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An all-in-one M4V video converter to convert M4V videos and common videos

  • Convert M4V videos and other video files to plain video formats
  • Preserve original video quality, subtitles and so on
  • Support to edit the video files before converting
  • Play video files on any device and media player with ease

Best M4V to MPEG Converter - How to Convert DRM M4V to MPEG

Since iTunes plays an important role in playing and organizing digital music and video files, the M4V files become more and more popular in the market. But to our iTunes fans' disappointment, these iTunes M4V movies and TV shows purchased and rented from iTunes store are only permitted to play on Apple devices due to the FairPlay DRM technology. That is to say, M4V videos are not available in playing on other portable devices and editing for special uses.

If you are one of the iTunes fans, you might wonder if there's a good method to figure it out. Certainly! The most effective solution is to get rid of the restriction of DRM and convert M4V to other popular formats that are compatible with multiple devices, such as MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV and etc. If you also would like to save your computer memory and playback these iTunes videos with high quality, I highly recommend converting M4V to MPEG.

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convert m4v to mpeg

Part 1. Best M4V to MPEG Converter - Unlock DRM Protection Legally

Are you looking for a functional converter to gain MPEG files from iTunes M4V files? Why not to try this impressive and professional M4V to MPEG Converter, namely DRmare M4V Converter for Mac, which can help you achieve this goal easily. It is specialized in removing DRM protection from iTunes DRM M4V videos, including movie purchases, rentals, TV episodes, music videos as well as iTunes Extras and it enables you to convert those iTunes DRM M4V videos to DRM-free MPEG files with 100% original quality. Besides, this easy-to-use M4V to MPEG Converter also supports converting M4V to other video and audio formats, including AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MP3, etc.

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DRmare iTunes M4V to MPEG Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Bypass FairPlay DRM from iTunes M4V rentals and purchases
  • Supports to convert M4V to MPEG and other formats
  • Run at a 30X faster speed while keeping the lossless quality
  • Convert iTunes M4V to popular media devices

Part 2. Simple Guide to Convert M4V to MPEG Format with DRmare

Here, we will give a quick tutorial to show you how to convert iTunes DRM M4V videos to MPEG in 3 steps only. Please note that you have downloaded and installed the M4V to MPEG Converter for Mac on your computer firstly.

Step 1 Import M4V files from iTunes library
load m4v videos
There are two methods to add M4V files to DRmare M4V Converter. One way is to click the "+" button to select iTunes movies and TV shows that you want to convert. The other method is to import iTunes movies to this M4V Converter directly via drag&drop action.
Step 2Set MPEG as the output format
set mpeg format
Once the iTunes M4V files loaded successfully, you can click the "Format" button. It will turn up a new windows, in which you can get into "General Video" tab of this software, then you can choose the "MPEG-1" or "MPEG-2" according to your needs.
Step 3Convert DRM iTunes M4V to MPFG
convert m4v to mpeg
After you finish all settings, you can start to convert MP4 to MPEG by clicking the "Convert" button. Please wait for a while, you will get the MPEG files in the destination folder or click the "Converted" button to find them.

Part 3. M4V & MPEG – What You Need to Know

M4V, created by Apple Inc., is a standard format of video files, and it is generally build-in iPods, iPhones, PlayStation Portable and etc. And the M4V is totally close to MP4 format. The slight difference is that M4V is able to store chapter information and handle AC3 (Dolby Digital) audio files. But AC3 is not directly compatible with MP4 container. In addition, we have mentioned above that M4V files are encrypted by FairPlay DRM technology.

MPEG (known as MPG) refers to formal auditing procedures of a series of video coding standards made by the Moving Picture Experts Group in general. MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 are both general coding standards for mobile images and related audio information. With the use of digital video and audio data compression specifications and algorithms, the MPEG are widely used to store videos and audios because it makes it possible to reduce size keeping high resolution and bit rate.

Video Tutorial to Convert iTunes M4V to MPEG on Mac

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