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4 Ways to Listen to Audible on Windows 10

After working on the computer for many hours, some people choose to relax by listening to music, and some choose to dive into the world of Audible audiobooks so to forget the reality for a little while. Or, I am sure there are times when you want to reduce the dependency on your phone, listening to Audible on your computer would be a good idea.

For Audible customers using Windows 10, they may have questions like this: "How do I listen to audible on Windows 10?" or "Where does Audible store files on Windows 10?"

how to listen to audible on windows 10

If you are a newbie to Audible, you will find a few methods on how to listen to Audible on Windows 10 in the article.

Part 1. Listen to Audible on Windows 10 in a Web Browser

Audible has developed a cloud player which enables you to stream your audiobooks in the library online. Just go to directly in a web browser on your Windows 10 computer and log into your account. Then select a title from the 'Library' in the menu at the top.

where to find library on audible website

You'll be able to stream, download, add bookmarks, or change playback speed while playing. However, it won't sync the position or bookmarks, and you will have to listen from the very beginning, which can be quite annoying. Some users also complained that this cloud player crashes sometimes.

download audible online

Part 2. Listen to Audible Using the Windows 10 App

You can now find the Audible app for Windows 10 available on Microsoft Store to download Audible books on computer directly. It has a very user-friendly UI and provides features that are not available on other media players, for example, adding bookmarks or purchasing audiobooks. Nevertheless, it does have some defects. You might have a problem with the searching feature every now and then.

listen to audible on using windows 10 app

Step 1. Search Audible on Microsoft Store, and click Get to download the Audible app for free

Step 2. Click on the Start Menu to find the downloaded Audible app.

Step 3. Once launched, Sign in with your Audible/Amazon account.

Step 4. After signing in successfully, you will be able to view all your audiobooks in the Library.

Step 5. Click on the audiobook and it shall begin to download immediately, or you can also choose to listen online.

Note: If you cannot find the audiobook you want in your library, change the filter by clicking on Show and choose Cloud.

Part 3. Download and Play Audible Files on Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player 12 is now a more compatible version than its previous that works on Windows 10. Amazon Audible has officially announced that Windows Media Player supports to play Audible AA/AAX book files. So, importing Audible to Windows Media Player is also suggested method, but it requires another tool from Audible called Audible Download Manager.

import audbile files to windows media player

Within the following steps, you can set up to import Audible to Windows Media Player automatically.

Step 1. Download Audible Download Manager from its official website and install it.

Step 2. Launch it, and select General Settings.

Step 3. Under general settings, you can see a few options here. Choose Windows Media Player to import files after download.

Step 4. Now go to and login in. The audiobooks you choose to download now shall be imported to Windows Media Player automatically.

However, if you have failed to find your downloaded audiobooks in Windows Media Player after following all the steps above, you can also import audiobooks into it manually. For more detailed operation, you can go check out at How to Play Audible Files on Windows Media Player.

Part 4. Listen to Audible on Windows 10 without Any Limitation

There are of course some limitations existing. For instance, you may want to share a piece of wonderful audiobook fraction to your friends who are not an Audible user. It could also be possible that you don't have a satisfying experience while using the Audible app for Windows 10 or Windows Media Player.

For your 100% satisfying and pleasant experience on listening to Audible, I here introduce an advanced tool called DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter, which lets you download all your Audible books to any common audio files you want, such as MP3, M4A, AAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, etc. Thanks to this excellent Audible software which runs perfectly on Windows 10, you can play Audible audiobooks on as many players as possible, even on your watch, or in the car.

DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter

drmare audio converter
  • Download Audible with lossless quality
  • Convert Audible AA, AAX to MP3, WAV, AAC, FLAC
  • Run at a 30X faster speed to convert all Audible books
  • Split Audible audiobooks by chapters with a few clicks

Moreover, for people who have a strong fever for Audible, they may find this feature very thoughtful. DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter has a built-in splitting function, which allows you to customize the output audiobooks by splitting them by chapters or time or to segments averagely.

With in 3 simple steps, you are able to download Audible and listen to them freely on Windows 10.

Step 1. Add Audible audiobooks to DRmare software or by dragging

Step 2. Select output format and other settings

Step 3. Press Convert and start to download Audiobooks quickly

Not for long, you can find the downloaded audiobooks in the history list, and you are free to enjoy them on any media players now.

In Conclusion

We have showed you a few alternate ways on how to listen to Audible on Windows 10. Of all the methods mentioned above, we strongly commend you DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter. There are so many great features in this excellent software waiting for you to explore. Why don't you download the trial version to give it a try now? Maybe you'll like it right away!

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