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How to Play Apple Music on Peloton in Two Ways

The Peloton bike is a very popular piece of home fitness equipment. It is equipped with a touchscreen display and built-in speakers. You can even listen to your favorite music and watch exercise instruction videos. And speaking of music, Apple Music offers a large selection of exercise songs. Do you want to listen to Apple Music on Peloton bike while you work out? Then read on. While Apple Music and Peloton are not integrated, we've found the best two ways for you.

play apple music on peloton

Way 1. How to Connect Apple Music to Peloton via Track Love - for Certain Songs

How to connect Peloton to Apple Music? In fact, there is no direct way. Fortunately, Peloton has introduced a new 'Track Love' feature. It allows you to save all the songs you hear in class. This allows you to add them to your own playlist to listen to while exercising on Peloton.

In addition, a new music section has been added to your profile page where you can see all the tracks you have saved. This means that you can listen to all your Apple Music songs on this list of songs on Peloton.

1.1 How to Connect Apple Music Account with Peloton

Step 1. Head to your 'profile' page and tap on 'Settings'.

Step 2. Tap on 'Music' and you can log in to your Apple Music account on the right side.

connect apple music to peloton

1.2 How to Play Apple Music on Peloton

Step 1. On your Peloton screen, tap on the 'Music' icon at the top left.

Step 2. Tap on the 'heart' icon next to the song. Apple Music will create a Peloton playlist and save the song in the playlist automatically.

save songs on peloton playlist

Step 3. Navigate to your 'profile' page and then choose the 'Music' section on the left panel.

music section on your peloton profile

Step 4. Tap on 'My Peloton Music by [your username]'. Here you can see all your saved Apple Music songs.

Way 2. How to Listen to Apple Music on Peloton via DRmare Audio Converter - for Any Music

Using the first method will only allow you to play Apple Music from your Peloton playlist. What if the song you want is not in your Peloton playlist? Use DRmare Audio Converter to download Apple Music songs and upload them to Peloton. This allows you to stream any song, playlist, or album on Peloton while you work out.

The DRmare software works well to convert Apple Music to MP3 or other common audio files. Then, you can add the converted songs to Peloton for listening. Besides, these songs don't have any quality loss. It also helps you retain the ID3 tags of Apple Music tracks. Surprisingly, you can get the converted Apple music files in a short time because the Drmare program runs 30 times faster.

After you save the converted Apple Music playlists on your computer, you can also send them to Peloton or any other device for playback. Plus, if you have problems of Peloton music not syncing with Apple Music, this way can help you solve that problem.

DRmare Audio Converter for Peloton

drmare apple music converter
  • Use Apple Music on Peloton with ease offline
  • Convert Apple Music songs to MP3, FLAC, AAC, etc.
  • Keep the lossless sound quality of converted Apple Music files
  • Preserve the ID3 tags of Apple Music playlist, customize output parameters

Just with a few clicks, you are able to fix the problem of how to play Apple Music on Peloton with ease. Before we go ahead, please first install the DRmare Audio Converter on your computer via the 'Download' button above.

Step 1Load Apple Music files to DRmare
add apple music tracks to drmare
Click the 'Add Files' button on the left of the DRmare Audio Converter. Then load all your Apple Music songs you want to convert. You can upload 100 Apple Music files at one time. Or you can drag them to the conversion window.
Step 2Set output format of Apple Music tracks
choose output format for peloton
Hit the 'Format' icon on the right of the main page. Then you can select one of the formats in the new window. Additionally, you should reset the channel, codec, bit rate and sample rate according to your needs.
Step 3Convert Apple Music playlist for Peloton
convert apple music for peloton
Tap on the 'Convert' button on the right. The DRmare Audio Converter will download Apple Music songs on PC at once. You can locate the Peloton playlist from Apple Music in the output folder on your computer.
Step 4Play Apple Music playlist on Peloton

Now you have got the Apple Music playlist you need for Peloton. You can now move them to Peloton for listening. You can do it via Google Play Music or Google Drive.

1. Google Play Music

upload apple music to peloton with google play

1. Go to the Google Play website and log in to your Google account.

2. Choose the 'Upload Music' > 'Music Manager' option.

3. Select the icon 'Menu' > 'Upload songs to Google Play'.

4. Hit the 'Other Folder' > 'Next' option. Select the 'Converted' folder to move Apple Music to Google Play Music.

5. Reach the Google Play website through the WebView Browser on Peloton. Play the uploaded Apple Music playlist.

2. Google Drive

upload apple music to peloton with google drive

1. Go to Google Drive. Sign in to your Google account.

2. Choose the 'Create' > 'Folder' option. Make a folder for your downloaded Apple Music playlist.

3. Click the 'Upload' > 'Files' icon. Open the 'Converted' folder to transfer Apple Music playlists to Google Drive.

4. Open Google Drive via the WebView Browser on Peloton. Load the Apple Music playlist to Peloton. Then you are able to enjoy the playlist from Apple Music when you ride on Peloton.

Video TutorialHow to Play Apple Music on Peloton

Part 3. More Tips about Apple Music and Peloton

Tip 1: How to Sync Peloton Playlists to Apple Music

Step 1. Head to your 'profile' page and tap on 'Settings'.

Step 2. Tap on 'Music' and you can log in to your Apple Music account on the right side.

Step 3. Tap on 'Connect' next to Apple Music to enter your email and password.

connect apple music account to peloton

Step 4. Enter the authentication code and tap on 'Allow' to connect your Apple Music account to Peloton.

Step 5. Now you can open the 'Apple Music' application and go to 'Library'.

Step 6. You can find your Peloton playlist named 'My Peloton Music by [your username]'.

peloton playlist on apple music

Tip 2: How to Connect Peloton to Apple Watch

Step 1. Download and install the 'Peloton' app on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Step 2. On your iPhone, open Peloton and tap on 'More'.

Step 3. Scroll down and select 'Apple Watch' in the 'Add-ons' section.

Step 4. Press the 'Set up' button and then tap on 'Connect to Health App'.

connect peloton to apple watch

Step 5. Back to the 'More' page and choose 'Health App'. Tap 'Turn on all' to allow Peloton to access your health data.

Step 6. Back to Peloton and tap 'Done' to save the changes.

Step 7. On your Apple Watch, open Peloton and tap 'Allow' to connect Apple Watch to Peloton.

Tip 3: Best Apple Music Playlists for Workout

# It's Electric

You will love the rock music on the playlist. The songs from both today and yesterday are here for you. You can listen to new tracks on it which excite you at all times.

# Ovo Sound Playlist

This rap playlist has a mixture of popular hip-hop tracks and some great new songs. The playlist will be updated regularly so you will be surprised to hear the new songs in it.

# Julie Adenuga's Playlist

Best dance songs across the world are for you in this playlist. You will be immersed in the rich musical culture on this playlist. It is one of the best playlists on Apple Music.

# The Pharmacy

This is one of the top playlists for hip-hop lovers all over the world. You will love it if you love hip-pop. You will get amazing tracks and also new songs on it.

In Summary

Although Apple Music and Peloton are not integrated, we have provided you with two ways to listen to Apple Music on Peloton. With the Track Love feature on Peloton, you can enjoy Apple Music from Peloton's playlist. However, if you use DRmare Audio Converter, you can access any Apple Music songs on Peloton. In fact, if you want to listen to Apple Music on any other incompatible device, DRmare Audio Converter can help you.

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