 4. Finally, you can change the audio quality to your desired one to make Amazon Music louder. They include "Best Available", "Standard", and "Data Saver" options.

how to make amazon music louder via audio quality

On Mobile:

Step 1. First, open the Amazon Music app on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Click on the "Gear" icon, then choose the "Settings" option.

amazon music settings mobile

Step 3. Select the "Streaming quality" option under the "Playback" section.

Step 4. Finally, change the "Streaming quality" to your desired choice. Available ones include, "Good", "Better" and "Best". The latter is louder than the former.

fix amazon music app volume too low via streaming quality

Extra Tips: How to Download Amazon Music Songs for Offline Use

If you face the Amazon Music low volume issue, then you can follow the above tips on how to make Amazon Music louder on your device. Besides, as much as you want a quality sound system, you may also need to listen to your music offline at your convenience. But the downloaded Amazon Music songs you got can't be used on other devices due to the protection in them.

Luckily, DRmare Amazon Music Converter makes it possible to enjoy Amazon Music tracks at any time and on any device. The beauty is that you can make adjustments to the output parameters like format, channel, bit rate, and sample rate. In this case, you can get the plain audio files of Amazon Music songs and then you can put them on any device you like.

This tool lets you download and convert Amazon Music to WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, M4B, and M4A. The conversion speed is also perfect as it can run at a X5 rate and give 100% original quality music. More so, it will preserve the ID3 tags of Amazon Music files like title, genre, and album for a perfect conversion plan.

DRmare Amazon Music Converter

drmare amazon music converter
  • Supports offline playback of Amazon Music songs on any device
  • Download Amazon Music files at a fast conversion speed of X5 rate
  • Convert tracks from Amazon into common output formats
  • Customize the parameters like channel, bit rate, etc. for Amazon Music

How to Use DRmare Amazon Music Converter to Download Amazon Music as Local Files

DRmare Amazon Music Converter works earnestly to download Amazon Music tracks to multiple output formats for use on different devices. Now, follow these steps below to download Amazon Music to local files to your computer for offline listening on any device.

Step 1Download, install and open DRmare Amazon Music Converter
install drmare amazon music converter
DRmare Amazon Music Converter offers the free trial version, so you can start with the trial version before purchasing the full version. And DRmare supports both Mac and Windows OS computers. So, first, download the program and then install it on your Windows or Mac computer. After a successful installation, open the DRmare tool on your computer and the Amazon Music app will also automatically launch at the same time.
Step 2Choose Amazon Music playlist to import to DRmare program
import amazon music playlist
Log in to your Amazon Music account in the pop-up Amazon Music app. And then select the playlist you wish to convert. Next, choose the "Share" option and go on to copy the URL of the playlist from the list. After that, paste the link into the search bar of the DRmare's interface to get the tracks for converting.
Step 3Customize audio format and parameters for Amazon Music
reset amazon music output parameters
Click on the "Menu" > "Preferences" option and hit on the "Convert" section to begin customizing the output format. Likewise, go on to change the parameters like channel, bit rate, and sample rate as you desire.
Step 4Download Amazon Music playlist on your computer
convert playlists from amazon music offline
Confirm your entries, then, click on the "Convert" button to allow the conversion process to begin. You should then locate the converted Amazon Music playlist on your computer's local disk when you hit on the "History" icon on the DRmare tool. And then you can move the converted Amazon Music tracks to any device you like for offline playback. Also, you can change the Amazon Music volume on other music players and devices.

Part 5. Conclusion

Good music falls back to the sound quality. You can always use the Amazon Music app volume control to get that desired volume when listening to your playlist. Other than the above options, you can also access your Amazon Music playlist on any device by converting them to plain audio formats with DRmare Amazon Music Converter. Likewise, you can listen to Amazon Music offline at your convenience.

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