Apple Music Recorder - Record Apple Music as MP3 Easily

"Hi, I am Derek from German. I'd like to save Apple Music to listen on all my devices like MP3 player, Hifi speakers, Bluetooth Headphone, Linux computers for playback. Some friends recommend me to crack Apple Music by the DRM removal tools in the market but I am hesitate to use them. Because it seems it is illegal in German here and I really don't want to run into any copyright issues. Is there a way to record Apple Music easily?" - Question from Derek

Apple Music is a new participant in the streaming music area. It is not launched until 2015. But because its advantage that the songs are in AAC formats with 256Kbps crystal clear quality and the large fanbase of Apple devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, it has been boosted quickly and become the second largest streaming music service globally and the largest one in the USA.

In addition, Apple Music offer 3 months free trial subscription, making it the first choice for audiophiles.

One small disadvantage is that Apple Music are DRM protected, they will miss after 3 months if you are not willing to pay the $9.95 subscription fee. So instead of regrets of missing all songs, I'd highly recommend to record Apple Music offline. This way is completely legal and you don't need to worry and won't have any trouble at all. record apple music as mp3

Part 1. How to Record Apple Music by a Free Streaming Audio Recorder

Audio recording is a very standard features for many devices like iPhone, Android, computers and so on. Take computers for example, you can use the screen recorder like Windows Game Bar or Mac QuickTime Player to record any screen videos with music playing on your computer directly without installing any third party software.

If you just need the music playing on your computer, you can also try the top 5 free streaming audio recorders. Among them, Audacity is an outstanding one. It is not only easy to use but also has powerful features.

Step 1. Download and install Audacity for free from its own official website and then launch it, you will see the main screen.

Step 2. Launch iTunes and start to play Apple Music from your computer.

Step 3. Click the red record button from the Audacity, it will start to record the Apple Music song from your computer. Note: Please don't do any other actions on your computer, else it may affect the quality of the recorded audio.

Step 4. When the song end, you can click the stop button on the Audacity.

Step 5. Now you can try to edit the song such as trimming the blank segment out, reducing noise and adding some audio effects. When it is done, you can top "File" menu > "Export" > "Export as MP3" to record Apple Music as MP3.

record apple music with audacity


1. It is easy and intuitive.

2. A lot of editing features like other commercial software.

3. It is completely free.


1. It can only record one song at a time. If you record a playlist, all the songs will be combined together.

2. The output quality is easily to be affected if some other apps running on your computer such as popup windows.

3. It takes real time to record songs which is time-consuming.

Part 2. The Advanced Way to Batch Record Apple Music Losslessly

Do you want to record the lossless version of songs?

And do you have hundreds or thousands of Apple Music you want to save to your computer?

If so, a free streaming recording software seems powerless. Because it may take your days or weeks. I assume you will absolutely not want to waste your precious time.

Please just take it easy. The development of technology has our life so easy today. With the best DRmare Apple Music Recorder for Mac, you can record all songs from Apple Music within 1 click.

It is specially designed for converting iTunes songs, Apple Music, iTunes audiobooks. It combines the smart automatic converting and background acceleration technology. You can convert Apple Music with up to 30X faster speed. No matter how many songs you have, you can finish converting them within a short time.

What is more, instead of using the DRM crack technology, the latest Mac version has changed the mechanism to capture songs from Apple Music with the legal recording technology. So please feel free to use it at your home, office and so on.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Support Apple Music M4P, iTunes songs M4A, audiobooks M4B and so on
  • Keep ID3 tags, metadata, album cover, title for all recorded songs
  • Convert multiple songs at 30X quickly and automatically
  • Compatible with any other apps on computers, they won't be interfered with each other

Sounds too good to be true? Why not download the free trial version to follow me to do that immediately? Here are the tips on how to rip Apple music.

Step 1Import Apple Music
import m4p music
Before we get started, please make sure you have login to iTunes and prepared all the Apple Music songs you want to record to MP3 first. Then you can drag and drop them from iTunes to DRmare software main screen. Or alternatively you can click the "Add Files" button, then the software will pop up you the browse window to import all M4P files within 1 click.
Step 2Select MP3 format (optional)
keep default mp3 format
DRmare audio recorder supports many output formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, FLAC, WAV and M4B. You can choose the format you want. Here I will choose MP3 which has a balanced size and high sound quality. As MP3 is preset by default, so normally you don't need to make any change to it.
Step 3Record audio from iTunes
record apple music to mp3
Now you can choose an output folder and click "Convert" button, then all the files will be recorded and save offline. No matter how many files you have, they will be converted quickly and the files will be split perfectly. The converted Apple Music will look the purchased versions of songs from iTunes with lossless quality.
Video Tutorial
For your convenience, you can also visit this video tutorial:


1. Batch converting technology, save your time significantly.

2. Keep lossless quality of the songs.

3. Retain original high fidelity quality.


1. The premium version is not free.

Part 3. Wrap Up

These are two two best ways to record Apple Music. In the first way, it works for a few songs and it is totally free but could be time-consuming if you are a heavy listener. In the second way, it charges you a few dollars, but can help you save a lot of time to record thousands of Apple Music songs offline with ease.

You can choose the right way you want according to your requirement.

Which way do you prefer? Please do not hesitate to let's know on the comments below.