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How to Download Spotify to FLAC Files [Online/Free/Best Ways]

Does Spotify offer FLAC? If not, how to download FLAC from Spotify? You may want to know the answer to such questions. FLAC refers to Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a lossless audio file format that offers high quality in a small size. It is available on lots of music players and devices. Although Spotify ever claimed to upgrade its sound quality to a lossless CD-quality FLAC format, called Spotify HiFi, there is still no news of this. Up to now, Spotify is encoded in lossy OGG Vorbis format.

In this case, many users want to download and convert Spotify to FLAC losslessly for better listening. So, in this article, we'd like to introduce the top 7 best Spotify to FLAC converters, which are online freeware and third-party software to achieve this goal. Now, you can read this article to master the skills of downloading Spotify FLAC files in 7 ways.

spotify to flac

Part 1. How to Download FLAC from Spotify via Spotify FLAC Downloader

Spotify uses Ogg Vorbis format to stream audios on its authorized devices and players. To download Spotify to FLAC files without quality loss, you need to look for a Spotify FLAC downloader to help you out.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter is a well-designed Spotify to FLAC converter you can't miss in this scenario. Combined with the latest downloading and converting technology, it enables you to download FLAC from Spotify as local files with ease. And you can also convert Spotify songs to MP3, lossless WAV, and other common formats.

During the conversion, this smart tool can process multiple songs at the same time. The raw metadata will save in the downloaded Spotify FLAC files, including artists, titles, and so forth. With this tool, you can move and stream Spotify FLAC music on multiple devices at lossless quality offline. Almost all the features of DRmare Spotify Music Converter make it the best Spotify downloader FLAC for PC and Mac.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter

drmare spotify to flac converter
  • Download Spotify podcasts, playlists, tracks, albums, artists, and more
  • Batch converts thousands of Spotify songs to FLAC at a 5X faster speed
  • Remove protection and download Spotify to FLAC with original quality
  • Keep the ID3 tag info, metadata, album cover, and so on of Spotify songs

How to Download Spotify to FLAC Files Losslessly at 5X Speed

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to get Spotify FLAC downloads via DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Please download the Windows or Mac version of the program to your computer first. Then follow the steps below.

Step 1Add Spotify playlists to DRmare Spotify Music Converter
load spotify songs to drmare music converter
Open the DRmare Spotify FLAC Downloader on your computer. It can detect the Spotify music online with the track's URL. So, you can copy the link to the Spotify songs and put it on DRmare Spotify Music Converter's search box. And then press the "+" button. Or you can drag and drop the songs, playlists, and artists from the Spotify app to the main screen.
Step 2Set output format for Spotify to FLAC
set spotify to flac format
DRmare Spotify Music Converter supports multiple formats. So, please select the output format as Spotify FLAC in setting window by clicking the menu bar > 'Preferences' > 'Convert' option. Also, you can set the channel, sample rate and bit rate/bit depth to get the maximum output quality in the same window. It's highly recommended to adjust the sample rate as 192000 Hz, and bit depth as 24 bit.
Step 3Download FLAC from Spotify
download flac from spotify
In the end, you can press the 'Convert' button to start to let Spotify download FLAC in batches. To get a smooth conversion, please disable all your antivirus and firewall. It would be better if you have a stable and faster internet connection. That is because the Spotify songs are downloaded online during conversion. After the process, you will find the local Spotify FLAC songs via the 'history' icon. And then you can transfer and play Spotify FLAC files anywhere without limits.

Part 2. How to Rip Spotify to FLAC by Spotify Ripper

Besides using an excellent Spotify FLAC Downloader for Mac and Windows, you can also rip Spotify to FLAC via a traditional streaming audio recorder. In this part, we will show you the best tools.

#1. DRmare Audio Capture

DRmare Audio Capture is a wonderful audio ripper to download and rip FLAC from Spotify with original quality. It also empowers you to customize the audio quality of Spotify songs by altering the bit rate, channel and more. The highlight feature of this software is it has advanced editing fuctions. With it, you can trim Spotify FLAC tracks into small parts and edit ID3 tags of Spotify files after recording. Then you can save Spotify FLAC files to your computer and enjoy Spotify audio files on any device you want.

What's more, you can use this tool to record and download any sound playing on your computer. So, if you want to rip FLAC from many streaming music sources, like Tidal music, JOOX music, YouTube videos and so on, it's an icing on the cake.

