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How to Convert iTunes DRM Movies to Sharp TV

Sharp Corporation has been a long-time leader in Japan in designing and manufacturing electronic products, especially for smart TV. It has been tenth-largest television manufacturer in the world by market share in 2013. Sharp has been focusing on creating advanced technology to improve its TVs’ functions and features for many years. As a result, Sharp has launched various of stunning 4K Ultra HD TVs as well as FHD TVs, such as AQUOS 4K smart TV, 4K UHD 60 HZ Roku TV, Full HD smart TV, LED 1080P smart HDTV Roku TV, and etc. When you decide to choose a smart TV to enjoy your digital life, Sharp TV seems a reasonable choice to meet your video-watching needs.

play itunes video on sharp tv

Part 1. Can We Watch iTunes Movies/TV Shows on Sharp Smart TV

With built-in Roku streaming service, you are able to access to 4,000 streaming channels and enjoy 450,000 movies and TV episodes from the comfort of your couch. But while you get the smart TV at home, as an iTunes addict, you will be surprised to find out that iTunes store is not available in Sharp TV, which means that you are not able to watch all purchased and rented iTunes movies and TV shows on your excellent smart 4K TV with a cup of coffee, even if you have purchased iTunes 4K videos. It is because that Apple applied DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology in iTunes digital files, including movies, TV shows, music videos, iTunes Extra, and more in order to prevent iTunes users sharing them to unauthorized non-Apple ecosystem. However, a problem must have a solution. Here, we’ll offer some effective tips for you to play iTunes DRM videos on Sharp TV for watching with ease.

Part 2. Top Solutions to Make iTunes DRM Movies Available on Sharp TV

Although there is not iTunes application on Sharp TV, you can stream your iTunes DRM movies and TV shows to your smart TV via Apple TV, a powerful streaming set-top box. The good news is that months ago, Apple has updated its four-generation Apple TV to Apple TV 4K, which can support not only 1080p resolution but also 4K HDR and Dobly Vision. Hence, if your iTunes purchases and rentals are available in 4K resolution format, it's possible to enjoy your iTunes 4K movies on Sharp 4K smart TV via Apple TV 4K freely.

But if you don’t have an Apple TV 4K on hands and decide to purchase one from Apple, you should take price into consideration firstly, since Apple fixed a price of Apple TV 4K at $179, which is more expensive than other media streamers. So, you might turn to the following solution that discovering a professional iTunes DRM removal tool to break DRM lock with zero quality preserved. Here, we’ll meet DRmare M4V Converter, all-in-one iTunes DRM M4V Converter on the market. It enables you to remove DRM protection from movies and TV shows purchased from iTunes and convert iTunes M4V videos to Sharp compatible formats and other common formats, such as MP4, M4V, MKV, MOV, MPEG, AVI, etc at 30X faster speed. It’s worth mentioning that DRmare has unveiled its Thanksgiving deals to express thankfulness and gratitude for all users, in which you can get an extraordinary DRmare M4V Converter at up to 50% discount. For more detailed information, you can visit this source page:

Part 3. Complete Tutorial to Remove DRM Protection with DRmare

In order to let you easy play iTunes movies available on Sharp smart TV, there is a detailed tutorial for you to convert iTunes DRM videos to unprotected files for your reference.

Step 1Import iTunes DRM movies/ TV shows to DRmare
import m4v videos
You can easily import iTunes downloaded movies to DRmare. Just click the "Add Files" button at the bottom left at the main interface to select wanted iTunes videos from iTunes library. Or you can directly drag and drop iTunes protected files to DRmare.
Step 2Define output format for Sharp smart TV
choose mp4 for sharp tvs
Since DRmare M4V Converter supports batch conversion, you can add all wanted iTunes purchases and rentals to DRmare to convert at once. When all iTunes DRM movies are uploaded to DRmare, you can start to set the output format for Sharp smart TV by tapping the "Format" to go to the "General Video" tab and choose output formats for Sharp TV like MP4.
Step 3Remove DRM and convert iTunes videos for Sharp TV
convert itunes videos for sharp tv
Finally, you can simply touch the "Convert" option to start to convert iTunes DRM purchases and rentals to DRM-free video files. You can get the non-DRM videos on the destination folder after waiting for minutes depending on how many iTunes protected files you imported.

Part 4. How to Play iTunes DRM-free Movies on Sharp Smart TV

Once the conversion process finishes, it’s time for you to convert iTunes unprotected files to Sharp TV. There are two simple ways for your choice. If you have an USB flash drive, please copy and paste converted DRM-free videos to USB flash drive from your computer first, and then move iTunes videos to Sharp smart TV from this USB drive, since almost all Sharp TVs support USB flash drive. Or if you have a DVD burner, you can burn your iTunes non-DRM movies to a DVD in advance. Then you can play iTunes converted videos on Sharp smart TV via DVD player.

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