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  • Download Spotify song, etc. without a Spotify Premium account
  • Convert Spotify to MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A and M4B
  • Play Spotify music anywhere and anytime offline
  • Run at a faster speed without touching the audio quality

How to Add Spotify Music to PCDJ DEX 3

I have just started learning DJing and bought DEX 3 as my first DJ software. The features are fine, but I can't find an entry to import my downloaded Spotify music files into it.Dose PCDJ DEX 3 work with Spotify? If not, what DJ software works with Spotify? I need some suggestions. Thanks.

Well, if you have encountered the same problem, the truth may bring disappointment to you that PCDJ DEX 3 is not the only one DJ software that doesn't work with Spotify. It is almost impossible to find any DJ tool to mix Spotify music in it at present. But don't need to worry about it, this article will show you a little-known but reliable method to get Spotify music to use with PCDJ DEX 3.

use spotify music in pcdj dex 3

Part 1. Import Spotify Playlists to PCDJ DEX 3: Tool Required

Why can't use Spotify music in PCDJ DEX 3? The reason is simple but it is used to be ignored: The copyrights in Spotify songs. Every piece of track from Spotify is protected, even if it has been downloaded via a premium account. The offline playing mode only authorizes premium users to listen to music in Spotify app. Subscribers can't use Spotify music in other unauthorized devices or players.

This reason explains why DJs are not destined to load Spotify music to PCDJ for mixing. Other than waiting to the official integration of Spotify and DEX 3, there is an easy workaround that enables you to stream Spotify playlists to PCDJ DEX 3 for DJing.

What you need is a powerful Spotify music converting tool. In this field, DRmare Spotify Music Converter is the most professional one, which can not only easily download tracks, albums, playlists, podcast from Spotify, but also convert Spotify to MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV, M4A, M4B, and many other common-used formats.


DRmare Spotify Music Converter

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  • Convert Spotify OGG Vorbis to MP3, AAC, etc.
  • Batch importing and downloading Spotify tracks
  • Support moving Spotify audios to any DJ software
  • Keep 100% lossless quality and 100% ID3 tags

Utilizing the lossless converting techniques, this smart program can preserve 100% original quality after the conversion. Metadata like albums, artists, album art, track numbers, etc. are completely saved in the converted audio files.

With the support of the DRmare Spotify Music Converter, DJs can get the privilege of collecting any sounds resource from Spotify and save it onto the local device. Just a few clicks, you can stream an entire Spotify playlist to PCDJ DEX 3 for remixing music.

Part 2. How to Mix Spotify Music in PCDJ DEX 3

Before you actually start the conversion, please pay attention to this notice: You can't use DRmare Spotify Music Converter to pirate or distribute music. This software is only for personal use. Any commercial use is forbidden.

Step 1Export playlists from Spotify and load to DRmare
add spotify playlists to drmare
Download and launch DRmare Spotify Music Converter on the computer. The Spotify app will open automatically by default. In the auto-opened Spotify app, please browse and choose any playlist that you would like download. Please notice that the playlist contains no more than 100 tracks. Then copy and paste the URL of it to the search bar in DRmare. Tap on the '+' button to import it to DRmare. Or simply drag and drop it to the main page of DRmare.
Step 2Reset the output settings of Spotify for PCDJ DEX 3
set audio settings for pcdj
For the Windows users, please go to the top title bar of DRmare and open the first menu icon. Then choose "Preferences" > "Convert". For the Mac users, please open Mac's system menu from the top left corner of the screen. Click "DRmare Spotify Music Converter" to open "Preferences" > "Convert". Now, you can edit the output settings by changing the parameters of each.
Step 3Convert and download Spotify music for PCDJ DEX 3
convert spotify music for pcdj
Hit on the big "Convert" bar to start the conversion. Once the converting phase is done, please follow the on-screen tips to locate the "Converted" directory. In the current directory, you will find all successful converted audios from Spotify.
Step 4Stream Spotify playlists to PCDJ DEX 3
Update to the latest version of the DEX 3. Then open it and the "Converted" directory. Then drag and drop the track you need into the active lists or the automix list. Now you can start to mix music in PCDJ DEX 3.
Tips: Please remember that you can't play the Spotify remix in the public places (such as bars, restaurants, stores, schools, etc.). Just enjoy your music piece at home with your families and friends.

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DRmare Spotify Music Converter supports to transfer Spotify music to many other DJ software. Apart from the PCDJ DEX 3, you can also get Spotify music to use in Rekordbox, Ableton Live, Traktor, Serato and so forth. You can check the detailed tutorials of each.

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