How to Rip Spotify to FLAC Files

Step 1. Open DRmare Audio Capture by clicking the shortcut icon of this tool from your computer desktop. Hit the '+' icon on the main screen to add the Spotify program to it. If it automatically detects and adds Spotify desktop app, you can skip this step.

spotify to flac via drmare audio capture

Step 2. Click the 'audio' icon, then you can set Spotify to FLAC format for ripping. You can alter other audio parameters, such as audio channel, sample rate, etc. if necessary.

set spotify output format as flac

Step 3. Press on the 'Spotify' icon at the DRmare Audio Capture main interface. Find and play Spotify songs you like. The it will start to rip Spotify music.

rip spotify to flac

Step 4. Once done, touch on 'Save' to store Spotify FLAC downloads on your computer. Or hit 'edit' to trim the recorded Spotify FLAC audios and then save them. Locate Spotify songs on your computer via the 'history' icon on this brilliant Spotify FLAC ripper.

locate ripped spotify flac files

#2. AudFree Spotify Music Converter

The another tool for you is AudFree Spotify Music Converter. As the name implies, it's not only a Spotify music recorder but also a Spotify to FLAC converter.

It's specialized in downloading and getting FLAC files on Spotify without affecting the audio quality. And you can also download Spotify playlists, songs, and albums to other plain audio formats by using AudFree Spotify Music Converter as you want. As it supports batch conversion, it won't waste your time to have Spotify files be downloaded in FLAC.

Since this tool works for Spotify free users also, you can download Spotify songs without Premium to FLAC on your computers. At the same time, it will block Spotify ads and unlock the unlimited skip feature. At last, you can play ad-free Spotify on all devices offline.

How to Download Spotify Playlist to FLAC

Step 1. Download and install the AudFun Spotify Music Converter. Then launch it from your computer. Click on the menu icon from the upper-right corner on AudFree Spotify Music Converter. Then choose the 'Preferences' option. In the new pop-up window, hit on the 'Convert' tab. Then you can start to set the output audio parameters of Spotify music tracks. You can choose to set and convert Spotify to FLAC or other audio formats.

set spotify flac format in audfree spodable

Step 2. Go to the pop-up Spotify application. Then find and choose the Spotify songs you want to convert and download. Next, copy the songs' link addresses. Put the URL into the search bar on AudFree SpoDable. Then click on the + icon to load your favorite Spotify music.

set spotify flac format in audfree spodable

Step 3. Touch the 'Convert' button at the main interface and AudFree Spotify Music Converter will start to let Spotify download FLAC at a stable conversion speed. Then you can find them on your computer.

convert spotify to flac in audfree spodable

Part 3. How to Get Spotify FLAC Download via Spotify to FLAC Converter Online

Some people may want to find a Spotify to FLAC converter online to extract FLAC from Spotify without installing third-party software on their computers. This will reduce device memory usage. But after we do research, no tool can directly convert Spotify to FLAC online but the MP3 is the only supported output format while downloading Spotify songs online.

So, the alternative way is to use draw support from two online tools, including an online Spotify downloader to download Spotify playlist to MP3 locally and an audio converter to do Spotify format conversion. Here, we will introduce two Spotify music downloaders online and one easy-to-use audio converter online to you in this part. You can find them below.

#1 SpotifyDown

SpotifyDown is a new-released web-based platform, which can download Spotify tracks, albums, and playlists to the computer completely for both Spotify Free and Premium users. With a user-friendly website, it only requires to do three clicks to download Spotify songs locally. It's worth mentioning in advance that as an online Spotify converter, it has some disadvantages. There are some annoying ads on the website and you need to click the 'Download' button one by one to download target Spotify individual songs.

How to Download Spotify Files Online

Step 1. Navigate to SpotifyDown website and open the Spotify Web Player on your favorite web browser. And then find the liked Spotify files that you'd like to convert to FLAC. Once found, please hit on the three-dot icon to choose 'Share' > 'Copy Spotify Link' to copy the Spotify URL. After that, please go back to SpotifyDown, paste the Spotify URL to the address bar and click the 'SEARCH' button.

add spotify files online to spotifydown

Step 2. Please wait for a while, this tool will analyze Spotify link and load all songs in the Spotify album or playlist automatically. Here, you can select target Spotify music to download.

select spotify music to download online

Step 3. Now, you can hit on the 'Download' button of each Spotify music and then click the 'Download' button again under the music album cover. It will begin to download a single Spotify file to your computer.

download spotify files online

#2. Apowersoft

Apowersoft Free Online Audio Recorder is another online software to record music from Spotify online easily. It's similar to DRmare Audio Capture. Both use the recording techonology to get Spotify tracks. But this online Spotify song downloader can only support MP3 output format and doesn't have powerful editing functions. Moreover, it doesn't allow you to customize the Spotify music quality. Anyway, it don't need you to install an extra app and the ID3 tags and other metadata of Spotify music can be kept well.

