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How to Stream iTunes Videos via Chromecast Ultra

With the flourish of 4K contents, users tend to prefer 4K videos to other videos. As a result, many players and devices are starting to add the support for 4K videos. You can find a great amount of 4K TVs, 4K set-top boxes on the market.

Chromecast Ultra released in November 2016 is such a device which supports 4K resolution and high dynamic range. It is easy, fast, reliable. You can simply plug it into your TV's HDMI port, then you will get the option to stream 4K videos from a lot of sources such as YouTube, Hulu, NetFlix, HBO Now etc.

But similar to the predecessor Chromecast, it is not integrated with iTunes app. This makes it kind of difficult to stream iTunes videos. Fortunately, the versatile Chromecast Ultra also has the other features such as mirroring your videos from the Chrome browser or from your mobile phone. Please hold on reading to find out the details to cast iTunes M4V movies to TV via Chromecast Ultra.

cast itunes m4v to chromecast ultra

Part 1. Solution to Cast iTunes Videos with Chromecast Ultra

For common videos such as MP4, MPEG, MKV etc. you just need to drag them to the Chrome browser to start to stream to the TV which is connected to the same network. But it is not the case for iTunes videos.

Why? Actually this is all because of the iTunes digital rights management. Apple wants to keep the exclusiveness of the DRM videos by executing the DRM safeguard policy. It is not a surprise that you will get the error message that the file is not supported or it is corrupted when you try to cast an iTunes DRM M4V video on Chromecast ultra.

To solve the problem, you can use a DRM decrypter tool to help you erase the annoying DRM protection from the iTunes videos first. It is not difficult at all.

Here I will recommend the leading DRM Converter DRmare M4V to Chromecast Ultra Converter. It can only only break the DRM from your purchased and rental iTunes movies and TV shows but also encode them to a new compatible format as you want. Following are the top reasons why it is highly recommended to you.

DRmare iTunes to Chromecast Ultra Converter

drmare drm m4v converter
  • Remove DRM lock from iTunes movies and TV shows, purchases and rentals
  • Convert iTunes M4V to Chromecast compatible video without any quality loss
  • Batch handle iTunes M4V videos with a 30X faster speed, save your precious time
  • Fully support all kinds of iTunes movies, 480P SD, 1080P/720P HD and 4K

Part 2. Steps to Erase DRM from iTunes M4V Movies

Now let me demonstrate for you on how to use DRmare M4V Converter to strip DRM from iTunes M4V movies before mirroring the video on Chromecast Ultra. This software is pretty user friendly. It takes only 3 steps to do that.

Step 1Add iTunes M4V files to DRmare
import m4v videos
Launch DRmare iTunes to Chromecast Converter, you will see the simple and sleek interface. You can click 'Add Files' icon from the bottom left, then it will pop up the media file browser and you can select the iTunes M4V media files which you want to remove the DRM from. This software supports bulk conversion so you can import multiple iTunes videos at a time.
Step 2Customize videos for Chromecast Ultra
select mp4 for chromecast
To Cast iTunes movies and TV Shows to Chromecast Ultra, you are recommended to select the output format as "Lossless MP4" from the profile list. This format not only has the widest compatibility but also can retain the lossless output quality. You can keep the multiple language subtitles, 5.1 Dolby AC3 audio track and you can do the settings for the bit rate, frame rate, codec and so on.
Step 3Start to convert iTunes movies
convert video to chromecast
Click the 'Convert' button in the lower right corner to start converting the iTunes movies to Chromecast ultra compatible MP4. When it is done, you will see the converted list icon with the number of the videos converted on top, you can click it to find the converted iTunes videos before casting them to Chromecast ultra.

Part 3. Cast Common Videos to TV via Chromecast Ultra

Well done! You have already erased DRM from iTunes movies. Now you can start to cast them to your TVs. As we mentioned before, you can cast videos from Chrome browser. Besides that, you can also cast from a mobile phone with the Chromecast app.

google chromecast ultra

Cast iTunes Videos from Chrome Browser

1. Plug in the Chromecast Ultra to your TV. Please make sure the TV, Chromecast Ultra stick and your computer etc. are connected to the same WiFi network.

2. Play iTunes DRM free videos on the Chrome browser. Open the chrome browser and then drag the video to the browser, the video will start to play.

3. Stream iTunes videos to TV. You can click the cast icon from your browser, then select the destination device as the TV, then the video will be streamed to play on the TV.

Stream iTunes Videos from a Mobile Phone

1. Transfer videos to your phone. You can connect the phone via USB, then you can simply copy and paste DRM free videos to your phone. If your phone support SD card, you can also transfer the videos via a micro SD card.

2. Insert the Chromecast Ultra to your TV. Similarly, you can plug the Chromecast Ultra to the HDMI interface of your TV in the same WiFi network.

3. Play videos on the phone with a cast-enabled app. For example, you can open the Google Play Movies app and select the video you want to play.

4. Cast the video to TV. You can simply click the cast icon from the player and then select the destination cast device, then the video will be mirrored to the TV.

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