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How to Use Receiptify Apple Music [Updated]

Is there a Receiptify for Apple Music? Yes. Receiptify is an online open-source website that displays your top 10 most-played songs. The statistical time period can be the past month, the past six months, and all times. It comes in the form of a receipt, hence the name. Luckily, in addition to Spotify Receiptify, it also integrates with Apple Music. Once you have your Apple Music Receiptify, you can share it with your friends or post them on social media platforms. This article covers everything you want to know about Receiptify Apple Music. Read on and check them out.

receiptify apple music

Part 1. Does Receiptify Work for Apple Music

Yes. Receiptify is integrated with Spotify, Apple Music, and

There's no Apple Music Wrapped, the closest thing is Apple Music Replay, but it won't satisfy everyone's needs. Therefore, the top track generator - Receiptify is very popular among Apple Music users. With it, you can get a list of the top 10 most played songs. Apple Music receipts also contain additional information, such as cumulative listening time for the top 10 songs, your name, receipt creation data, and more. However, unlike Spotify, Receiptify for Apple Music only supports "Heavy Rotation", showing data for all times or undefined time periods.

Part 2. How to Use Receiptify Apple Music

You can access Receiptify’s official website from your computer or mobile device. Then just log in with your Apple Music account and it will generate a receipt Apple Music containing your top 10 songs. Additionally, you can download your receipts and post them on social media platforms. However, there is currently no ability to share receipts directly on social media. You can skip to Part 3 for a better way to share your receipts.

Below is how to make and share Apple Music Receiptify.

Step 1. Open any browser and navigate to the Receiptify website.

Step 2. Click 'Log in with Apple Music' and enter your Apple Music account informations. Then click on 'Allow' to give Receiptify permission.

log in with apple music receiptify

Step 3. Filter either by 'Top Tracks', 'Top Artists', or 'Top Genres'.

Step 4. Receiptify will automatically generate your Apple Music receipt containing your top 10 tracks.

make apple music receipt

Step 5. Click on the 'Download Image' button beneath the receipt.

apple music receiptify download image

Step 6. Then you will be asked to view or download the image. Select 'Download' and it will save the Apple Music Receiptify to your device. You can then share the receipt with your friends on any social media platform.

Part 3. How to Share Apple Music Receiptify as Real Songs

As shown above, you can post your Apple Music receipts as images on social media platforms. But the shared image may not be clear enough, so here we want to show you a way to share your receipt with others as a real song.

You can use DRmare Apple Music Converter to download and share Apple Music songs losslessly. It is a well-designed software that lets you download any Apple Music track as a frequently used audio file and save it as needed. It supports six output formats including MP3, AAC, M4A, M4B, WAV and FLAC. Once you convert Apple Music songs to popular formats, you truly own them and can share them with anyone. You can listen to downloaded Apple Music songs even after your subscription expires. Best of all, the people you share with don't even need to have the Apple Music app installed to listen to the music.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Download and share Receiptify Apple Music songs losslessly
  • Convert Apple Music to MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A, M4B, and WAV
  • Work at a 30X speed when downloading Apple Music
  • Preserve Apple Music sound quality and all ID3 tags

Now please click the 'Download' button above to install the DRmare Apple Music Converter for free. Then follow the steps below to download and share your Apple Music receipts. You can also save your Apple Music Receiptify forever.

Step 1Load Receiptify Apple Music songs
add apple music receiptify songs to drmare audio converter
After checking your Apple Music receipt, you can open the Apple Music app and download these top 10 songs. Then open the DRmare Apple Music Converter and click on the 'add files' button at the bottom left to import the downloaded Apple Music files. Alternatively, you can directly drag and drop Apple Music songs to this converter's main interface.
Step 2Alter the output settings for Apple Music
reset output settings of apple music
Now, you can click the 'format' icon at the bottom right to start changing the output parameters. You can alter the output format, channel, bit rate, etc. for your added Apple Music songs. Finally, click on 'OK' to apply your changes.
Step 3Download and share Apple Music Receiptify songs
convert apple music receiptify songs
Click on the 'Convert' button on the right corner to start converting. It will immediately download and convert your added Apple Music songs at a super-fast 30X speed. When the conversion ends, you can hit the 'Converted' icon to locate your top 10 Apple Music songs. You can then share these songs with your friends. And they can directly listen to Apple Music even without a subscription. You can also keep these songs to listen to forever.

Part 4. How to Fix Receiptify Apple Music Not Working

Many users reported that Receiptify for Apple Music is not working. If this has happened to you, don't worry, here are some solutions for you to try. (NOTE: If you find that it can't display popular tracks by time period, this is normal. Because now Apple Music API only supports getting data by all time or undefined time period.)

1. Allow Receiptify pop-ups in your web browser

If you have blocked pop-ups on your browser or device, then you will find that the Receiptify Apple Music login will not display. Therefore, you need to allow pop-ups in your browser.

For iOS: Open Settings > tap on Safari > General. Then disable Block pop-ups.

allow safari pop ups for apple music receiptify not working

For Chrome: Once you use Receiptify and click 'Log in Apple Music', you will be notified that Chrome has blocked a pop up. Just click on the small icon on the right of the search box. Then select Always allow pop-ups and redirects and Done.

allow chrome pop ups for receiptify

2. Check your interner connection

Ensure that you have a stable and strong Internet connection.Receiptify requires an Internet connection to function properly, so try connecting to another network (if available).

3. Refresh the Receiptify website a couple of times

Sometimes Receiptify gets too much traffic and errors may occur. Therefore, you can try refreshing the website. You can close your browser and then reopen the Receiptify website and sign in to your Apple Music account again.

4. Clear your cookies and other site data

If refreshing the website does not work, you can clear your browser cookies and website data. This will improve the performance of your browser and may resolve the issue of Receiptify Apple Music not working properly.

5. Use another device or browser to use Receiptify

Switch your computer to a mobile device or switch Safari to Chrome to see if Receiptify works.

6. Contact Receiptify Support

If the above doesn't work, you can seek help from Receiptify's support at

Part 5. FAQs about Apple Music Receiptify

Q1: Is Receiptify Accurate for Apple Music?

A: Yes. Receiptify connects data directly from Apple Music's servers and then feeds it to its website. It's accurate.

Q2: Is Receiptify Safe for Apple Music?

A: Yes, Receiptify is safe to use and only has access to your Apple Music listening habits. The data Receiptify uses is not shared with any third parties.

Q3: How to Share Apple Music Receipts on Social Media?

A: All you need to do is to download your Apple Music receipts and post them on your social media. Alternatively, you can use DRmare Apple Music Converter to download and share your top 10 songs, with which you and your friends can play Apple Music offline without a subscription.

Q4: Why Won't Receiptify Work for Apple Music?

A: If the traffic increases, Receiptify can go wrong. You can try refreshing the website or clearing your cookies and site date. Plus, you can check if you have enabled pop-ups in your browser.

Q5: Can I Use Receiptify Apple Music on My Mobile Phone?

A: Yes. Receiptify works for both mobile and desktop browsers.

Q6: Is There Any Website like Receiptify for Apple Music?

A: Yes. Instafest is another website that works with Apple Music. It can create a festival lineup of your top artists.

In Conclusion

Now you know how to use Receiptify with Apple Music. If you want to save money when using Apple Music, we recommend DRmare Apple Music Converter, which saves Apple Music tracks as local media files for permanent playback. It also lets you share your top 10 tracks on Apple Music with anyone. The people you share with don't even need the Apple Music app to listen to your hits.

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