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How to Watch iTunes M4V Movies on Toshiba 4K Smart TV

"I am a video lover who buy and watch videos from all kinds of sources including iTunes frequently on my Macbook Air. Last week, I bought a widescreen Toshiba 4K smart TV to enhance my experience of watching videos. I transfered all the iTunes videos to the USB drive and choose the video to open. However, it doesn't seem to work, no pictures show on the screen. Did I do anything wrong? Any comments will be appreciated. " - Asked by Colton Mitchell.

iTunes Toshiba TV

To enjoy iTunes videos on a big screen TV especially the Toshiba 4K ultra HD TV is a more comfortable way to relax at home. As the of the biggest video resources, iTunes movies are beloved by many users. The problem is that users may encounter similar problems either the files can't be opened or get the warning message that they are protected.

Today in this page, I will take the Toshiba TV for example to show you all the details of playing iTunes videos on Toshiba TV.

Part 1. Things You Need to Know about Toshiba TV and iTunes Videos

Toshiba has been committed to innovating technology for 100 years, they strive to make people's lives more comfortable and enjoyable. Their products cover a wide range including DVD and Blu-ray players and televisions like 3D televisions and latest well-known 4K ultra HD televisions, etc. Beyond delivering fantastic picture quality, Toshiba TVs revolutionize the overall viewing experience and offer exceptional performance and extra features.

For instance, it is built-in with the Chromecast hardware, you can easily stream contents such as videos, songs from your mobile phone or computer to Toshiba TV with ease.

But as we have mentioned before, you may not stream iTunes videos to Toshiba TV directly either. That is because iTunes videos are strictly locked by FairPlay DRM protection. Under this DRM mechanism, all the devices need to be authorized first before an iTunes movie can play on it and currently there is not such a version of iTunes for all the TVs yet. That is really frustrated for many users.

Fortunately there is a best alternative way to break DRM scheme now. You can simply load your videos to DRmare iTunes to Toshiba TV Converter and then you can one click to remove DRM and encode to a new video compatible with Toshiba TV.

DRmare iTunes to Toshiba TV Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Break DRM from iTunes M4V purchased and rental videos
  • Convert iTunes movies to MP4 and other popular formats
  • Support a wide list of preset profiles for hot devices, players
  • Encode iTunes videos at 30X faster speed while keeping 100% quality

Part 2. Perfect Tutorial to Remove DRM from M4V before Transferring to Toshiba TV

If you are really annoyed with the iTunes FairPlay DRM protection, now it is time to unlock it. Please simply download and install the free trial version to your computer and I will walk you through the steps to convert iTunes videos.

Step 1Load iTunes m4v movies
load itunes movies tv shows
Assuming that you you have already downloaded the iTunes videos completely before, you can simply drag and drop the videos from iTunes to DRmare software main screen. If you haven't downloaded iTunes videos yet, please wait to download them completely first.
Step 2Select the output video format (optional)
set output format as toshiba tv
DRmare iTunes to Toshiba TV Converter supports output to MP4 (Lossless) by default, which is an universal compatible format. In general, you just need to keep the default setting. There are other formats or profiles such as MOV, MPEG, WMV, AVI, WebM, 3GP, H264, 4K available if you want to get a more personalized output video.
Step 3Convert iTunes videos for Toshiba TV
convert m4v to toshiba tv
Finally you can click the 'Conversion' button once, DRmare software will start to remove DRM and encode iTunes videos simultaneously. DRmare runs fast at a 30X faster speed. But please wait patiently if you import couples of videos to convert in batch at a time.

Part 3. More Tips: Stream iTunes Videos to Toshiba TV from Computers

Once it is done, you will get the DRM free iTunes videos and you can play the iTunes videos on Toshiba TV via USB stick without any problems. Besides this way, you can also stream the converted iTunes videos from your computer to the Toshiba TV with the built-in Chromecast feature.

1. Please make sure your TV and the computer are connected to the same WIFI or WLAN network.

2. Open the Chrome browser on your computer. If you haven't installed it, please download it from Google official website.

3. Drag and drop a DRM free iTunes video to the Chrome browser, it will start to play.

4. Click 'Cast' menu from the chrome browser and it will prompt you to select the destination device, you can choose the Toshiba TV and click 'OK', the iTunes videos will be cast to your Toshiba TV.

If you want to stream iTunes videos to Toshiba TV in more ways, you can also visit: Top 5 Ways to Stream iTunes Videos to HD TV.

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