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How to Convert iTunes M4V Videos to Play on Windows Phones & Tablets

If you are a Windows computer user, you may find Windows phones and tablets are pretty cool and easy to use. Compared to Android and iOS devices, Windows phone or tablet has a lot of advantages such as great build quality, personal design, gorgeous apps, seamless email and social media integration, Microsoft office and Xbox integration, good compatibility with all kinds of video formats and much more. In a Windows mobile device, you can keep the consistency of using all the devices and improve your work productivity as well as help you relax.

However, there is a downside like other non-Apple devices that is it doesn't fully support iTunes DRM protected movies and TV shows as you can't install an iTunes since it only runs on Apple devices. Sometimes even if the tablet is compatible to install Tunes, it is still difficult to play iTunes movies because iTunes requires high hardware configuration to run smoothly. But you don't really need to get panic.

Here I will walk you through a best way to remove DRM so as to enable you play iTunes DRM-ed M4V videos on Windows phones and tablets easily without iTunes.

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itunes to windows phone tablet

Part 1. Best Software to Convert DRM iTunes Videos to Windows Phones/Tablets

To accomplish this goal, you must get an iTunes DRM removal software. You may wonder what is the best iTunes M4V converter and how to find it? To put it simple, a great iTunes DRM M4V converter should be good in every aspect including converting speed, output quality, usability, compatibility and supported systems, etc. By doing a test of all the popular iTunes DRM media software, I found that all the software can help to get the job done with similar features. The main difference is the performance and quality. According to my test, DRmare iTunes to Windows Phone Converter is rated as the best option in converting iTunes movies to Windows OS based mobile devices. The key reason is that it can run most quickly while the original quality is preserved. Another factor which makes DRmare M4V Converter excellent is the wide compatibility. It supports almost all the computers from Windows to Mac, as well as the latest iTunes. You can download the free version simply by clicking the download button below.

DRmare iTunes M4V to Windows Phone Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Bypass FairPlay DRM from iTunes movies including rentals and purchases
  • Supports to convert DRM iTunes M4V to Windows phone/tablet and other hot devices
  • Run at a 30X faster speed while keeping the lossless quality in output videos
  • Supports multiple computer systems and different iTunes versions

Part 2. How to Convert iTunes Movies to Windows Mobile Devices Step by Step

After finding the best iTunes to Windows Phone converter, you can get started to remove DRM from your iTunes M4V videos. Please make sure you have already installed and launched the DRmare software and downloaded the iTunes movie files completely on your computer.

Step 1 Add M4V movies/TV shows from iTunes library
load itunes m4v videos
Based on your preferences, you can either drag&drop to load the iTunes episodes or click the 'Add Files' icon from the lower left side and then select the files from the popup video list. You can import as many files as you want.
Step 2Set video format for Windows phone/tablet
set video format for windows phone
You can check if there is an preset profile for your Windows phone/tablet under the devices tab first. For instance, if you have a Lumia phone, you can select it directly. Else if you can't find the profile for you device, you can also select an output format. Windows phone/tablet supports 3GP, 3G2, WMV, AVI and so on. Besides the output format, you may try to customize the output subtile and audio track too.
Step 3Convert iTunes movies to Windows mobile devices
convert m4v to windows phone tablet
Next, you can click the 'Conversion' button to start the converting process. It will remove DRM and convert the videos to the format you selected simultaneously. Generally it takes only a few minutes. When it is done, you will see the output videos from the converted list.

Part 3. More Details about Windows Phones and Tablets

Now you have alreaded learned how to convert iTunes videos to Windows phones & tablets, you can simply follow the instruction above to convert your videos and then transfer them to the Windows mobile devices to use. To help users get better use of Window phones and tablets, I will add a quick introduction to the operating system of the mobile devices here.

The operating system for Windows mobile phones is different from the one for Windows Tablets. Originally all the Windows Phones from 2010 such as Lumia series have the the Windows Phone(WP), which is a family of Windows mobile operating system while the Windows tablets such as the Surface 1 and Surface have the Windows RT operating system. The WP has evolved through several versions from Windows Phone 7 to 8, 8.1. Now to make all of these systems can access to all the apps from the same Windows App store, the WP has been replaced with Windows 10 Mobile version. And the Windows RT is discontinued. New tablets such Surface has been replaced with the Windows desktop version operating system like Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 Proetc.

So generally a tablet should have the same features like a desktop computer and the Windows Phones seems more clean and neat now. If you are thinking about buying a Windows mobile devices, you may keep this in mind to choose a right one for you.

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