How to Play Apple Music on LG Smart TV? Solved!

Any way to play Apple Music on LG Smart TV? For people who placed LG Smart TV on their home, Apple Music app is a popular music streaming source. Apple Music services are so well-known to music lovers. As LG Smart TV does not allow you to access Apple Music on it, you are required to get some tools to stream songs of Apple Music and control them on the LG screen. So what tools do you need? Find the answers in the following parts!

play apple music on lg smart tv

Part 1. Enjoy Apple Music Songs via Apple AirPlay

Since 2019, Apple AirPlay has been used for owners of LG TV. If you have Apple devices or products, the innovation of technology is convenient for you to get Apple Music or videos on LG TV. You are able to send Apple Music songs on your iPhone, iPad or other devices to LG Smart TV. Just hit the AirPlay icon on your devices and pair LG TV with AirPlay 2-compatible speakers. Then you can listen to Apple Music tracks on the screen freely.

Part 2. Play Apple Music on LG Smart TV - Better Way

Using Apple Music with Apple AirPlay needs a network connection and other compatible devices as you see from the above. So can you play Apple Music on LG Smart TV directly? In fact, the DRmare Audio Capture is a better tool for you to export songs of Apple Music to LG Smart TV.

Why? First of all, Apple Music songs are protected for digital right management. The format is not supported by LG TV because LG TV only supports common audio formats like MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, MPEG, PCM, etc. Therefore, you are required to transfer Apple Music format. Here, DRmare Audio Capture works well to convert songs from Apple Music to MP3 and AAC audio files. In the end, you are allowed to upload Apple Music songs to LG Smart TV for playback with no network connection.

Furthermore, the converted songs are preserved with ID3 tags such as title, genre, composer, group, and so on. Then you will not miss the data of the music. You will get the songs in a short time as the DRmare Apple Music Capture runs at a 1X faster speed. Within a coffee time, you can receive the lossless songs from Apple Music for LG Smart TV.

Now we offer you a detailed guide on the operation. You will get Apple Music files on your computer with a few clicks. Please prepare the tools before you convert Apple Music format.

1. DRmare Audio Capture from DRmare official website.

2. A Windows or Mac computer.

3. Apple Music app on your personal computer.

4. A USB drive.

Follow the tutorial we show you below.

Step 1. Launch DRmare Audio Capture. Install the DRmare Audio Capture om your computer and open it. Some icons of browser or apps are there on the window. Figure out whether the Apple Music App stays in it or not. If not, please add it to the window by hitting the button "+".

Step 2. Customize Output Setting of Apple Music Songs. Tap on the left-bottom icon, you can then select AAC or MP3 as the output format. Also, you are inspired to reset the channel, codec, bit rate and sample rate. Click "OK" to save your settings. Press on the button "Preference" on the top, you can choose the folder for the output Apple Music files.

Step 3. Download Apple Music Tracks to Your Computer. Open the Apple Music app on the computer and play the songs you want to move to LG Smart TV. The DRmare Audio Capture will record Apple Music and download it at once. If you want to stop the recording, just stop playing the music.

Tips: You can get a one-minute file of each downloaded track if you use the free version. To unlock the restriction, you are suggested to buy the DRmare Audio Capture.

Step 4. Trim and Edit Apple Music Files. Touch the songs that are recorded. You can edit ID3 tags of the songs and trim the audio tracks. Then hit "OK" > "Save" to store the files. The downloaded Apple music songs are located in the output folder.

Step 5. Import Songs of Apple Music to LG Smart TV. Copy and paste the Apple Music files to the USB drive. Insert it to LG TV and sync the songs with the TV via the USB port. Then you can finally play Apple Music on LG Smart TV offline whenever you like.

Part 3. Listen to Apple Music on LG Smart TV - Best Way

There is the best software for you to add Apple Music songs to LG Smart TV. The DRmare Audio Converter helps you convert Apple Music tracks to ordinary audio files for LG TV quickly. You can get the converted Apple Music files on your computer and stream them on the TV with ease.

DRmare Apple Music Converter

drmare apple music converter
  • Download Apple Music playlists with lossless quality.
  • Convert Apple Music audios to MP3 or AAC for LG Smart TV.
  • Working at 30X faster speed with songs' ID3 tags preserved.
  • Listen to Apple Music songs offline anytime on LG Smart TV.

The method to use DRmare Audio Converter for conversion between Apple Music and LG Smart TV is easy.

Step 1Load Apple Music playlists to DRmare
add apple playlists to drmare

Just launch the DRmare Audio Converter and the iTunes app will be opened automatically. Drag the songs you want to download to the conversion window. Or you can Copy and drop their links to the search bar and them hit the icon "+" to add them to DRmare software.

Step 2Reset output formats for LG Smart TV
reset output settings for lg smart tv

Then drop your mouse on the "Preference" icon on the top to set the format and other parameters. The DRmare Audio Converter also allows you to customize the channel, bit rate and smaple rate for a better music quality.

Step 3Covert Apple Music tracks for LG Smart TV
convert apple songs for lg smart tv

Click the button "Convert" to download Apple Music playlists. You will get the songs in a short time as the DRmare Apple Music Audio Converter runs at a 30X faster speed. Within a coffee time, you can download Apple Music to your computer for LG Smart TV. You will find the converted Apple Music files in the output folder.

When you gain the transferred Apple Music songs, you can do the step 5 above to upload them to LG Smart TV. Now you are free to play Apple Music on LG Smart TV.

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