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Rainmeter Spotify: How to Use [2021 Updated]

When we listen to music online, we can see the skin of each song. Yet, some skins are not satisfied by you. So, you may wonder if there is any way to change or create a cover. Years ago, you could get the Rainmeter Spotify plugin. However, it doesn't work anymore since the new update of Spotify.

But no worry. Here are other ways to help you. In this post, we will introduce some tips to help you get Rainmeter Spotify skin. Now, let's take a deep study on this post.

rainmeter spotify

Part 1. Rainmeter Spotify: More You Need to Know

Rainmeter is a free and open-source computer customization tool for Windows. By default, it comes with a few skins for the clock, disk, network, system and so on. Users can load the skin they want from the "Manager Rainmeter" window.

Rainmeter allows developers to create skins. And users can find more skins from many resources websites such as DeviantArt, and more.

To use Rainmeter Spotify, usually the only thing required is to find the related skins for Spotify. And then load it from the "Manager Rainmeter" window. But the Spotify Rainmeter plugin shut down in 2018. So, it doesn't work on the new Spotify app anymore.

Yet, there is some Rainmeter skins that support to play music via iTunes, Windows Media Player and more. So, here we can add Spotify music to iTunes or Windows Media Player in advance. In this case, we can fix the Rainmeter Spotify not working issue.

Part 2. Make Rainmeter Spotify to Work - Best Way

From above, we know the way to use Spotify Rainmeter skin. Yet, as Spotify music files are protected, they can't be used on other devices. And they are in special audio formats. In this case, you can use the DRmare Spotify Music Converter for Windows/Mac.

This tool can help save Spotify songs to MP3 offline within 1 click. Besides, it can convert Spotify music files to other plain audio formats. So, you can use Spotify music on other platforms and devices without any limit. Also, this tool supports you to reset the output audio parameters as you want. You can change the audio channel, bit rate and more within it.

What's more, this tool can save lossless sound quality of Spotify songs. And it can store full ID3 tags from Spotify. Then you can manage your Spotify music files on your computer easier. After converting, you can save Spotify songs to your computer. And then you can move Spotify music to any device for offline play.

With it, you can then move the converted Spotify music to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Then you can get Rainmeter Spotify to run via these two tools.

DRmare Spotify Song Downloader

drmare spotify converter
  • Convert Spotify OGG to multiple formats such as MP3, M4A, AAC, M4B
  • Up to 5X converting speed and lossless audio quality
  • Easy to operate, even new users can handle it at first sight
  • Lifetime free update and support, support the latest Spotify version all the time

Part 3. How to Download Spotify Songs for Rainmeter Spotify Player

Here we will move on to see how to convert Spotify music for Spotify player Rainmeter. We will show the detailed steps for you on how to use DRmare Spotify Music Converter. Now let's head to turn the Spotify songs into common music files below.

Note: Please check whether you had installed the official Spotify app on your computer. If not, please install it before using DRmare Spotify Music Converter.

Step 1Add Spotify songs to DRmare
import spotify songs to drmare
Download the DRmare Spotify Music Converter via the 'Download' button at the last part. Or you can go to DRmare official website to make it. Then install the DRmare program on your computer. Once done, open it. Then you can see the installed Spotify app launched as well. Then go to Spotify app to find the songs you want to use on Rainmeter Spotify player.
Once got, drag the song to DRmare main screen. Or click on the '...' icon next to the song title. Then choose 'Share' to get the link of the song. Next, put the link onto the search box on DRmare. And you need to hit on the '+' button. After that, you can see the songs are added into DRmare main interface.
Step 2Customize music output format for Spotify Rainmeter
set output format for rainmeter spotify player
All the players iTunes and Windows Media Player which are compatible with Rainmeter Spotify visualizer can play MP3. Here you'd better keep the default MP3 format. And you can change the bit rate, audio channel, and more according to your needs.
Step 3Start converting Spotify songs
convert spotify songs
After that, select an output folder and click "Convert". Then DRmare software will start to convert Spotify songs for Rainmeter visualizer Spotify. Within a short time, you will get the MP3 songs offline on your local computer.

