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How to Back up iTunes DRM M4V Movies to NAS

There is no doubt that iTunes library is a convenient collection for you to store purchased and rented iTunes movies and TV shows and most of iTunes addicts use habitually iTunes library to manage and control iTunes digital files. As a consequence, it could be a terrible encounter that your iTunes store takes place an error suddenly. For example, iTunes store is not working well, as well as computer hardware was crashed with all iTunes digital content disappeared.

At this moment, you will discover that backing up iTunes library to an external hard drive is so critical in order to avoid losing the investment of costing iTunes store. When it comes to the external hard drive, NAS seems a smart choice for you to backup your iTunes movies and TV shows.

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itunes movies to nas

Part 1. NAS - Best Solution to Back up iTunes Library

NAS (also known as Network-attached storage) is a file storage server designed to protect your data and share your file-level data to other devices with the connection of computer network. NAS is a good idea since you can never predict when your iTunes library might be something wrong or the crash of hardware occurs. Plus, if you purchased and rented thousands of iTunes videos, and the iTunes library is too small to download the latest movies, you might meet the dilemma that in order to keep the new purchases, you have no choice but delete the older iTunes videos.

Therefore, why not back up your older iTunes library to Net-working-attached storage? However, when we talking about convert iTunes movies and TV shows to NAS, you should realize that it could be a little different between backup iTunes library and other media files to NAS. But please don't worry. In this following article, I will give the detailed introduction of backing up iTunes movies to NAS easily.

Part 2. Everything You Should Know about iTunes Rentals and Purchases

It is common knowledge that iTunes library is one of the biggest online stores to purchase and rent various digital content, including movies, TV shows, audiobooks, music videos, iTunes Extras, etc. But there are also some special things you should keep in mind clearly.

No matter you purchase or rent movies and TV shows from iTunes store, these iTunes digital content are encrypted by FairPlay DRM technology, so you can just watch them on authorized Apple devices and media players, like iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad as well as Apple TV 4K. By the way, this could be the biggest obstacle when you want to back up iTunes DRM videos to NAS. Besides, iTunes rentals have some differences from purchased iTunes movies. Due to the DRM protection, once you begin to watch rented iTunes DRM videos, you need to finish watching these iTunes rental movies within 48 hours.

For the purpose of converting iTunes DRM purchased and rented files to NAS, you should remove the DRM copyright protection in advance.

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Part 3.How to Remove DRM Protection and Convert iTunes Videos to NAS

Apart from FairPlay DRM limitation, the other problem is that iTunes digital files are encoded with M4V, which can't be recognized by Network-attached storage. Therefore, when you select an iTunes DRM removal solution, please choose an all-in-one iTunes DRM converter, which can not only get rid of DRM protection, but also convert iTunes M4V videos to other common formats. If you have no idea about choosing the best iTunes DRM cracker, you can have a try of DRmare M4V Converter, which is a professional and powerful iTunes DRM M4V converter.

By applying advanced iTunes DRM decryption technology, DRmare M4V Converter can strip DRM restriction from iTunes purchases and rentals with zero quality loss and transfer iTunes M4V to multiple formats, like MP4 that is the most compatible format for NAS. With the help of smart M4V converter, you are able to sync your iTunes library to NAS with ease.

Now, you can follow this complete guide to convert iTunes DRM videos to DRM-free iTunes movies so that you can back up them to NAS freely. Before you start to read the following instructions, please download and install the DRmare M4V Converter on your computer firstly.

Step 1Import iTunes downloaded DRM videos to DRmare
import drm m4v videos
Please make sure that you have authorized your iTunes account and downloaded iTunes movies and TV shows on your computer. Please double click to launch DRmare M4V Converter. And then there are two methods for you to add iTunes DRM videos. One is to touch "Add Files" button at the bottom left corner and the other is to drag and drop iTunes protected files to DRmare directly.
Step 2Set output format for NAS
set output format for nas
Since NAS is fully compatible with MP4 format, you can click the "Format" option to go to the "General Video" bar to set the output format as MP4. Also, you can choose other common formats as the output format according to your particular needs, since there are multiple formats for your choice, such as AVI, MKV, MOV, MPEG, and more.
Step 3Remove DRM and convert iTunes M4V Videos for NAS
Bback up itunes videos to nas
Before you start to tab the "Convert" tab at the bottom right corner of the main interface to transfer iTunes DRM videos to unprotected files, DRmare M4V Converter also allows you to customize the output videos by changing the parameters, such as video size, bit rate, frame bite, and so on. Once you click the conversion button, the only thing you should do is to wait the finish of conversion procession and find out the non-DRM iTunes movies on destination folder. After that, you are able to back up these iTunes DRM-free movies and TV shows to NAS without any limitation.
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