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How to Watch iTunes DRM M4V Movies on Panasonic TV

Panasonic was originally well known for its plasma TV, which has incomparable color quality, contrast, wide viewing angle, brightness, offering ultimate home theatre experience. Then due to the rapid change of the TV market and serious price competition, Panasonic had decided to discontinue the plasma TV and start to change to focus on the high-end LCD, LED, OLED smart TVs such as Viera TV, etc.

These new TVs also have similar features and extra advantages like comfortable view and power consumption saving technology. They are particularly great for users who spend long time watching kinds of TVs online.

However, they still have a small defect that there is not a built-in app for iTunes, one of the largest online media stores, so it is kind of difficult to for iTunes users to enjoy iTunes movies on Panasonic TV set. Hence, I will try to demonstrate an effective solution to easily transfer iTunes videos to Panasonic TV here.

panasonic tv

Part 1. Unleash the Power of Panasonic TV to Play iTunes Videos

The iTunes movies are the digital media files created for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod only so that iTunes customers could stay in Apple's ecosystem forever. Therefore, iTunes app is not approved to integrate to any other media devices or players. Even more, they also add the FairPlay DRM encoding to the videos to stop illegal distribution for iTunes videos. So you can't play iTunes movies or TV shows on Panasonic or other devices directly but only cast iTunes videos from Apple devices using an HDMI cable, Bluetooth, etc.

This does work well somehow by casting, but it is not so convenient as we may not have such an Apple device available all the time. Is there another way to liberate all the DRM restrictions and play iTunes movies on Panasonic TV? The answer is positive. By using an intelligent DRM software like DRmare iTunes to Panasonic TV Converter, you can easily take away the DRM encryption from the iTunes purchased and rental movies in order to do whatever you want to the iTunes videos on any devices.

DRmare iTunes to Panasonic Converter

drmare m4v converter
  • Quickly remove DRM from iTunes purchased and rented M4V movies. TV shows
  • Support to convert iTunes videos to a lot of hot devices like Panasonic TV
  • Ultimate user friendly interface which makes converting video easiest ever
  • Lifetime free software updating and 24/7 fast technical support

Part 2. Easy Instruction on Removing DRM from iTunes M4V Videos

Let's get started to show you how it works in removing DRM from iTunes movies and TV episodes. You may install the free trial version and launch it from your computer first by clicking the link above. This one-time solution takes only several easy steps.

Step 1Load iTunes M4V movies/TV shows/music videos
load itunes movies tv shows
DRmare iTunes M4V Video Converter supports all kinds of iTunes DRM videos, please drag the downloaded videos you want from the iTunes library to the DRmare software screen to import. The software supports batch conversion, so you can import multiple files.
Step 2Modify the output format for Panasonic TV
set output format as panasonic tv
DRmare offers the optimized profile for Panasonic TV, you can click the format droplist > Go to 'Devices Panel' > Then choose 'Panasonic TV'. Or you may just keep the default 'MP4(Lossless)' format which is supported by almost any kinds of TVs. By the way, if you choose the MP4(LossLess), it will also help you keep the original 5.1 audio track, closed caption, subtitle, it is a 1:1 conversion.
Step 3Convert iTunes movies for Panasonic TV
convert m4v to panasonic tv
Next, you can locate the 'Conversion' button from the lower right side and then click it slightly to start to convert your iTunes episodes to Panasonic TV. Once the videos are converted completely, you can click the converted list icon to find all the output videos on your computer.

Part 3. Transfer DRM-Free iTunes Movies to Panasonic TV for Playing

So you have already got the common files of your iTunes videos without any limitations and you can transfer them to your Panasonic TV now. There are many ways to do that like by using an USB flash driver, external hard drive or memory card, etc.

Since iTunes movies are usually with big capacity, if you have multiple videos, I'd recommend using an external hard drive. The processes to transfer videos are similar and very easy. For instance, you can copy the iTunes videos from your computer to the USB external hard drive first and then you can connect the external hard drive to the Panasonic TV. Finally you can browse the DRM free iTunes videos to play them effortlessly.

Video Guide on Transfering iTunes M4V to Panasonic TV

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