DRmare Audible Converter

Smart Audible to MP3 convert to download, convert, split Audible books

  • Download Audible AA and AAX files locally without Audible account authorization
  • Convert Audible books to MP3, FLAC, MKA, AIFF, M4A, M4B at 100X speed in bulk
  • Customize audiobook effects and split Audible files by chapters for better use
  • Edit ID3 tags manually, or keep all ID3 tags and chapter info automatically

Overview of the AudibleSync App

In 2022, Audible Inc. developed a new download app for Audible - AudibleSync. It is designed to allow users to better manage their Audible audiobooks. It is a Windows application and is compatible with Windows 10 and 11. What is AudibleSync used for? How to use it? What's the difference between AudibleSync and the Audible Windows app? Read on and learn everything you ever wanted to know about AudibleSync.

audiblesync overview

Part 1. What Is the AudibleSync App

The AudibleSync App is a Windows application designed by in the Audio & Multimedia Category. It's only compatible with Windows, but it's more download-focused than the Audible app for Windows. With it, you can easily download Audible audiobooks and transfer them to supported MP3 players.

Key features of AudibleSync:

So, what's the difference between AudibleSync and the Audible for Windows app? Check out the comparison table below.

AudibleSync Audible App for Windows
Support System Windows 10 and 11 Windows 11
Access Audible Library
Download Audible Titles
Listen to Audible Books Online
Purchase Audible Titles

Part 2. How to Use AudibleSync

After knowing what AudibleSync can be used for, now we will show you how to use it in detail.

Preparation: download the AudibleSync app for Windows 10/11

2.1 Download Audible Books

Step 1. Once installed, open AudibleSync on your Windows computer.

Step 2. Click on 'Sign In' and then enter your Amazon/Audible account information.

sign in to audiblesync

Step 3. Then you can see your entire Audible library. Browse or search for the title you want to download.

Step 4. Click on 'Download' next to the title to start the downloading process.

audiblesync download audible books

Note: AudibleSync download location: C:\Users\your computer username\AppData\Roaming\AudibleSync\downloads

2.2 Activate an MP3 Player

After downloading Audible books, you can transfer them to a supported MP3 player. Before that, you need to activate your MP3 player on AudibleSync.

Step 1. Launch AudibleSync and then connect an MP3 player to your computer.

Step 2. Then you will see a 'Device' icon on the left side of the main screen of AudibleSync, click on it.

Step 3. Click on the 'Activate Device' button at the top-right corner.

activate mp3 player

2.3 Transfer Audible Books to an MP3 Player

Now you can easily move a downloaded Audible title to your MP3 player. But please note that your MP3 player needs to be compatible with the AudibleSync app.

AudibleSync-supported MP3 players:

  • SanDisk ClipJam MSC
  • Bones Milestone 312
  • Victor Reader Stream MSC 2
  • SanDisk Clip Sport Plus
  • SanDisk Clip Sport Go
  • Bones Milestone 212

Step 1. Open AudibleSync and connect your compatible MP3 player to your computer.

Step 2. In your 'Library', click on the title you want to transfer to your MP3 player. Then click 'Copy to Device' and this book will be moved to your MP3 player.

transfer audible books to mp3 player via audiblesync app

Or: Alternatively, you can drag and drop the title to your MP3 player.

Part 3. A Better Way to Download Audible Books to MP3 Player

With the AudibleSync app, you can only transfer Audible audiobooks to its compatible MP3 players. And there are only 6 supported MP3 players. What if your MP3 player isn't on the list, but you still want to enjoy Audible books on your MP3 player? DRmare Audible Converter is the answer. It allows you to listen to Audible audiobooks on any MP3 player without limitation.

DRmare Audible Converter is dedicated to converting Audible AA/AAX to MP3/FLAC/AAC, etc. It supports batch conversion of your Audible books, so you can quickly extract your favorite books. No need to worry about sound quality as it retains 100% original audio and all ID3 tags. After extracting audio from Audible, you can use the converted Audible files however you want, including transferring them to an MP3 player.

audible converter

DRmare Audible Converter

vector Security verified. 2, 250,612 people have downloaded it.

  • Convert Audible enhanced format to popular MP3 file
  • Enjoy Audible audiobooks even if the subscription expires
  • Transfer Audible books to any MP3 player without limits
  • Save original sound quality and metadata information

How to Download and Transfer Audible Books to MP3 Players

Please first press the 'Download' button above to install the DRmare Audible Converter on your Windows/Mac computer. Then follow the steps below to move your favorite Audible audiobooks to any of your MP3 players.

Step 1Add Audible files to DRmare
add audible books to DRmare Audible Converter
Note that you need to download Audible books to your computer in advance. You can do that on the Audible app or Audible Cloud Player. Then open the DRmare Audible Converter and add the downloaded Audible files to it via the 'Add Files' buttons at the bottom left.
Step 2Change Audible output parameters
change output parameters for mp3 player
By default, the output format of the DRmare software is 'MP3'. So, you don't need to change it. But you can change other parameters including the codec, channel, sample rate, and bit rate. To do that, click on the 'Format' icon at the bottom-right corner.
Step 3Convert Audible books to MP3
convert audible audiobooks to mp3
Now click the 'Convert' icon and your added Audible files will be downloaded in batches. When it is done, you can click on 'Converted' or 'Open' to find and view them. They are also stored on your local computer and you can keep them for as long as you want.
Step 4Transfer Audible audiobooks to MP3 player
Now, you have got plain audio files of Audible audiobooks. You can move them to other devices including your MP3 player. Simply use Bluetooth, a USB cable, or a USB drive to connect your computer to an MP3 player. Then you can copy and paste the Audible files to your MP3. After that, you can listen to Audible books offline on your MP3 player without hassle.

Part 4. Comparison of AudibleSync and DRmare Audible Converter

Both AudibleSync and DRmare Audible Converter can be used to transfer Audible books to MP3 players. But what's the difference between them? You can check the comparison table below.

AudibleSync DRmare Audible Converter
Support System Windows 10 and 11 Windows and Mac
Download Speed 1X 30X
Transfer to Other Devices ✔(Compatible MP3 players) ✔(Any device including all MP3 players)
Keep ID3 Tags
Orgainize Downloaded Audio
Listen to Audible Books Offline
Batch Download

Obviously, DRmare Audible Converter is more powerful because it allows you to move your downloaded Audible books to any device. There is no limit to the MP3 player you use or other portable devices you use. You can quickly convert Audible audiobooks and transfer them to other devices for offline playback. So, if you meet the problem of AudibleSync not working, simply use DRmare Audible Converter.

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