How to Rip Spotify Files Online

Step 1. Go to the Apowersoft website and then install a small setup program on your computer. Press the 'Start Recording' button to open it.

set up apowersoft online audio recorder

Step 2. Click the 'Start Recording' button again and then set the target audio source of capturing music from Spotify. Please choose 'Chrome Tab', 'Share system audio' and 'Share' button to confirm them.

ajdust audio source to record spotify

Step 3. Play some songs you like from the Spotify Web Player. The Apowersoft Online Audio Recorder program will start to record Spotify files online. Click on the 'Stop' option to finish the process. Then hit on the 'Show in folder' to check Spotify audios.

rip spotify files online

#3. Online-Converter

After you have gotten Spotify MP3 files, it's time to convert Spotify to MP3 online. Here, we can get help from It allows you to convert any local music files to the format you want, including FLAC. Let's see how it works below:

How to Convert Spotify to FLAC Online

Step 1. Go to the website of Choose the 'Audio Converter' > 'Convert to FLAC' section as the output format.

convert spotify to flac online by onlineconvert

Step 2. In the new window, please click the 'Choose Files' button to load Spotify songs from your computer to the converter.

add spotify files to convert to flac

Step 3. Touch 'START' button. It will convert Spotify to FLAC online at once. Hit the 'Download' button to save the converted Spotify FLAC files to your local device.

convert spotify to flac online

Part 4. How to Convert Spotify to FLAC Files via Spotify to FLAC Converter Free

If you want to find a free way to convert Spotify music to FLAC, then the tool here will help you. It is Audacity. It is a free audio recorder for Spotify that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. It can be regarded as a Spotify to FLAC converter free. It can help record the playing sounds, including from the computer to FLAC and other audio formats in real time.

How to Convert Spotify to FLAC for Free

Step 1. Launch the Audacity program from your computer. Then hit on the 'Edit' to access the preferences page.

Step 2. Press on the drop-down box of the Host. Then choose 'Windows WASAPI' on Windows or 'Core Audio' on Mac.

adjust audacity preferences

Step 3. Back to the Audacity interface. Then hit on the drop-down box near the speaker. And then choose '2 (Stereo) Recording Channels'.

Step 4. Hit on the drop-down box to the right side of the speaker icon. Next, choose the audio output you use to enjoy the music.

Step 5. Go to the Spotify app to find the tracks you want to record. Then play the songs. Touch the 'Record' button on Audacity. It will start to rip and download Spotify to FLAC for free. When done with the recording, click 'Stop'.

convert spotify to flac free

Step 6. Hit on 'File' > 'Export Audio'. Then select 'Export as FLAC'. Next, hit 'Save' to keep your recording files.

Part 5. FAQs about Spotify to FLAC

Q1: FLAC vs Spotify Ogg Vorbis: What's Difference?

A: OGG Vorbis format is a free and open-source lossy format like MP3. It is used on the OGG container, so it is often known as OGG Vorbis. Spotify uses it as the format for all its streaming music files though it is not as popular as MP3. The highest quality of Spotify files are only up to 320 kbps.

FLAC is a more popular format compared to the OGG Vorbis. It is similar to MP3 but it's a lossless format. And FLAC files can support up to 1411 kbps CD-quality audio.

Q2: Does Spotify Stream FLAC?

A: No. From what we discussed above, Spotify promised to release Spotify HiFi in FLAC format. But there are no new signs of this news. So, Spotify FLAC can come true, but the certain time is not clear..

Q3: Can Spotify Play FLAC?

A: Nope. Though it allows users to add local audio files to Spotify for playback, you can't add FLAC files to it. Now, Spotify only supports MP3, M4P, and MP4 audio formats. Yet, you can convert FLAC to Spotify-supported audio files. After that, you can use Spotify to play FLAC files.

Part 6. The Verdict

This post covers the top 7 best Spotify to FLAC converters to help you download FLAC from Spotify online free or via powerful third-party software. You can opt for one of them to convert Spotify to FLAC and listen to Spotify songs on any FLAC-compatible device you want without the internet and the Spotify music app.

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