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An all-in-one M4V video converter to convert M4V videos and common videos

  • Convert M4V videos and other video files to plain video formats
  • Preserve original video quality, subtitles and so on
  • Support to edit the video files before converting
  • Play video files on any device and media player with ease

How to Convert DRM M4V Movies to HEVC

HEVC, short for High Efficiency Video Coding, is also known as H.265. It is developed by Joint Collaborative Team as a potential successors of the widely used H.264 video. Compared to the H.264 (AVC), H.265 has multiple benefits in various aspects. For example, H.265 has a much higher compression rate, smaller size, more clear picture quality. The resolution it supports is up to 8K UHD.

However, H.265 is not as popular as H.265 because it charges really high patent fee to use it for many content providers and device manufacturers. As one of the biggest digital media content seller, iTunes offers all the videos in H.264 codec with M4V format such as the iTunes films, TV episodes, Extras and so on. Normally this is not a problem for common users.

However, if you purchase or rent a lot of videos, there is a big possibility that you will run out of space on your devices. Or if you care about the quality very much, some of the H.264 videos may not meet your requirements. But please don't worry, here I will show you how to decode iTunes DRM M4V movies to HEVC in an easy way.

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convert m4v to hevc

Part 1. Best Tool to Encode iTunes Videos to HEVC

When it comes to video converters, we can list many products readily available in the market such as the free online video converters and third party paid version tools which can convert H.264 to HEVC and vice visa. So the question here is which one can help you best? The answer may vary as different software have different features. If you only convert common videos, then a free online software can do the job perfectly. But if you are going to convert iTunes movies, you have to get the specific DRM Converter because iTunes movies are locked with the FairPlay copy protection.

So what I would recommend here is just go online and search a DRM software directly. You can pick up the software from DRM solution companies like DRmare, TunesKit, Aimersoft or NoteBurner etc. To save your time, if you want a easiest and cleanest one to convert iTunes movies only, I'd recommend DRmare M4V Converter. It is special developing for users to removing DRM as well as transcoding the M4V videos to hot video formats with up to 20X faster speed.

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DRmare iTunes M4V to HEVC Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Friendly user interface, it requires no technical knowledge to use it fluently
  • Support to remove DRM as well as convert iTunes films to HEVC format
  • Runs at a rather fast speed 20X faster, you don't need to wait a long time
  • Supports the latest iTunes, lifetime free update and technical support

Part 2. Tutorial to Convert M4V Videos to HEVC

With this special iTunes video converter, it is a breeze to encode your videos to HEVC. Just download the free trial version above. If it is the first time you use this software, you can also follow me to do that step by step.

Step 1 Add iTunes M4V files
load m4v movies
In order to help you convert iTunes movies, you can simply drag and drop the downloaded iTunes movies to the DRmare M4V Converter main screen. Or you can click the 'Add Files' button to add the files directly too. If you haven't downloaded the videos yet, please just download and authorize the videos to play on your iTunes first.
Step 2Customize output format as HEVC
set hevc/h.265 format
Next, you can click the 'Format' icon and navigate to the 'General Video' tab and select 'HEVC Video' as the output format. To make your videos look more personalized, you might click the small gear icon above the format to customize the bit rate, frame rate and so on.
Step 3Convert M4V movies to HEVC
convert m4v to h.265
Check to make sure everything is set as you want, then you can press the 'Convert' button. DRmare M4V Converter will start to remove all DRM protection from your iTunes movies and convert them to HEVC as you customized. To let the converting runs smoothly, you'd better not to do other things during the process of converting.

Part 3. Two Ways to Play HEVC Films

When the converting is done, you can find the converted HEVC movies on the output folder of DRmare M4V Converter. The HEVC videos should has much smaller size. You can transfer them to other devices easily for watching or backup. But since HEVC is not as popular as the widely used H.264 videos, some players may not support it. Here I will recommend the top two ways to help you if you encounter any playback problem of HEVC movies.

1. Install the HEVC/H.265 codec. Some popular players including the Windows Media Player, QuickTime Player etc. don't support to play HEVC videos by default as they don't have the right codec. You can download and install one of the HEVC codecs such as the DivX HEVC, X265, K-Lite Mega codec.

2. Get a free HEVC player. As we know, some free video players such as PotPlayer, VLC Player support HEVC format of movies by default. So you just need to search such a player for you.

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