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How to Get Spotify Karaoke Mode [Full Guide]

If you like to sing along while listening to music, then you could try Karaoke. In general, you need to use a Karaoke app, a Karaoke machine or go to a Karaoke bar to make it. But now, the good thing is that you can do Karaoke on Spotify at home just within the Spotify app on your device. It is the feature on Spotify that had been released since 2022. And it is popular with lots of users. Now, in this post, we will introduce what is Spotify Karaoke to you. And you will learn how to use it on any device and everything you want to know here. Just check out the review below and start.

use spotify karaoke mode

Part 1. What Is Spotify Karaoke Mode

In 2022, Spotify introduced the Karaoke Mode to users. It is free for all Spotify users, including free and premium users. This feature allows you to sing along with the songs as the lyrics show on the screen within the Spotify app or web player. Once the Karaoke Mode is turned on, Spotify will remove the singer's voice and give the instrumental version of the song for you. When singing, the Spotify app will listen to and record your voice via your phone's microphone. And then the app will analyze your singing performance and rate it. At last, you will get a score ranging between 0 and 100 and an encouraging message on each song you sing.

By the way, it is noted that now Karaoke Mode on Spotify is only available in some English-speaking countries. And it only works on the latest version of Spotify.

Part 2. How to Get and Use Karaoke on Spotify

Eager to Karaoke with Spotify? No problem. You can follow the steps in this part to do that on your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac devices.

On iOS:

Step 1. Go to the Apple App Store on your iOS device.

Step 2. Look for the Spotify app and click on the 'Update' button. If your Spotify app is already the latest version, then you can skip these two steps.

update spotify ios app

Step 3. Now, open the Spotify app and log in to your Spotify free or premium account.

Step 4. Find and play your favorite track that you want to sing along with.

Step 5. Scroll down on the screen till you see the 'lyrics' section.

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Step 6. Here find and click on the 'sing with a microphone' icon to enable the Karaoke mode on Spotify.

enable karaoke on spotify ios

Step 7. At last, you can start singing.

On Android:

Step 1. Head to the Google Play Store app on your Android device.

Step 2. Search for the Spotify app and then update it to the newest version.

update spotify android app to get spotify karaoke mode

Step 3. Start the Spotify app and sign in to your account.

Step 4. Play a song you want to sing.

Step 5. Go to the lyrics screen and tap on the 'microphone' icon.

Step 6. Now, you can begin to Karaoke on Spotify.

On Desktop:

Step 1. Open the Spotify Web Player or the latest version of the Spotify app on your Windows or Mac computer.

Step 2. Log in to your account and start playing song you like.

Step 3. Click on the 'microphone' icon at the bottom right side of the Now Playing bar.

use karaoke with spotify desktop app

Step 4. Now, you are on the screen of song's lyrics. Then click on the 'Sing' button to turn on Spotify Karaoke Mode.

Step 5. At last, you can start singing along by using a headphone or a microphone with your computer.

Part 3. How to Fix Spotify Karaoke Not Working

From above, you will know that only select English-speaking countries can get the Karaoke Mode for Spotify now. It also requires the latest version of Spotify app. If you don't meet the requirements, then you will get Spotify Karaoke Mode not showing issue and you need to wait for it for a few months. But if you are qualified for Spotify Karaoke but still can't get it, then you can follow the solutions below to fix this issue.

1. Update Your Spotify App: To enable Karaoke in Spotify, first, you need to update the Spotify app to the latest version on your device. The Karaoke Mode only works with the latest version of the Spotify mobile or desktop app.

2. Try to Log out and Log in to Your Spotify Account: There may be something wrong with your Spotify account. So, you can try to sign out and sign in it again to see whether the issue can be fixed or not.

3. Try to Restart Your Device: Sometimes, you can try to power off and power on your device to fix the issue you met with the Spotify app.

4. Contact Spotify Support Team: You can seek help from the Spotify support team if you can't get the issue fixed.

Part 4. FAQs about Spotify Karaoke

Q1: Does Spotify Have Karaoke Mode?

