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How to Stream iTunes Movies to TiVo Bolt Vox

"Is it possible to get TiVo to stream the iTunes videos like Amazon, Hulu on the TV? Would like to stream iTunes movies and shows that I have bought and downloaded on to my PC. " - Question from the Apple forum

TiVo is a unified entertainment system which seamlessly combines the live TV, recordings, on-demand, streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu etc. into one on-screen interface. On Oct 24, 2017, TiVo officially announced its voice-controlled DVRs, the Bolt Vox, Mini Vox and the voice remote control, making it much more convenient to search and enjoy videos.

The Bolt Vox has the same hardware configuration like the previous version and the Mini Vox been upgraded with more powerful performance and a smaller beautiful design. Both support up to 4K streaming videos and aims at helping users bridge traditional TV and online streaming service.

But iTunes app doesn't exist on TiVo streaming device, so you may be stuck with the similar question asked above if you want to enjoy iTunes videos. Now I will explore another alternative solution to Stream iTunes movies to TiVo for you.


tivo bolt vox

Part 1. Does TiVo Support iTunes M4V Format

The video formats supported by TiVo are very limited. Most devices within the TiVo Family only support MPEG-2 format. Some newly released devices are able to detect new formats of files like QuickTime Movie MOV, Windows Media Video WMV, MPEG-4, H.264, MPEG-2, DivX and Xvid. However, all these formats will be automatically converted to MPEG-2 during the transferring process.

Since iTunes videos are in M4V format, obviously it is not supported. In order to transfer iTunes M4V movies to TiVo Bolt Vox, you have to convert M4V to TiVo compatible format. In addition, iTunes movies are FairPlay DRM protected, you need to bypass the DRM to convert the videos.

Thanks to the powerful all-mighty DRmare M4V Converter for Mac/Windows, it is not difficult at all, so please don't panic. DRmare supports a lot of output formats, players, devices, editing software with the built-in DRM removal feature. By converting the iTunes videos, the DRM will be cracked automatically. It is highly recommended for its multiple useful features.

DRmare iTunes to TiVo Converter

drmare drm m4v converter
  • Support all the movies, TV shows, purchased or rented from iTunes store
  • Remove DRM copy protection with the latest video decryption technology
  • Convert iTunes M4V to TiVo supported MPEG-2 and other popular formats
  • Convert videos at 20X faster speed while keeping the original quality

Part 2. Steps to Convert iTunes Movie to TiVo Compatible Format

DRmare M4V Converter runs very fast and stably. Just import your videos and do several clicks, it will quickly turn the iTunes videos to MPEG-2 format as you want for your TiVo set-top box.

Step 1Start the software and add your videos
import drm m4v videos
You can double-click the software icon to launch DRmare M4V Converter from your computer, iTunes will be launched with it together. Please drag and drop the videos from iTunes to the software or you can click the "Format" option to browse your iTunes digital media files.
Step 2Change output format to MPEG-2
select mpeg-2 for tivo
Tap the "Format" button and then click the "General Video" tab, you will see all the popular video formats, please pick up the "MPEG-2" format which is supported best by TiVo box. Also, you have the option to click the small gear icon to set the output video parameters such as the bit rate, frame rate and so on.
Step 3Convert iTunes videos
convert video to tivo
When you do the settings, they are not applied until you click "Convert" button. Please just one click to convert your iTunes videos smoothly and wait some time for it to complete depending how many files you convert at a time.

Part 3. Transfer Converted iTunes Videos to TiVo Streaming Media Player

TiVo Bolt Vox comes with two USB interfaces, but you may not connect them to USB flash drives to transfer videos, photos, music as they are only designed for future enhanced features such as plugin another set-top box. In general, you can transfer your videos from your computer to TiVo streaming device via the TiVo desktop app, which is an item of the Home Networking Package you can buy from TiVo. Please refer to the following steps to transfer your movies on your PC:

1. Install the TiVo desktop app to your computer.

2. Find and open the TiVo recording folder, generally it is on My Documents > My TiVo Recordings. If you can't find it, you can change the settings on the TiVo app.

3. Copy the videos you want to the TiVo recording folder, then the videos will be displayed on the TiVo app's "Now Playing List".

4. Open Your TiVo streaming device, navigate to TiVo Central > Now Playing List > select the option "Now Playing on [Your PC]" and pickup the videos you want to start to transfer.

It only transfer one video at a time, so please wait a while for it complete. You can watch the video during transferring too. The instruction to transfer videos from Mac to TiVo is basically the same and I will not illustrate it here.

By the way, TiVo supports the built-in Plex app, besides this way, you can also stream your videos to your TiVo device via Plex Media Server too. For more details, you can visit: How to Stream iTunes Videos via Plex Media Server.


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