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How to Convert iTunes 1080P HD M4V to MP4

With the development of HD devices and content, 1080P has become the standard of HD videos and most video vendors start to sell 1080P videos. Nowadays, you can find SD 480P and HD(720P and 1080P) videos from iTunes store. Compared to the standard definition video 480P and the HD 720P videos, the 1080P FHD videos are noticeably better in visual effect. If you are going to download iTunes videos, 1080P resolution videos are highly recommended.

However, as iTunes videos are FairPlay DRM protected, you are only able to watch them on the Apple devices like Mac computers, iPad, iPod and iPhone. So what can you do if you want to watch them on the HD Mobile devices or HD smart TVs to get the best enjoyment? Please continue to read on. I will show you here on how to get rid of the DRM protection from iTunes M4V movies and convert 1080P HD M4V to MP4 losslessly.

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convert HD m4v to mp4

Part 1. Perfect iTunes 1080P HD M4V to MP4 Converter

Converting iTunes 1080P video is a complicated job, you can't do that by yourself without a tool and you'd better get an iTunes DRM removal tool to help. Giving the situations that there are couples of similar DRM media converters, you may wonder which one meets your needs best. In my opinion, there are 3 things need to be emphasized. First, it should keep the original quality. You surely not want to downgrade the video quality if you want to enjoy the 1080P videos. Second, the converting speed should be fast. It is really a pain if you have to wait a long time to convert iTunes videos. The last but not least, an excellent DRM removal tool should have the feature to convert videos to new formats too since not all kinds of devices support the original extension M4V of the iTunes videos. Based on the tips above, you may just follow them to find a best iTunes video converter for you. Or if you really don't have the time to evaluate the software one by one, you can simply try the best DRmare 1080P M4V to MP4 Video Converter which are highly recommended. It has the advantages of lossless converting, quick converting speed and multiple new output format options.

DRmare 1080P M4V to MP4 Video Converter

drmare itunes m4v converter
  • Remove DRM from iTunes protected M4V. After that, there won't be any limitation
  • Convert M4V videos to MP4 format and other formats at a 30X faster speed
  • Retain 100% original audio quality such as the tracks, subtitles, AC3 5.1 audio tracks
  • Support to convert iTunes videos to various mobile devices and media players

Part 2. How to Convert iTunes 1080P M4V to MP4 Losslessly

DRmare M4V Video Converter offers free trial versions for both PC and Mac. If you are interested in the software, you can simply download the trial version to your computer and then follow the step by step instruction to convert HD iTunes videos to MP4 quickly.

Step 1Import 1080P iTunes purchases or rentals
import m4v videos
There are two ways to import iTunes M4V videos. First, you can click 'Add Files' button from the bottom left to open a window. Then you will see all the DRM videos which are in your iTunes library and you can select the iTunes 1080P files you want to convert and press 'OK'. The other way to load the HD videos is to drag&drop the files from iTunes library directly.
Step 2Choose output format as MP4 (Lossless)
change output format as mp4
On the bottom left corner of the DRmare 1080P M4V to MP4 Video Converter, there is also a format option to change the format, we'd recommend you choose MP4 which is supported widely and can keep 100% original quality after converting.
Step 3Convert iTunes 1080P videos to MP4
convert m4v to mp4
When you do the settings above, the settings are not taken effect until you convert the videos. Please simply click the conversion button at the lower right. DRmare will convert the iTunes 1080P HD videos to MP4 and remove DRM in a fastest speed. What is worth mentioning here is that the software also supports batch conversion, making it much easier to convert a large number of videos. Finally, you can transfer the converted 1080P MP4 files to your HD devices for enjoyment.

Part 3. Further Tips about iTunes 1080P HD Movies

iTunes 1080P videos are great, but it is not the default option in iTunes to download iTunes movies because there are still some devices doesn't supports HD videos in the market. In addition, the size of 1080P HD videos are typically bigger than the 720P or SD 480P videos. If your devices are compatible with 1080P videos with enough free space and you'd prefer 1080P videos, you can follow the steps to do the settings to download iTunes videos in 1080P HD:

1. Launch iTunes app on your computer.

2. Go to 'iTunes' top menu > 'Preferences' on Mac or go to 'Edit' menu > Choose 'Pereferences' on PC.

3. You will see a pop up 'Preferences' window.

4. Tick the option 'Download full-size HD videos' and click 'OK'.

With these settings, you will get 1080P HD content whenever it is available. If not, you will get 720P. To see if the video is available in 1080P or 720P, you can go to the movie's introduction page in the iTunes store.



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