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How to Upload Music to Apple Music [Complete Guide]

Can you upload music to Apple Music? Apple Music is an excellent streaming music service that offers subscribers over 100 million songs. However, you may find that some songs are still not available on Apple Music. Therefore, many users are looking for a way to add local files to Apple Music like they do on Spotify. Thankfully, Apple Music lets you do just that. Now read on and learn how to upload songs to Apple Music on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

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add songs to apple music

Part 1. How to Put Local Files on Apple Music

You can easily add music to Apple Music on your Windows or Mac computer. You may not do this on the Apple Music mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone. But you can use the Sync Music function to sync uploaded songs to your mobile device. Make sure your local files are MP3 or M4A files, then follow the tutorial below to learn how to add your own music to Apple Music.

1.1 How to Add Songs to Apple Music on Windows

add local files to apple music on windows

Step 1. Launch the iTunes app on your Windows PC.

Step 2. Click on 'File' at the top menu and then choose 'Add File to Library' or 'Add Folder to Library'.

Step 3. Then you can browse and select your local files and choose 'Open' to add them to iTunes.

Step 4. After that, you can head to 'Recently Added' to access the music you added.

1.2 How to Upload Songs to Apple Music on Mac

add music to apple music mac

Step 1. Open the Music app on your Mac.

Step 2. Click on 'File' at the top menu. Then select 'Import'.

Step 3. Locate the songs you want to upload to Apple Music on Finder and click 'Open'. (Or you can drag and drop the local files from Finder to Apple Music's interface.)

Step 4. Once finished, navigate to the 'Recently Added' section to find them.

1.3 How to Add Music to Apple Music Library on iPhone/Android

Step 1. Please first upload music to Apple Music on your Windows/Mac computer.

Step 2. Then open the 'Sync Music' option on both your computer and mobile device.

For Windows: Open iTunes and then choose 'Edit' > 'Preferences' > 'General'. Then turn on 'iCloud Music Library'.

turn on icloud music library windows

For Mac: Open the Apple Music App and choose 'Music' > 'Settings' > 'Preferences' > 'General'. Then turn on 'Sync Library'.

open sync library on apple music mac

For iPhone: Open the Settings app and then choose 'Music' > 'Sync Library'. Turn on it.

open sync library on iphone

Step 3. Now you can access your music library on the Apple Music app on any device. You can see all your uploaded local files.

Part 2. How to Download Apple Music as MP3 Local Files

Apple Music tracks are encoded in the M4P format, which is not compatible with any other program. That's why you can only listen to Apple Music on authorized Apple devices. So, here, we would like to show you how to convert and download Apple Music songs as MP3 local files. That way, you can listen to Apple Music on any device or any music app you want.

The tool you need is DRmare Apple Music Converter, which enables you to convert Apple Music to MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV and FLAC. It works 30 times faster and keeps original sound quality and ID3 tags. With it, you can listen to Apple Music even if you cancel your subscription. Even better, the software also works with iTunes music, Audible audiobooks, and more.

DRmare Audio Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Convert Apple Music songs to MP3 and other common formats
  • Work 30X faster, keep lossless audio quality and metadata
  • Support Apple Music, iTunes, Audible, and other audio files
  • Play Apple Music on any device even without a subscription

Step 1. Click on 'Download' above to download and install DRmare Audio Converter. Then open it and drag and drop Apple Music songs to its main interface. Or you can click on the 'Add Files' button to select and import your downloaded Apple Music files.

add apple music to drmare software

Step 2. You are allowed to change the output parameters by clicking on the 'Format Settings' icon. There you can alter the output format, channel, bit rate, and so on. Then click on the 'OK' button.

customize apple music parameters

Step 3. Click on 'Convert' to launch the super-fast 30X conversion process. When it finishes converting a song, you can see a red tip occur on the 'History' icon. Simply click on it and you can see your converted Apple Music songs and listen to Apple Music offline. You can also head to the 'Output' folder to find your MP3 Apple Music files.

convert and download apple music to mp3

Part 3. FAQs about Local Files to Apple Music

Q1: Can You Add MP3 Files to Apple Music?

A: Yes. You are allowed to add your local music files to Apple Music for listening. Apple Music supports MP3 or M4A.

Q2: Why Can't I Add MP3 Files to Apple Music?

A: Maybe Apple Music doesn't own the rights to your MP3 songs. Or the songs are corrupted and Apple Music can't recognize them.

Q3: How Can I Upload Music to Apple Music on My iPhone?

A: You can first upload songs to Apple Music on your computer and then use the Sync Music feature to get them on your iPhone. For detailed steps, you can head to Part 1.

Part 4. Summary

If you have local music files and want to integrate them on Apple Music, just follow our guide to import them into Apple Music. We also show you the best helper for listening to Apple Music - DRmare Audio Converter. It enables you to play Apple Music offline on any device you want without a subscription.

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