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Play Spotify Music on Fitbit Versa? Fixed!

A few months ago, Fitbit has officially released a new feature of its flagship smartwatches, including the Versa, Versa Lite and Ionic. The 'Spotify on Fitbit' app is available now. That's to say, Fitbit users gain the ability to listen to their favorite Spotify songs and playlists on Fitbit Versa while running or doing housework, etc.

Have a Fitbit Versa smartwatch, and can't wait to download and use Spotify on Fitbit? Let's check out how to play Spotify on Fitbit Versa via the official Spotify app. Since there are still some limitations through this default app, we will still introduce another effective workaround to get Spotify on Fitbit Versa. spotify on fitbit versa

Part 1. Download and Use Spotify on Fitbit Versa - Official Way

With the popularity of Spotify and Fitbit, more and more people were looking for ways on how to add Spotify playlists to Fitbit Versa. They submitted lots of feedbacks about 'Spotify on Fitbit' on Fitbit Community. For example, will Fitbit partner with Spotify? When Spotify will work on Fitbit Versa? etc.

Fortunately, the Fitbit team is aware of the needs of users and the good result is the release of the Spotify for Fitbit app, which makes it possible to access Spotify songs on Fitbit Versa. Here, let's see how to download the Spotify app on Fitbit and how to listen to Spotify music on Fitbit.

Download Spotify App on Fitbit Versa

Step 1. Install and launch the Fitbit app on your mobile devices, iPhone or Android phone.

Step 2. Here is a 'profile' option in the top-left corner, please click it.

Step 3. Choose your Fitbit Versa and tap the 'Apps' to search for 'Spotify'.

Step 4. Click the 'Spotify' from the result list to install Spotify and log in to your account.

Note: It requires a Spotify Premium account, if you don't have one, you can follow this page to get Spotify Premium free.

Use Spotify on Fitbit Versa

To enjoy Spotify songs on Fitbit watch, you just need to open your Spotify app on your mobile device, and it will begin playing songs on your Fitbit Versa.

Control Music: You can play, pause and skip forward and back to control the playback. Besides, you are allowed to shuffle Spotify music.

Spotify Connect: If you don't want to use a phone, you can also stream music to other sources by clicking the 'top-left icon and select the target device you'd like to play music from.

It's also available to add your favorite songs to your Spotify library. But it's also important to point out that the Spotify for Fitbit app doesn't support offline playback. If you need to make sure your paired device keeps network connection and stands nearby with the Fitbit app.

Part 2. Play Spotify Music on Fitbit Versa - Better Way

What should you do if you don't want to carry a big device speaking of playing Spotify on Fitbit? Or when using a free Spotify account, how to transfer Spotify playlists to Fitbit Versa? It's well-known that the Fitbit Versa is able to play local songs. So how about downloading Spotify music as local files and play local Spotify tracks on Fitbit Versa?

It sounds a great idea. The icing on the cake is that this is an implementable method. Just use DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Windows to download and convert Spotify music to Fitbit supported audio files, and then you can easily play Spotify streams on Fitbit Versa. This way works for a free user on Spotify.

DRmare Music Converter for Spotify

drmare spotify converter
  • Easy-to-use interface to operate easily
  • Convert all Spotify files for Fitbit Versa
  • Download Spotify songs to Fitbit Versa and other Spotify portable players
  • Works well for both free and premium Spotify users

Now, let's see how to operate the process. It's very easy.

Step 1Import Spotify playlists to DRmare Software
load spotify playlists
There are two ways to add music from Spotify to DRmare Software. One is to copy and paste the Spotify URL to the DRmare's search box. The other is to drag and drop songs from Spotify to the conversion window. The first method could save your time.
Step 2Set output settings for Fitbit Versa
set mp3 for fitbit versa
Fitbit Versa is fully compatible with MP3 and WMA audio files. So you can click the top-right menu icon to choose 'Preferences' > 'Convert' to customize output format as MP3. So that converted Spotify files can be recognized by Fitbit Versa well.
Step 3Download Spotify music as local songs
convert spotify for fitbit
When all settings are done, please click the 'Convert' button at the bottom-right corner. It will work at 5X to download added Spotify playlists to local MP3 files. You can locate them by clicking the 'history' > 'search' icon to find them.
Step 4Play Spotify Music on Fitbit Versa
add spotify to fitbit versa

1. We need to use iTunes to create a new playlist of converted Spotify files. So please import the Spotify music files to iTunes.

2. Open your Fitbit Connect app and then sign in your name and password. After that, you can start to upload Spotify music to Fitbit Versa. Just click the 'Account' > 'Versa' > 'Personal Music' button.

3. Hit on 'Music' > 'Transfer Music' to start to transfer Spotify music. Now, you can play Spotify songs on Fitbit Versa via the Music app with ease.

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