Part 4. How to Use Rainmeter Spotify Skin

How to use Spotify skin Rainmeter? Before that, you need to load the Rainmeter skin to your iTunes, Windows Media Players first or Foobar2000.

Get Rainmeter Skin for Your Music Player

Step 1. Find and download the Rainmeter skin for WMP/iTunes online from DeviantArt, etc.

Step 2. Right-click on the Rainmeter icon. It looks like a blue-white drop of water from your computer. Then you will get the management window.

Step 3. From the opened window, you can load the skin for your player.

Next, you can use the player you want to play Spotify songs with Rainmeter Spotify visualizer. Then you can get the Rainmeter Spotify now playing feature.

Method 1. Get Spotify Rainmeter Skin via iTunes

rainmeter spotify skin for itunes

Step 1. Run iTunes and select the "Music" category.

Step 2. You can click "File" > "Add File to Library" to import the converted Spotify songs to iTunes library.

Step 3. Now you can play the songs or playlist within 1 click.

Method 2. Get Rainmeter Spotify Skin by WMP

use spotify rainmeter skin via wmp

Step 1. Launch the Windows Media Player, you will see the main screen of it.

Step 2. Click "Organize" > "Manage libraries" > "Music".

Step 3. Hit "Add" in the "Music Library Locations" to select the songs you want.

Step 4. Touch on the "Include folder". Then hit "OK" to add your Spotify music to WMP.

Step 5. Click the songs to enjoy with Spotify Rainmeter skin.

Method 3. Enjoy Spotify Rainmeter Skin on Foobar2000 Player

use spotify rainmeter skin on foobar2000

Step 1. Open the Foobar2000 player on your computer.

Step 2. Head to "File" > " Add folder...".

Step 3. Find the converted Spotify music and add Spotify songs into Foobar2000.

Step 4. Choose the song to play and enjoy Rainmeter Spotify skin.

With the steps above, you can get Rainmeter now playing Spotify feature. And you can get the Spotify Rainmeter skin now.

Part 5. Fix Rainmeter Spotify Not Working Issue - Spicetify

Any other way to fix Spotify Rainmeter not working issue? In this part, we will introduce a Rainmeter Spotify plugin to help you. It is named Spicetify.

This tool is a command-line tool. It can help play Spotify songs with Rainmeter skin. And it can change the color and theme of Spotify UI. This tool can work on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Now, let's see how to use it.


Step 1. Enter from your computer browser.

Step 2. Hit on "Code" > "Download ZIP" to download Spicetify.

Step 3. Unzip the ZIP files to your local folder. Then set up it from Powershell or CMD.

Step 4. Use the command 'spicetify backup apply enable-devtool' to back up the default settings. Then wait until it says 'Ready'.

Step 5. On the 'Extensions' tab, hit on the right arrow to go ahead to the next page.

Step 6. Find and touch on the 'WebNowPlaying' extension. Then click on the circle icon to make it work. And then hit on 'Apply'.

Step 7. Choose any theme or skin you want that supports the WebNowPlaying extension. Then you can enjoy Spotify skin with ease.

Extra Tips: How to Use Rainmeter

In the last part, we will show you how to use Rainmeter. In the beginning, we know that Rainmeter is a tool that can help create and find skins. Besides, some Rainmeter wallpapers can play music. Let's check how to use it now.


Step 1. Go to from your computer browser.

Step 2. Download and install Rainmeter onto your computer.

Step 3. Open the program. Then hit on 'Finding Skins' inside the black pop-up window.

Step 4. If you want to upload skins, you can right-click the Rainmeter icon. Then choose and upload the skins.

Step 5. To manage skins, you can also right-click the icon of Rainmeter. Then head to the 'Manage Skin' option. And then choose 'Manage Skins'.

In Conclusion

In this post, we had shown you what is Rainmeter. And we also showed how to fix Rainmeter Spotify not working issue. To make it, we introduced two tools: DRmare Spotify Music Converter and Spicetify.

DRmare Spotify Music Converter should be a great choice for you. It is professional and supports to use Spotify offline on any device. While Spicetify, it is a Rainmeter Spotify plugin. Yet, it can't work sometimes. If there is any error why trying it, you can use the way in Part 2. Hope you can enjoy Spotify music with Rainmeter skins without any issue.

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