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  • Support to convert Apple Music, Audible audiobooks, and more audio files
  • Batch convert audio files in a fast speed with original quality kept
  • Output audio tracks to plain audio formats, like MP3, AAC, WAV, etc.
  • Allow to edit the pitch, volume, speed, ID3 tags for Audible audiobooks

How to Get Apple Music on Fossil Smartwatch for Offline Listening

Fossil smartwatch is one of the simplest and minimalistic smartwatches. Unlike other chunky smartwatches, Fossils have a very simple round design that looks very elegant and flashy at the same time. It has three buttons on the side of it.

But even with them, it still looks so simple and clean. Another upside of Fossil smartwatches is that it allows you to interchange the straps of it. Interchangeable straps make it a perfect smartwatch for every occasion. You can change your strap to a rubber strap if you are going to a party or for a workout, then you can switch the rubber straps with the leather straps if you are going to a formal occasion. This watch is simply perfect for every occasion.

Now when it comes to listening to music on Fossil smartwatch, it does not support Apple Music, which can get very annoying if you are an Apple Music subscriber. Now in this article, we will discuss a tool that allows you to play Apple Music on Fossil watch.

play apple music on fossil watch

Part 1. How to Get Apple Music for Fossil Smartwatch

The tool that we are going to use to play Apple Music on Fossil smartwatches is called DRmare Apple Music Converter. It is an amazing audio converting tool that allows you to download music from Apple Music that you can later import to your Fossil smartwatch. This is not only restricted to Apple Music; you can download from iTunes music, Audible audiobooks, etc.

As we know, all the content on Apple Music is encrypted with a format that doesn't work on any other media player except the Apple Music built-in media player. So even if you somehow manage to download music files from Apple Music, you won't be able to play it on any media player.

DRmare Audio Converter allows you to break all the encryption and download music in your desired format so that you can play it on any media player. It allows you to choose from multiple format options such as MP3, FLAC, M4A, etc. Its intelligent technology allows you to preserve all the ID3 tags and the other important metadata to get the best experience possible. It can also download songs with the best bitrate and refresh rate to get the best sound quality possible.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Download Apple Music songs to M4B, AAC, etc.
  • Play Apple Music tracks on Fossil Watch
  • Save ID3 tags while running at a faster speed
  • Easy to use, set output settings for Fossil Watch

Part 2. How to Convert Apple Music to Fossil Smartwatch

Now that you know everything important about the DRmare Audio Converter, we are going to give you a brief step-by-step guide on how to download Apple Music using DRmare Audio Converter.

Step 1Add the audiobook from Audible on DRmare Audio Converter
upload apple music files to drmare
The first step is to make sure that you have got DRmare Audio Converter on your computer. Once you are done doing that, the next step is to import the songs from Apple Music to DRmare Audio Converter to convert them into your desired format. To import the Apple Music songs, click on the "Add Files" button. Once you click on that button, you can manually search for your desired songs. Another method to import the songs into DRmare Audio Converter is by performing the drag-and-drop action.
Step 2Alter the settings and other parameters
set output parameters of apple music for fossil watch
After completing the importing process, the next step is to adjust your settings to your personal preference. You can adjust the parameters from "Format" settings. To enter the settings tab, click on the "Format" button at the bottom of the main interface. Once you enter the settings panel, change the format to any desired format so you can listen to Apple Music anywhere. Once you are done changing the format, you can change the other settings such as codec, bitrate, channel, sample rate, etc., to get a more customized result.
Step 3Convert and download the audiobook
convert apple music for fossil watch
After you are done changing the settings and are satisfied with the settings, the last step is to start the converting process. First of all, confirm the settings by clicking on the "OK" button on the bottom right corner of the settings window, and the window will be closed.
Now simply click on the "Convert" button to start the converting process. Once you click on the "Convert" button, all the songs in the main interface will start converting. It will be converted into your desired format in a matter of seconds. DRmare Audio Converter can convert at up to 30x faster speed as compared to any other converter. So once it is done converting, it will be stored locally on your computer that you can listen to while being offline.

Part 3. How to Play Apple Music on Fossil Smartwatch

Now that you are done downloading the songs from Apple Music using DRmare Audio Converter. The next step is to import the downloaded songs to Fossil smartwatch. To do that, you need to import songs to Google Play Music and then synchronize it with the Fossil smartwatch to listen to Apple Music on Fossil smartwatch.

apple music to fossil watch via google play music

Step 1: Upload the downloaded music to Google Play Music

Open Google Play Music and sign-in to your account. Now make sure that your smartwatch is also signed up with the same Google Play Music. Now select the "Upload Music" button from the sidebar menu. After that, you can import the songs by either manually searching or performing the drag-and-drop action.

Step 2: Install Google Play Music on your smartphone

Now open Play Store on your smartphone and search for Google Play Music. Once it is opened, install it on your smartphone and log in to your Google account.

Step 3: Synchronize Fossil smartwatch with your smartphone

Now synchronize your smartwatch with your smartwatch through Bluetooth and simply control your music playback through your Fossil smartphone. Now connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Fossil smartwatch and listen to Apple Music on the Fossil smartwatch.

Part 4. Conclusion

In this article, we discussed Apple Music, how we can download songs from Apple Music using DRmare Audio Converter, and how to listen to Apple Music over Fossil watch. DRmare Audio Converter is an amazing all-in-one converter that is available on Windows and Mac OS.

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