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  • Support to convert Apple Music, Audible audiobooks, and more audio files
  • Batch convert audio files in a fast speed with original quality kept
  • Output audio tracks to plain audio formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

How to Get Amazon Prime Audiobooks Free

"Does Amazon Prime have free audiobooks?" The answer is yes. With an Amazon Premium plan, you can get services like Prime Music/Video/Reading to enjoy music, eBooks, and audiobooks. As a member of Amazon Prime, you can get Audible audiobooks for free. You can get Amazon Prime audiobooks free from the Audible Channel, and selected Amazon Prime audiobooks.

Yet, Amazon doesn't make it clear enough on how to get free audiobooks with Amazon Prime. In some cases, users may end up paying extra money for Audible books. So today, we will show how to get free Audible books with Amazon Prime in detailed steps. After that, you can listen to free audiobooks with Amazon Prime.

amazon prime audiobooks free

Part 1. How to Get Free Audiobooks with Amazon Prime

Amazon is the largest book, eBook, and audiobook seller in the world. To improve the experience of enjoying digital content, it also created the Whispersync service. This allows users to switch between reading and listening seamlessly. When you search for an eBook, it will display the counterpart audiobook which is available.

Besides, you can listen to them by streaming online but have no authority to download them. For offline listening, it requires an Audible membership.

prime reading with audible

Now, let's see how to find free Audible books on Amazon Prime below.

Step 1. Open your Fire or Kindle device. If you are using a computer, go to the Amazon website, and select the "Kindle Store" section.

Step 2. Search for a book you want. Then it will show you some book results.

Step 3. Check to find the eBook which has a Prime logo and the Wispersync option.

Step 4. You can borrow the eBook first with Prime membership. Then click the "Listen for free" button to borrow the audiobooks.

Please note only some titles are available on Amazon Prime. If you'd like to see all the Amazon Prime audiobooks, you can click "Prime Benefits" under the "Audible" category on a Fire tablet.

Or you can check Amazon Prime audiobooks free list with Audible Narration on computers. Go to webpage to find a book with Audible Narration. Then hit on "Read and Listen for Free" to get the book.

Part 2. How to Get Free Audiobooks on Amazon Prime under Audible Channel

The other Audible benefit with Amazon Prime is accessing Audible Channels for free. It offers short-form audio podcasts, documentaries, comedy shows, programs, and more in the Audible app. This is another option to get Amazon Prime audiobooks free. If you are a Prime member, you can get access to a number of Audible books for free.

For non-subscribers, they can stream up to 30 minutes of content by accessing the channels. It's also worth mentioning that Amazon Prime membership doesn't include an Audible membership. But you can get discounted pricing on membership. The separate subscription fee for the Audible Channel is $4.95/month.

get free audiobooks with amazon prime by audible channel

Step 1. Open the Audible app from your Fire, computer, or whatsoever.

Step 2. You will see the menu "Channels for Prime", please click it and open it.

channels for prime on audible app

Step 3. From the opened window, you will see a list of featured content.

Step 4. You can open and follow the channel you want. To stream the audiobook online, just click the "Play" button.

If you are an Audible member, the 'Channels for Prime' option won't show up. And it will be switched to 'Originals', which content is different from Audible Channels.

Part 3. How to Download and Get Amazon Prime Audiobooks Free Forever

How to listen to free audiobooks with Amazon Prime? After finding Amazon Prime Audible books, you can start to listen to them from the Audible app. If you'd like to download them offline, you need to find the title from the library. Then click the "..." icon > choose "Download". For the podcasts from the Audible Channel, you can also click the "..." icon. And then choose "Download Item" to download them one by one.

But if you cancel Amazon Prime, you will lose all Prime Audible books. In theory, you don't own the Amazon audio books. So, is there another way to download and keep Amazon Prime free audiobooks forever? Yes, you can draw support from a third-party Audible converter to do it.

Here, we can meet the DRmare Audible Converter. It can download and keep Amazon Prime free Audible books forever. Besides, free Prime audiobooks are AA / AAX files that can't be recognized by common players. Thanks to this powerful Audible converter, it can also convert Audible AA / AAX to MP3 with ease. And then, you can listen to free Audible books on Amazon Prime anywhere without Prime and Audible membership.