A: Yes. Spotify had released a Karaoke Mode to all its users to sing along while listening within the Spotify app on their device.

Q2: When Will Spotify Karaoke Be Available on Smart TVs?

A: Spotify doesn't announce that when the Karaoke Mode will be available on smart TVs. If you want to access Karaoke on TV, you can use some Karaoke app to do that.

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Q3: What Are the Differences between Karaoke Mode and Lyrics Tool on Spotify?

A: The Spotify lyrics tool allows you to view lyrics on Spotify while listening to a song and you can sing along with it. Yet, Spotify won't capture your voice when you are singing. While with the Karaoke Mode, Spotify will remove the original voice of the singer and you can only sing over the instrument version of the song. By the way, Spotify will record your voice and rate it with points.

Q4: Do I Need a Spotify Premium Account to Use Karaoke on Spotify?

A: Nope. You don't need to subscribe to a Spotify Premium plan to access this feature.

Q5: Is There Any Alternative to Spotify Karaoke?

A: Yes. There are some tools that you can try to Karaoke with Spotify, like Smule, Karafun, YouTube and so on.

Q6: What Spotify Songs Have the Karaoke Mode?

A: Spotify has a large music library with plenty of tracks for karaoke. Yet, it is noted that not all songs are available for karaoke on Spotify.

Extra Tips: How to Get Spotify Songs for Listening and Singing Anywhere

Above is all you want to know about Spotify Karaoke. And now, in this post, we'd like to introduce an extra tip for you to enjoy Spotify music. DRmare Spotify Music Downloader is the tool we'd like to show you here.

It is a music converter and downloader for Spotify, playlists, podcasts, songs, albums and so on. With it, you can download any audio track from the Spotify platform without subscribing to a Spotify Premium account. Besides, this tool can output Spotify audio to plain formats like MP3, FLAC and so on. And it can keep the full ID3 tags as well as the original quality of the Spotify songs.

In addition, it can batch convert and download music from Spotify at a rapid speed. Once done, you can find and move local Spotify audio files to the device or platform you want. And then you can listen to Spotify music offline and sing along with the song without any problems.

DRmare Spotify Music Downloader

drmare spotify downloader
  • Work on Windows and Mac computers
  • Convert and download Spotify audio content in batches
  • Save full ID3 tags and the original audio quality of Spotify files
  • Support to play and sing along with Spotify music anywhere

Now, let's start to learn how this tool works step by step.

Step 1Import Spotify songs, etc. to DRmare
add spotify songs to drmare music downloader
Install and start the DRmare Spotify Music Converter from your desktop. Then find and drag your liked song from the Spotify app to the DRmare tool. It will then display on the main screen of the DRmare program. You can also get the shared link address to the track and insert it into the blank box on the DRmare tool. And then tap on the plus icon.
Step 2Choose output format for Spotify audio tracks
select an output audio format for spotify music
Move your mouse cursor to the upper-right corner of the DRmare tool. Then tap on the Menu icon and then choose Preferences from the list. It will then show you a Preferences window. In it, you can click on the Format to reset output audio format like MP3, WAV and so on. Also, you can hit on Channel, Bit Rate or else to modify the output music quality. After that, just hit on the OK button to keep your preset.
Step 3Start downloading Spotify music
download spotify songs locally
Now, click on the Convert button to run the downloading process on the DRmare tool. A while later, you can move to the History icon to check the local Spotify music files in the DRmare tool. You can then touch the Search icon to locate the files on your computer and play them offline. Besides, you can move converted Spotify music tracks to your portable device or other music players for playing and singing along with.

In Conclusion

Here is all about the Spotify Karaoke Mode. Now, you can follow the steps above to enable it once you are in the English-speaking countries and have the latest version of the Spotify app. Also, you get some fixes to resolve Spotify Karaoke not showing issue. Besides, you get DRmare Spotify Music Converter to download music from Spotify to computer. In this case, you can put Spotify songs on the music player that supports karaoke and you can sing along with the songs with ease.

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