[2019 Latest Tips] How to Add Any iTunes Songs to Spotify

"Previously I was able to click 'File'> 'Import Playlist' to import my own songs on Spotify. But recently I can't find this menu anymore. What happened to the Spotify app? Can I still add iTunes songs to Spotify? This is a deal breaker for me to subscribe to the premium membership.“ - Question from a social community

Spotify is undoubted a great streaming music platform which keeps adding new features. Unfortunately it also removes some great features from its app. Such as the features to shuffle functionality from mobiles, view all tracks in a folder, import iTunes playlist manually. Today I will show you the other best ways to import iTunes playlist to Spotify effortlessly.

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Part 1. How to Import iTunes Playlist to Spotify Automatically

Spotify has removed the top menu to import music but still retain the option for you to customize what kinds of songs you want to add from your library and upload to Spotifiy. Please follow the steps to load iTunes library.

Share iTunes Library File

share itunes library xml

iTunes music library can't be accessed by other third-party tools by default. Please set iTunes to share the library file.

1. Open iTunes > Click "File" menu > "Edit" > "Preferences" to open the iTunes Preferences window.

2. On the pop up window, go to the "Advanced" tab.

3. Select the checkbox beside the option "Share iTunes Library XMLwith other applications".

4. Click "OK" to confirm and exit.

Enable the Option to Load iTunes Music Automatically

add itunes songs to spotify

1. Open Spotify desktop client, click the "downward-arrow" icon > "Settings" > Scroll down to the "Local Files" tab.

2. Normally you will see the option "iTunes", "Music Library" by default. You just need to switch the option from "Off" to "On". Then the DRM free songs will be imported automatically.

3. Go back to the main screen, click "Local Files", you will see all the songs from your iTunes music library.

4. After that, you can go to your mobile devices to find the local files and listen to them easily.

Part 2. Can You Still Transfer the DRM Protected iTunes Songs to Spotify

If you check the local files you uploaded from iTunes to Spotify, you may find some music are not transferred. That is mostly because they are songs purchased before 2009 which are protected with the FairPlay DRM protection. In addition, there are some special formats of audio files which are not supported by Spotify.

To transfer entire iTunes library to Spotify in a better way with all your favorite songs, you can convert iTunes music to common MP3 files. DRmare DRM iTunes Music Converter for Windows/Mac is one of the best solutions to help you. It supports to batch converting thousands of songs with a few clicks. No matter how many files you have, you can encode them quickly as you want.

DRmare iTunes to Spotify Converter

drmare itunes playlist converter
  • Remove DRM from iTunes DRM protected M4P songs, podcast, audiobooks
  • Convert any formats of audio files to MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, M4B, FLAC
  • Edit your music files and archive your playlist by artist/album
  • Support all kinds of systems including latest Windows 10 and Mac 10.14 Mojave

Now please prepare the iTunes playlists files which you want to convert and one click to download the software to help you.

Step 1Load DRM M4P songs
import itunes playlist

Drag & drop the music from the iTunes library to the DRmare main screen. Generally it will be done in no time. For a big library let's say several thousand songs, it may take a few minutes. Note: If you import a lot of songs, please make sure you have a powerful computer with enough memory, else the process maybe stuck.

Step 2Choose an audio format supported by Spotify
select mp3 format
Spority supports MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC audio files as well as the video formats M4V, 3GP, 3G2, MOV which contains only audio. Here you can choose AAC, MP3 or FLAC.
Step 3Click "Convert" button
convert itunes songs
Check to make sure there is no problem, you can select and output folder and click "Convert" button from the bottom right to start converting iTunes songs to MP3.
Step 4Add local files to Spotify
upload music to spotify
You can go back to the settings windows of Spotify app > "Local Files" > "Add a Source" to upload converted iTunes music you want to Spotify. It is more flexible and better compatibility.

Part 3. Conclusion

With the 2 methods above, you should get rid of the problems of export iTunes Playlists to Spotify. In the first way, you don't need other tools but only do a few clicks directly. The problem is that it doesn't support DRM files. In second solution require a third party software, but it can help you with any audio files and organize your music library better. Just pick up the method you want.

Finally, I'd like to mention that though Apple has gave up the DRM protection on the iTunes songs since 2009, it still has the DRM from its streaming Apple Music. To to import Apple Music to Spotify, you can use the same software to get rid of the DRM protection as well.

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