Key Features of DRmare Audible Converter

drmare audible converter
  • Convert Audible files at a 30X faster speed
  • Batch convert Audible AA/AAX audio to MP3, AAC, M4B, etc. at a fast speed
  • Split large audiobook files into small chapters, edit the audio pitch, volume, etc.
  • Play and preview your audiobooks in real-time, easiest ever converting interface

How to Download Amazon Prime Audiobooks Free and Keep Forever

How to get free audio books with Amazon Prime forever from Audible? You can make it possible by doing a few clicks with DRmare Audible Converter. It will keep lossless audiobook quality to offer a nice listening experience. Let's see how to do it below:

Step 1Load free Audible books on Amazon Prime to DRmare
add free audible books on amazon prime
Before you get started, you need to download and prepare your Amazon Prime free audio books. You can get them via Apple Books on Mac or Audible Download Manager on Windows. Then install and open the DRmare Audible Converter. Click on the 'add files' icon to go to import audiobooks to DRmare program for converting.
Step 2Define output format for Amazon Prime audiobooks
choose output format for amazon prime audiobooks
To play the audiobooks on any other device, we'd recommend you choose the MP3 format. No matter what portable devices you have, they can support MP3 format. To set the output audio format, please go to the 'audio' icon on DRmare Audible Converter and click on it. Then it will show the Format Setting screen. There you can start to choose the output audio format, codec and other audio parameters. Besides, you can reset the pitch, volume and speed for your audiobooks.
Step 3Get free Audible books with Prime on DRmare
get free audible books with prime on drmare
Finally, you can click the "Convert" button to start converting books from Audible to MP3 audio. Within a while, your audiobooks are ready to play on any player offline. In this way, you will own the audiobooks from Amazon Prime forever.

Part 4. FAQs of Amazon Prime Audiobooks

Q1: Does Amazon Prime Include Audiobooks?

A: Yes. There are two Audible benefits that Amazon Prime users can enjoy to get free audiobooks. You can follow the above instruction to get Amazon audio books.

Q2: Do I Have to Have Audible Membership to Enjoy the Prime Benefits?

A: No, you can sign in to the Audible app with your Amazon account to get the audiobooks. But if you'd like to download selected Amazon Prime audiobooks offline, you will need a membership.

Q3: Some Audible Books Are Not Free Available with Prime. Can I Buy Them at a Cheaper Price?

A: No, to enjoy discounts, you need to subscribe to Audible membership.

Q4: How Many Audiobooks Can I Have Access to with a Prime Subscription?

A: In general, you can listen to about 50 free audiobooks under 10 different categories.

Q5: What Are the Differences between Amazon Prime Audiobooks, Kindle Unlimited and Audible?

A: They all belong to Amazon. But they are separate services.

Amazon Prime Audiobooks is also named Prime Reading. It is a part of benefit from the Amazon Prime subscription. It offers free books for Prime users and the books can be accessed via the Kindle app or Kindle devices.

Kindle Unlimited is a separate service of Amazon. Subscribers can access more than 1.4 million Kindle books and magazines. This subscription is not included in the Prime membership.

Audible is the largest audiobook provider in the market. And it offers over 400,000 titles of audiobooks. You can get free Audible credits to get audiobooks or subscribe to its plan.

Q6: What Kinds of Audiobooks Are Available on Amazon Prime?

A: It includes many genres of audiobooks. Please check the detail below.

  • Comics and Graphic Novels
  • Children's Literature
  • Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Legends and Mythology
  • Drama
  • Historical Events
  • Gothic and Romance
  • Horror and Supernatural
  • Mystery and Detective
  • Humor
  • Poetry
  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Short Stories
  • Women
  • Science Fiction and Fantasy

Q7: Is There a Discount for Audible for Prime Members?

A: If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can enjoy a 3-month of Audible Premium Plus for free. But this deal expired on July 31, 2022.

Part 5. The Verdict

This post has shown you how to access free Audible books with Amazon Prime in two ways. Besides, it guided you on how to download Amazon Prime audiobooks free forever by the DRmare Audible Converter. With this program, you can convert Audible audiobooks to common audio files to use on other devices. And you will get the original quality of the audiobook files after the conversion. Also, you can adjust the output volume and more you like.

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